Ready to ignite your brilliance, get your message out to the world and work smarter while you do it? So you wanna work with me. Let’s do it.

    So, if you’re a Braveheart:

    • new to the game,
    • just getting your business rolling,
    • DIY-ing the hell out of anything you can,
    • low on cash to spend,
    • desperate for all the support and juicy info and help your little entrepreneurial heart needs in order to get going (and growing)…

    or if you’re a Boss:

    • at the point in your business where it’s go time,
    • ready to start investing in your business with mentoring and hands-on support,
    • in need of clear, expert, badass outsourcing options so you can develop that biz, and step up your game and your gear

    or if you’re a Badass:

    • an established, powerful pro who wants to get sh*& done and off of your desk,
    • hungry for VIP packages and services for design, content, and organization,
    • ready to reclaim your time and can get back to doing that (incredible) thing you do…

    I have a PDF which explains all the ways to work with me at each level, so enter your details below to get started!


    dexterousdiva-jogifford-circle I help people work smarter and in more creative ways. Together, we get your message out to the world via killer content—blogs, copy, images + social.
    I am a designer, writer, blogger, mentor, author, creativity addict + prolific geek.
 You could call it a portfolio career of multi-potential multi-passions.
    I call it being me.