Since our childhood we have been taught that a balanced diet is the key to healthy living. But as we grow and get indulged in our daily lives, we forget the importance of a balanced diet. It becomes, at times, that it does not matter what we are eating at all. This is so because eating is an intrinsic habit of our lives and we tend to forget that whatever we are is because of what we eat. If something worth is not going in then surely one day we will be seeing it on our face. We forget that having a proper meal three-four times is as essential as is completing the project on hand. We should not let anything take over the importance of our diet.

A balanced diet is a diet that takes care of all the needs of our body. It is a diet that comprises fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, salts and carbohydrates in the proper amounts. It refers to a diet that contains everything from vegetables, to milk, to milk products and fruits. It should be adequate enough to satisfy the body’s needs, keeping a check on the calorie intake as well. A balanced diet not only gives you a healthy living but also a better appearance.

Having a balanced diet daily helps you in maintaining your weight and remaining fit. And if you are fit, you remain relaxed, energized and happy. Thus, a balanced diet helps you live a perfect life.Many a times, people consider having a heavy diet in one meal and skipping the other meal. This is a wrong approach. It is better to have a balanced diet at every meal that you have because skipping a meal adds to the problem further. It has been found that a starving body starts storing the fats inside and this consequently leads to gaining more weight.

So, to have a balanced diet does not mean having the right proportions of nutrients, proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats in the entire day. Instead of this, you have to maintain a balance between all these elements of your diet in each and every meal that you have. A balanced diet also means that you keep yourself away from harmful fatty acids, junk food, alcohol, and cigarettes. Adding lots of fruits and fresh vegetables helps in making your diet healthier and more delicious. Today, you can find many vegetarian products in the market that are not harmful for your body and are rich in beneficial components. However, it is advised to consult an expert before you change your diet drastically. Moreover, if you wish to know the exact amount of elements that should form a part of your balanced diet then you should consult your dietician. A balanced diet is the first step towards healthy living! So, start today to live healthier!


A balanced diet refers to a diet that has a balanced proportion of all the ingredients that the human body requires. It contains proper amount of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, salts, vitamins and other such elements. It ensures that no extra calories are stored in the body, leading to extra weight and fat. A balanced diet not only helps in maintaining good health but also plays a vital role in helping you lose weight.

However, the balance has to be maintained in each and every diet that you take in day. Having a heavy meal once and skipping the other will not solve the purpose. You need to know the needs of your body and then only you can start taking a balanced diet. For this, you should consult your dietician and follow the advice. Following the routine of having a balanced diet is the key to healthy and happy living.