20 Killer Content Re-Purposing Ideas Your VA Can Handle Right Now

Killer content is a key business builder.


killer content

Killer content is the secret weapon for list building, launching, getting super famous online, and building the business (and life) you dreamt of.

Content takes time to create.

Time that you don’t have, as a badass, biz-running, solopreneur.


Stay in your brilliance lane, and use this checklist to have your content work harder for you.

    1. Pull out quotes from your recent blog post and create images from them in Canva. (bonus points for using Canva for Work)
    2. Schedule the quotes and images to your social media channels.
    3. Pin the quotes to Pinterest, and make sure your URL is referenced. (check out these for an example).
    4. Add the images to
    5. Pull out key quotes and make them tweetables using Click To Tweet keeor CoSchedule within the blog post.
    6. Add some quotes into your article from key influencers in your niche. When the article goes live, tag them on social media.
    7. Make a Slideshare deck of key points using Google Sheets, Keynote or Powerpoint. (note: stuck for formats? Creative Market has you covered, or hire a designer. Canva for Work also has your back here, too.)
    8. Have the Slideshare deck narrated by a voice over artist on Fiverr, and upload on YouTube.
    9. Add the video to your Facebook fan page as a native video (these bad boys automatically play – hello, traction!)
    10. Re-format your ideas as a list, and add to
    11. Add the back into your blog as a post. (like this one)
    12. Round up your posts with a similar theme, and publish them as a bumper post round-up pack (like this one).
    13. Got some great posts along a theme or category? Have your VA compile them as an ebook, and you now have a lead magnet/opt-in, bumper value content in a whole new, convenient, format. (check out this one on Raving Fans as an example).
    14. Go infographic baby! Fiverr has some great sellers who can make your content easily to digest, pin, and share, ask your VA (or FancyHands to research, then get it done!)
    15. Have a hunt around your old posts. Have you got more to say on a topic now? Have your VA add in your new thoughts, and re-publish as a new post, the 2.0 version.
    16. Look for your popular, evergreen posts on your blog or your guest posts. Have your VA call out on social media for comment and thoughts. Add them into a new, shiny, revised post, and you have a brand new blog (with go faster, social sharing stripes).
    17. A lengthy post might work well as an email nurture series. Re-purpose it as a 3-5 day sequence to warm up your lovely list.
    18. Re-write a post and submit to another publication.
    19. Add your post to your Linked In Pulse blog for extra traction, SEO juice and, of course, new peeps to find you.
    20. Bonus one (as you need to be involved here), but narrate your blog post and have your VA add it to SoundCloud, to a podcast stream, and/or back onto your post.



I’d love to know which of these you try – let me know in the comments below.


Click to download this list as a PDF + share with your VA

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