Podcasts: How I grew my podcast in 20 minutes a week to over 100k downloads

Podcasts are an incredible way to build an audience,  ignite your influence, and to offer valuable content to your clients and tribe.

Click the video below to listen to how I do it in 20 minutes a week, which has so far got us to over 100,000 downloads.



Links + Resources

My podcast on iTunes and here on the blog.



1. I gather questions and content ideas from throughout the week. Facebook groups are great for this.
(I screenshot things are they appear in Facebook and save ideas to Evernote).

2. Record audio (10 – 15 mins)

3. I send the file to Slack for team.(2 mins)

My part is now done! (and this is why outsourcing is great).

4. Team Diva then send file to the shared Dropbox folder with our transcriptionist.
(or you could have this done on Fiverr)

5. Catherine sends us back the transcript 2 days later.

6. Team Diva design an image.
(alternatively, you can do this in Canva or have it done for you on Fiverr).

7. Team Diva format the blog post for me, add the image and Podbean player, and schedule the podcast and post. (if you don’t have a team yet, you can do this part yourself).


Getting Started With Audio

If you want to start playing with audio, a great thing to do is to narrate your blog posts in Soundcloud, and include the audio as part of your newsletter or blog post, like I have done here.


Episode prompts:

Not sure how to get going and what to start talking about?

Here are some prompts for you:

1. Notice some questions being asked in Facebook groups that you know the answer to.
Record your answer, with your point of view and give examples.

2. Tell your story!
Sit down with the microphone and tell us how you got started in your business, what led you here?

3. Who (or what) has inspired you recently?
Share with us the story.

4. Have you read a book or blog recently that rocked your world?
Tell us about it!

5. Have you had a super happy client recently?
Tell us about them, their work, and how you helped them.



Snowball Microphone
Catherine Poole (our transcriptionist  – tell her Jo sent you!)


Useful Links:

Pat Flynn’s super useful podcast tutorial – Pat Flynn runs two of my favourite podcasts – Ask Pat and Smart Passive Income – so for an indepth tutorial, he is your man.

iTunes information on getting started with a podcast.



Grow and keep your raving fans
Brilliance Ignition masterclass
Blog Challenge

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Which are your favourite podcasts to listen to?

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