Brand adoption of instagram app rises 80% in one year

instagram app

Still wondering what instagram is all about?

It’s time to jump on board, and join the enormous surge of brands who have harnessed the platform and realised it’s visual impact value.

According to an article today by Forbes, instagram has seen a whopping 80% increase in brands adopting instagram as a social media platform. The article is based on a recently published instagram adoption study by Simply Measured, which cites the instagram app as one of the fastest growing social media platforms.

Instagram began in 2011, and formed a major part of the 2012 visual social media boom trend, alongside image friendly social sister Pinterest. The visual marketing phenomenon is definitely here and a force to be reckoned with, according to the current statistics. Facebook bought instagram in 2012 for a cool $1 billion, and promptly caused an uproar by amending terms and conditionsquickly retracted after realising the user base were flocking back to flickr.

instagram app

So, what are the facts?

❤ Over 150 million users share photos online via the instagram app.

❤ An average of 40 million pictures are posted each day. 40 MILLION. That’s a lot of lunches and instagram cats.

❤ instagram is now available on Windows phones, as well as the iPhone and Android.

❤ The first ad platform was launched this month.

As brands, bloggers and businesses, we take from this that the visual lifecasting trend is very much here and now. According to Simply Measured, instagram gives brand marketers “the ability to share their advertising collateral in an organic way, doubling down on the assets they’ve already invested in.”

No small thing, then.

The platform will continue to gain traction with users, and as brands compete with organic traffic to gain instagram followers, a clearer understanding of the impact and use of the social hot potato will be needed.

So, in answer to the Tots 100 secret blogger post last week, the way we use instagram has now changed forever. Yes, we have more apps and capabilites to make instagram pics more like visual scrapbooking entries (more on that in the series later), and yes, it’s not as “instant” as it once was. Platforms evolve and change, and once a community becomes big enough to be noticeable and valuable to brands, of course the marketers will take notice and enter stage right.

If you want the community but not the big brands, go to Path, or stick with Hipstamatic for your instant lomo pics and upload to Flickr.

The game has changed, people.

How do you feel about the adoption of instagram by big brands? Does the advertising bother you? Will you stay with the platform as user? As a business will you look further into possibilities?

Remember to stay tuned this month for the rest of the #instanov series right here on the blog, either by a weekly round up (with the free e course too!) or via feedburner as the posts arrive.

Back this week with more instagram news, features and tips,

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For more information, read the Simple Measured report for Marketers here.

Focus on: instagram app – introducing instagram November

instagram app

Focus on: instagram app –  introducing instagram November

This month here on the blog I will be focussing on the visual marketing wonder of the instagram app.

Instagram is in the news this week for featuring it’s first ever advert, and instagram filters have transformed the way in which we view and consumer images on the go (I am rarely seen without a filter, you may not recognise me in real world!).

dex diva instagram filter

Visual marketing is huge, and brands, businesses and bloggers alike need to get on board with what’s happening, how to work with instagram, design for instagram, and how to interact and work with instagram online.

This month, the usual Links of Love, resources, tips, tricks and hacks will of course be here, but there will be a series of posts from me and some eminently social guests to share tips and trends with the instagram phenomenon.

So, if you want to know about:

❤ The top instagram apps

❤ How to design for instagram

How to market with instagram

❤ How brands are using instagram

❤ How  to use instagram with your blog

 How to combine instagram with other photo sharing sites and Pinterest

…plus much, much more, stay tuned, right here on Dexterous Diva for Instagram November (hashtagged, appropriately, #instanov).

For now, if there is anything you would like to ask or find out about this month in #instanov, please leave your comments. If you are using Instagram already, leave your user name in the comments below too, so I can make sure I am following you!

Find me on Instagram and say hi, and let’s explore visual social media together this month :)

Happy #instanov!



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