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Back in April of last year I shared a post on 4 ways I make money blogging.  Fast forward to 18 months later and things continue to evolve; social media moves on more, my experience and work changes, as does my family and the circumstances around working from home.

Blogging can be a hobby, a personal side project, creative outlet or just “your thing”, but to make  money from it and potentially “go pro”, for many, is a dream.

The prospect of being your own boss, flexibly working from home and self publishing is very tempting. Many online content writers and bloggers are looking for the ultimate “how to make money blogging” scenario,  and I am happy to share here how my income streams around working from home with a family and running a blog work, with an updated version of my post from last year.

I am not a big blogger by any stretch of the imagination – the super pro’s are making a lot of money doing their thing, which is amazing. I think it can be really helpful to hear how others are doing, and especially useful to remember the quote “don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle” – everyone starts from somewhere with just one blog post and one reader! Read more

The blogging frame of mind


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Whenever I blog for a client or for one of my sites, the working format and frame of mind is something that I tend to replicate each time.

I would love to know how you readers approach your blog writing tasks too, it would be great to compare notes.

For me, I need the following:

1. A semi tidy desk if I am working on the iMac, or a comfortable place to be if I am out and about on the iPad. Somehow if the area I am in feels cluttered my brain won’t fire out the words efficiently.

2. A cup of something hot (usually redbush tea, sometimes coffee although I am cutting down, often tea).

3. A quiet mind – if I am in a creative “buzz” frame of mind I have to work on training it to calm down and focus if I am on a client deadline.
Apps like Headspace really help with that, or I just take 5 minutes to practise mindfulness and breathing.

3. Emails, Skype, Gchat and messenger apps turned off (or I get distracted).

4. Some good writing tunes on Spotify. For me, depending on the day, that can be Daft Punk (my fail safe choice), some drum and bass or calming Bach.

5. An hour clear without phone calls interrupting, the Minis due home or visitors arriving.

If I am finding the post challenging, I often use the “chunking” method, something I talk about on the Idea Generation for Bloggers course, and break the task into slices of 15 minutes with an alarm on my iPhone to keep me focussed.

Sometimes I have too many post ideas accumulating in my mind and I take to some old school methods and get them all out on post it notes.I can then edit them, re-arrange and prioritise; sometimes the offline ways are best.

I would love to hear how you all work – what music works best for you, how you avoid distractions and mind wandering.

Also, do you find it easier blogging for yourself or for clients?

Let me know in the comments or via Twitter with #dexdivablogchat.

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