18.1.2012 Midweek Mashup


Did you know you can make and design your own fabric now? I am so inspired by Spoonflower and the print on-demand fabric service they offer. Time to get creative and design some fabrics for the home, for clothes, or just ‘cos I think..✄business and pleasureI love the notebooks and stationery by Bobs Your Uncle; as a stationery freak ( you can’t beat a lovely notebook I say) and the range on the site are colourful, exciting and beautiful. I love the Open Sesame password reminder notebook too. Sometimes there is a need to be analogue and offline, much as I love my apps and digital workflow tools ✎

Thanks to Swiss Miss for stumbling across Unit 101’s fabulous laptop and iPad carrying unit bags. #iwant

Pizza Express new legera

Now, I LOOOOVE Pizza Express and I do tend to have a Legera Pizza as they are only 500 calories and taste lovely. Pizza Express emailed me today to announce they have two new Legera flavours out, American Hot and Padana so I thought I would share it with you, as I will be finding an excuse to check them out at the weekend.. Check out the re-brand too, very black and white but retaining the art-nouveau styling. ❤

A beautiful mess blog

I discovered this gorgeous blog this week, A Beautiful Mess by Elsie Larson. Aside from the beautiful design, I love the content: full of vintage and crafty stuff it is also all about designing your creative career. Right up my street. Go and say hi to Elsie and see what you think. #linklove ♺

✎ This week I wrote about SOPA and the campaign to stop the act being passed at Congress over on Blur group.
✎ I also wrote about Nike Make it Count over on Grpahic (which is having a much needed re-design!)

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