Episode #22: The Scope for re-purposing Periscope in Content Creation


The Scope For Periscope In Content Creation

In this episode, I’m talking all about how you can use Periscope for content creation.

Hi everyone, it’s episode 22 of Work Smarter, Dream Bigger, Live Brighter, and I am, of course, Jo Gifford, the Dexterous Diva.

I’m thrilled to be back with another episode of my podcast, and this week I’m going to be talking about the scope for Periscope in content creation.

For those of you who listened to last week’s podcast all about using Periscope for solopreneurs, or looked at the material on my website including the complete guide for using Periscope as a solopreneur and the trends we would expect to see and how people are using it, this is a really big thing.

I’m completely hooked on this format for so many reasons, so just to recap, Periscope is a live video streaming app which allows you to point the camera from your smartphone at anything you like, anything you’re looking at – and of course that includes yourself – and you can broadcast live to an audience.

Because Periscope is linked with Twitter you have a native inbuilt following, and as soon as you start your live broadcast it goes straight out to your Twitter feed (obviously you have the option to turn that off!) and your followers whom you’ve probably built up over time.
People can hop straight onto your broadcast, and what is amazing about these broadcasts is that
you can jump on for a few minutes and add some immense value to your audience and to your followers by just being yourself.
You’re giving people an insight in real time to your life, so I’m going to do one straight after this podcast and talk about recording the podcast and what I’ve just done. It’s great that you can show insights from behind the scenes, you can

  • answer adhoc Q&As
  • you can do behind the scenes at events
  • you can do ‘how to’s
  • you can do all sorts of stuff, and people can ask you questions in real time

You’ll see there are little text updates on the app itself while you’re broadcasting, so you can respond live.

This is going to have a huge impact on so many businesses.

I think that whilst I love the format of Google Hangouts and webinars for the really structured and more planned approach, for me to be able to jump onto Periscope any time of day and speak to people, to answer questions and be involved and be the brand of Jo Gifford behind the scenes, is just such an amazing opportunity.

But What About After?

What I want to talk about a little bit in this episode is what you can do after you’ve done your live broadcast. After all this is a great way to broadcast live, but then what? The episodes and the broadcasts disappear after 24 hours on the native app itself, so after you’ve completed your live broadcast it doesn’t stay around.

You might be aware of the other work I do running the Blogging for Business Bootcamp, and it’s all about creating content for business, getting your message out to the world and really doing it in a smart way, so using time and social media effectively, setting up loads of blog and work hacks to get stuff done in less time, because after all as solopreneurs we’re juggling a lot of stuff.

This is really important for content creators to be able to make it fun and work in a way that works for you. 

That’s one of the main products I’m known for, and the other one I’m starting up is the process which underpins everything I’ve been doing so far, and it’s called The Brilliance Ignition process. If you hop over, you’ll find a free four week mastermind course and it’s all about how to keep your creative well full as a solopreneur, how to upcycle your content, how to take action and get clarity through content creation, right the way up to flexing your hustle muscle and adding creative thinking into your business.

In both Blogging for Business Bootcamp and Brilliance Ignition, creating content regularly is a theme that I really amp up.

That’s not to say that I think you should create a blog post or podcast every day or whatever it is, because these things take time. It takes me a week from recording my podcast to get the transcript done, to get the image done, to get it all set up on the blog and make sure we’ve scheduled everything.

What I do really advocate is doing small chunks of content creation on a daily basis so you can slice up a blog post or slice up planning your next batch of vlogs. By doing something every day, it kind of keeps your brain really attuned to help you get some clarity through what you’re doing. I like to think of it as an artist who practises sketching or life drawing every day.

As most visual artists know, whatever their field of work, if you’re keeping your eye in tune, it’s kind of like the building blocks to those amazing moments of brilliance that will occur in artwork, and the same is true of content creation. If we spend ten or 15 minutes every day creating some content, be it sitting down to write 200 words for a Facebook update or part of a blog post or, as we’re going to talk about in this case, hopping onto Periscope. Whatever you do on a regular basis helps your brain keep attuned to what you’re doing. It really helps you focus on what you’re passionate about, especially if you’re an entrepreneur leading others, as I am, as many others are.

It’s a great way to make sure that your message is getting clearer every time you sit down to create content. In the same way an artist might be doing life drawing to keep their eye in, regular content creation helps us to keep clarity, helps us to ignite these lurking ideas and helps us really get to the gold dust of the stuff.

What’s that got to do with Periscope?

Well, I have been creating a Periscope broadcast on pretty much a daily basis for the last couple of weeks, and this has shown me a number of things.

It’s shown me that people really respond to live interaction and it’s shown me that people love to be able to have shout-outs, to ask me questions live, to really guide the way that a conversation might go, and to see behind the scenes and get to know me as a person.

It’s still in a one to many format, but to bond with me on a slightly different level than perhaps reading a blog post or listening to this podcast. The great thing about that is that if I broadcast for maybe five or ten minutes every day for five days a week, that’s five broadcasts of five minutes, and this is interesting, because what you can do with each of these broadcasts is super exciting.

You can save your broadcast when it’s finished to the camera roll of your smartphone. There were some third party API driven web apps where you could still view your broadcast online but I’ve noticed that they’ve been taken down, so there may be more in the future, but for the moment let’s work with saving your broadcast to your phone.

So How Can You Use Your Scope?

From here you have a video and you can do several things with that video.
You can send it off to be transcribed and there are plenty of ways that you can do that. You can send it off to somebody on Fiverr, which is the way I first dabbled in getting transcriptions done. I now have a transcriptionist who is amazing and we have a Dropbox folder set up. I ping her a note whenever we’ve got a new file in there for her to transcribe and she pings it back in a couple of days.

So you can either find someone if you might be doing stuff regularly or just use Fiverr for adhoc jobs, but you can get that thing transcribed. With a transcript you can then edit that to be a blog post, so you’ve not only created content from your broadcast, but you now have the option to turn that into a blog post.

You can either keep it as one blog post which might make sense for you, or you might split it up. Say you’ve had people asking you different questions, you might want to split it up into different posts per question, so now you have more than one post from this one broadcast.

From that blog post you can make that into some kind of PDF slide viewing version of your broadcast, again you can have that done on Fiverr, you could do it yourself or you could ask your VA to do it if you have a team. You’ve now really condensed that information into text and into a slide, so you could upload that to SlideShare.

SlideShare is an amazing platform to really get your work seen and to drive new traffic back to your blog posts, and this has worked really well for me in the past. People love to use SlideShare as a platform to research and find new content that’s really helpful and it’s actually somewhere I dive into quite often if I’m doing research for blog posts or ebooks. To have content there is going to help people find your site, so upload it into SlideShare to find a whole new audience.

You could also use that slide presentation on LinkedIn, you can use it on Facebook and you can use it back on your blog. You can even pin it to Pinterest, so you’re spreading the same content out to different networks.

Let’s go even further!

You have a video from your Periscope and you can upload that to YouTube. The thing with Periscope is that the app format tends to have the video in the portrait setting as opposed to landscape so it’s not brilliant for YouTube, but the quick rough and ready aspect of it is fine and people accept that that’s how the app works.

You will now have a presence on one of the world’s biggest search engines a great way again to be populating your channel with video. You can also extract the audio from it and upload it to Soundcloud, so now you have an audio version of your Periscope.

And Further Still..

You can even have a collection of your audios and put them together as one long weekly podcast. You could put them together in Audacity or Garage Band, which is what I use, and suddenly you have a whole week’s worth of stuff from five minutes a day of doing your Periscopes.


Do you see how exciting this is, guys? I’m so excited about Periscope for content creation and for recycling that content, because I think you’re like me in that we’re really busy. We’ve got client work to do and lots of us have passive income products we’re creating or running AND we’ve got some VIP stuff behind the scenes.

Not Forgetting That…

We also want to get some life/work balance in here and have time off with our families and we want to be outside enjoying life. Most of us entrepreneurs do this because we want to have a better work/life balance, and content creation is something which I know really grinds people down sometimes. I get emails all the time from people who do my free blog challenge saying,

I don’t have time for this stuff, and how can I do this in a way that’s really time effective, I’m drowning in stuff to do!

By the way, if you haven’t done my blog challenge yet, it’s a ten day free resource which walks you through how to create content in really smart ways.

In the first email of the blog challenge I ask people to hit reply and tell me what they’re struggling with, and without fail all the time it’s things like, I’m struggling for time, Jo, I don’t know how to get content creation done in time! Using Periscope to re-purpose stuff is one way that we can make this new platform work really smartly for you.

Repurpose Content from PeriscopeDon’t forget that for each medium that you do, whether you’ve extracted audio from your video or you’ve turned it into YouTube, to SlideShare, you can then go even further. You can pull out quotes of stuff that you said on your Periscope, hop into Canva or PicMonkey or whatever it is that works for you and create a quote of that thing that you said, upload it to social media, use it on Instagram, use it on Twitter, use it on Facebook, use it on Pinterest and pin it. You can make that one five minute Periscope broadcast go such a long way!

If you’re creating it every day or even if you do it once a week, see how much you can get from this one thing which is already adding value to your followers, your clients and your audience by you being available live, and then you can re-purpose it and go really far with it. As we’ve already seen we’ve got a YouTube option, Soundcloud option, Pinterest, social media, SlideShare, all of this stuff, just from one five minute broadcast.

Over To You

I’d be really excited to hear how you guys have been using your Periscope broadcasts. Rather than letting them fall off the face of the planet when you’ve finished your broadcast, use them and get excited about how this can be a really clever way to create content in a really time efficient manner. Jump on for five minutes and then extract stuff and re-purpose it on your platforms.

If we look at all those possibilities I know that some people can feel really overwhelmed. This can sound like a lot to do, so just pick one thing and start off with that. Maybe the first thing you do is to get it transcribed and you have the actual text in front of you of your broadcast.

Even if you just pull some quotes out from that and turn them into imagery, that’s brilliant, you’ve made Periscope work harder for you already. Maybe next time you know you’re really confident with that so you might go ahead and pin it on Pinterest as well. Maybe you might then work on building it into a blog post, but guys, I’m so excited about how you can use Periscope.

You can even schedule some live stuff with your community work and build it in with programmes you’re doing, if that works for you.

Make it Work for You

For me, as most of you know, as someone who lives and works with a range of chronic health problems, I find the scheduled stuff really difficult. If I have a really big webinar booked or something where I need to be live, I try and keep those to a minimum, because for me, I can never be 100 per cent sure that I can be on my game and be completely with it and able to do what I know I need to do, which is why for me, podcasting really works well, blogging works well, having my courses out there working for me on a one to many format works really well.

Periscope works well because if I’m feeling good and I’m feeling fine, I can just jump on and I can serve people in that way, and then I can use that content and go further with it.

I would love to hear from you guys what you’ve seen out there of people re-purposing Periscopes. How have you been re-purposing Periscopes? What is inspiring you from this podcast and from my blog to take this content a little further? Even better than that, I would love for you to tweet me any blog posts you’ve done which have been upcycled Periscopes and I would love you either to tag me on Facebook at or tweet me @dexdiva and of course you can follow me on Periscope @dexdiva.

I’m so excited to hear about what this might ignite for you and if it’s inspired your brilliance at all. Don’t forget there are a few free resources that you can jump onto, so I mentioned my blog challenge. There’s the Brilliance Ignition masterclass and also really get involved with what’s happening and keep your ears to the ground about how people are using the stuff. I’ll be here guiding you with new developments and new trends with Periscope as they unfold, and I would love to hear back from you.

As always, if you want to get in touch with me in the ways that I mentioned before, tweet me @dexdiva or on Facebook,, and you can also leave me a voicemail. If you head on over to my website you’ll see a little tab on the right hand side, ‘send a voicemail’, and that voicemail comes directly to my inbox and I can pick up your question or feedback. I love hearing from you, so please feel free to drop me a line.

As always I’m really grateful that you’ve tuned in to my podcast. I’m recording every week and this will be dropping every Friday, so do make sure that you are subscribed on iTunes and you can also pick this up on my website, and all the show notes are there under each episode. I’m really grateful that you tuned in, have an awesome day, and if I have inspired you in any way to get scoping, do let me know.
End of transcript

What Would Jo Gifford Do? Well, It’s THIS….

One of the most amazing things to emerge from the last year has been the emergence of the “what would Jo Gifford do?” meme.

(I know, right?!)

Time and again, in the community groups of my programmes, in mentoring calls and via email, I have been told that channelling the inner Jo Gifford has become a “thing”.

What an honour, from this incredible position of working with glorious people,


For some time now, I have shared my tips and knowledge in working smarter, content creation, and building a business.

I have talked and taught how to work less and do more, how to find your flow and feed your own creative well in order for ideas to emerge and for remarkable content to emerge.


Everything I bring to my business and those of people who hang with me, comes from my background as a designer, manager, copywriter, lecturer, and content creator.

Of course, as you all know, they are also tempered with the life of a self employed Mum with chronic illnesses.


My ideas on blogging go far beyond the scope of putting words on the WordPress editor.



My “thang” is about creating a body of work to re-purpose, re-cycle, up-cycle, hustle, teach and test.


It’s creating products from content.


Everything I have taught so far, from the practise of doing something new each day, to finding your flow, working smarter and up-cycling content to fledgling products is part of a process I feel is unique to me.

It’s a collection of activities that feel personally Jo, that are tried, tested and loved through blog posts, programmes, opt-ins and mentoring.


It’s a set of processes that form the whole, the Jo Gifford approach.

It’s my power moves to get creative, contribute content, and build your business with authenticity and authority.


The set of processes has incredible impact and value when taught as a whole.

The resulting changes of the business and life of solopreneurs who implement what I teach have been huge – and long may that continue.


As I begin to brand the “What would Jo Gifford do” process, I am excited.

By packaging up the knowledge and processes that underpin the programmes and products I have already put out to the world, I know I can do so much more and reach more awesome entrepreneurs.


I have plans, people.

The “what would Jo Gifford do” question will be increasingly easier to answer.

It’s the ignition of brilliance.

Let the Brilliance Ignition Process begin.

Episode #18: Interview with Fab Giovanetti


In this episode, I chat with the lovely Fab of about her advice on working smarter, dreaming bigger, living brighter.

We talk about outsourcing, business growth, facing challenges as an entrepreneur and lots, lots more.

Resources from the show:

Fab’s website
Health Bloggers Community

Blogging for Business Bootcamp
Danielle LaPorte
The Big Leap

Find the podcast on:
Stitcher Radio
Podbean RSS feed (non iTunes)

Case study: how blogging for business changed my life

So, you know when you meet someone (in this case, online), and you just love them immediately?

The lovely Krystal of The Luscious Life is a great example of total girl crush, business adoration and, just, love.



We met in Becca Tracey’s Uncage Your Business programme this year (shout out to Becca!), and pretty much everything about Krystal, her work and the way she rolls makes me smile.

So, it is with enormous pleasure that I invited Krystal to share her Blogging for Business Bootcamp experience with us all here on the blog. Last week we heard how Maria filled her work calendar after doing the programme, and I can’t wait to share with you what Krystal has done!

Over to you, Krystal….


Change your business, change your life!


Blogging for Business Bootcamp gave me the confidence to start putting myself and my business out there in a major way and the impact has not only blown up my business, it has changed how I am living my life.

My journey into Blogging for Business Bootcamp came from a pretty desperate place.

I really had no idea what I was doing when it came to blogging, but the thing is THIS COURSE IS SO MUCH MORE THAN BLOGGING!

This course is everything when it comes to running your online business with ease and efficiency!

I completed Bootcamp back in June, but I refer to the resources on the daily. The sheer amount of business riches Jo offers are just incredible.

With Jo Gifford’s guidance I have done some pretty amazing things that I wouldn’t have expected:

  • I launched a weekly blog post series called The Bikini Body Project and I am actually getting engagement on it, including blog comments, FB messages and even private emails. Check out Day 6 of The Bikini Body Project, where I just can’t save the best for last.
  • I hosted my first online Body Lovin’ Summit which has doubled my monthly subscribe rates to my newsletter.
  • Using Jo’s tricks and tools, I have upped my Facebook likes by 75%.
  • And Blogging for Business Bootcamp is what got me on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+. Before that I was just letting these opportunities to connect with my clients pass me by.
  • Of course, with all of this awesomeness, business is booming and I am never without new work opportunities with dream clients.


Simply put, Jo is a genius you guys!

How has Blogging for Business Bootcamp changed my life?

  • All of this new support has finally given me the confidence to go for my BIG DREAM – traveling all over the world to spread my message of body love!
  • This past month I did just that and offered my Body Love Yoga Workshop in a new city to new people. And I am also applying to give this workshop at the Body Love Conference in Tucson, AZ.
  • I am even offering a Every Body Beautiful Yoga and Health Retreat in Costa Rica March 2015!

All of my life and work dreams come true! Let Jo Gifford make it happen for you! (Sorry about the rhyming, my love for Jo inspires poetry 😉 )

I’m on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |Pinterest | Google +


Ahhh, thanks to Krystal for sharing her story!

Want to join us? Who knows what YOUR success story will be!

Click here to join Bootcamp.

Stay super,


jo gifford


Case study: how blogging for business filled my work calendar

One of the things I love most about my Blogging for Business Bootcamp is getting to know everyone on the programme.

Seeing how their businesses change with the power of a blog is just SO satisfying, inspiring, and a reason (of many!) that I love my job so much.

Today’s post is awesome because Maria, who shares her thoughts below, actually filled up her coaching calendar directly as a result of her blog.

Not only that, Maria now has a WAITING LIST of clients. Hurrah!


Investing in anything requires both time AND money – have you ever bought a programme and done nothing with it? yep, me too – and everyone who has shown up, done the work and invested in themselves and their business has seen such a change after bootcamp. Blogging for business DOES require input, either to learn the ropes and do the work yourself, or to invest in outsourcing or training a VA, but the rewards are myriad.

Today I am thrilled to introduce the lovely confidence coach Maria, and her thoughts on how her business and blog has been changing.

maria vallo blogging for business
“I started Blogging for Biz Bootcamp with no idea what I was letting myself in for, I just knew I needed help and I loved Jo’s approach and transparency.
I was really torn between the neutral business voice and my warm and informal voice for writing posts.
Also I was stuck thinking I had to re purpose all the materials I have produced over 7 years of training and coaching into posts. In fact, looking back I had no idea what I was doing and put so much pressure on myself and this stifled me.
Very early on –  I think it was third week of course –  I whizzed out a post called Help My Confidence Has Been Stolen.
I then put it out on social media and was really surprised by the feedback and comments. I did ask for feedback and it worked because out of that I got 2 clients for my Real Deal coaching programme.
I only take on 4 clients every three months for coaching, as a large chunk of my time goes to training and coaching for Illuminate. It’s a charity I started five years ago with my business partner Sam, and I deliver our Confidence for Change programme for people unemployed or working less that 16 hours a week.
The next post – Do I Have To Bare All in Coaching? – came out of the questions and concerns I know get raised all the time in my work.
From that I got another 2 clients … so I’m full until November.
The course has also given me the drive and excitement to do more online. I now have an opt in box and a regular newsletter. It sounds so simple, however for me this is a huge step and I know I have the support and solidarity of Jo and her groups.
My writing is still changing, which is great and I’m now starting to see good posts that can inform and help me.
My latest post – When To Change Jobs for Less Money has 2 clients on my waiting list.
This never happened before because I was so wrapped up in growing Illuminate and my coaching was a side line so finding Jo really has changed my working week.
Change creates change and this is the evidence, for me it was a small investment that I recouped in that first post.
Do go and say hi to the lovely Maria and check out her fabulous and helpful blog.
I am simply over the moon that Maria has found a rhythm with her blogging that is helping her business so much and filling up her waiting list.

Come and join us on the Bootcamp right here and change your business too.

Stay super + inspired,

jo gifford

2014 part 1 – how my biz has grown with online services and how you can do it too

So, here we are at half past 2014, and it only seems like a moment ago when I sat down in January to map out my goals for this year.

2014 has seen the biggest growth of my online business, with so many leaps happening that it’s incredible to see how far things have come.

Now, I should clarify that whilst my business and online services have blown up this year so far with a great success, what I am calling “success” is not  retiring with my mansion, outdoor pool and diamond encrusted Porsches.

Not quite yet, although you should see my vision boards :)

I call success seeing a huge increase in my reach and audience, successfully selling out my programmes, and reaching the point where I am not exchanging time for money.

So, that said, I want to share what changed for me this year so that others of you doing this online services thing might benefit too.



Firstly, I have never, ever planned things before.

I know, right?

8 years of self employment and I was always juggling varied business and income streams from design to social and teaching. But, this year I had my eyes firmly on the Dex Diva online biz prize, and I sat down with the lovely Leonie’s Amazing Biz and Life Planner and did it.

I now check in every week with my goals and it’s just incredible how many of them I have already hit.


Invest in myself + my biz

This has been so, so key in the success so far this year.

I joined a couple of business programmes in areas I recognised that I needed some help in (and wrote about that here).

Each time I have invested the associated growth and sales recouped has always made the investment pay back, usually really quickly, too.

Not only that but each time I join a new mastermind or bootcamp course, I have a whole new raft of like minded solopreneurs to jam with, many of whom have become my audience and new clients.




Masterminds, groups + my tribe

Being active in various masterminds and Facebook groups has meant I have connected with SO many new and fabulous people. These connections have turned into JV’s, clients, friends, subscribers, service providers, guest posters and all sorts.

I find that, for me, Facebook groups work really well (for some reason Linked In just doesn’t gel for me), and I am usually on Facebook so it’s easy to keep in touch.

I also started my own group  for list subscribers, Dexterous Divas and Dudes (make sure you are on my mailing list for access!).

This group has grown into an incredible space where like minded biz owners share their highs and lows, ask questions and support each other in a really positive, encouraging space.

We also host Monday workshops which are free for everyone to attend right there in the Facebook group. This allows everyone to showcase their skills, adds value to the group and is a great mutually beneficial platform for everyone.

#divapod podcast

Podcast + using audio

Back in January I did two episodes of a podcast. I lost momentum, and got myself back on track just last month when the newly re-vamped show started airing, Work Smarter, Dream Bigger, Live Brighter.

The show has, incredibly, had over 1500 hits in the last few weeks, and is a great tool to reach new audiences and to add value in another medium.

I interview other entrepreneurs as well as some solo shows and audio blogs, and I am so excited to see where the podcast goes over the next few months.

You can find the show here on the site, on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

I have also been experimenting with using audio on my blog posts in addition to text and imagery. I have been recording posts on SoundCloud with my Blue Snowball microphone, and the feedback from people has been really positive.

For those folks who don’t have time to read, listening to a post can be a great way to connect. It also gives me a new presence on a different platform to extend my reach.


Interview + press features

As well as hosting my own show, I have been asked to appear on several podcasts myself too, which has been a lot of fun. I am a member of the She Podcasts Facebook group and network with other female podcasters to swap interview spots and tips.

I would definitely advise you all to have a browse of podcasts that feature other entrepreneurs and reach out to them for an interview, it can do wonders for your reach and audience growing (feel free to drop me a line too, either via the voicemail feature of my site, or by the contact form).

I also keep my eye on the #journorequest hashtag on Twitter, and as a result have appeared in a few press articles this year in major magazines.


Guest posts

Guest posting has remained a large part of my content outreach strategy this year, and I regularly post on both large authority sites and other business blogs as a guest.
This has helped me to reach new people and to also help my SEO and authority for this site and Google Plus.

I currently write for Lifehack, have appeared on Lifehacker, the Selz blog, Prowess 2.0, the Talented Ladies Club , Regus and others.

As I teach on my Blogging for Business Bootcamp, guest posting can be such a powerful way to show your authority in your niche, and to connect with new audiences.


Getting help

I took on an intern earlier on in the year, who is absolutely lovely. I offered to mentor her one to one and give her access to my training and classes in return for some help with updating social media and some admin/research. This has been a great way to leverage more hours whilst adding value to someone else.

I also use Fancy Hands a lot for tasks such as bookings, research, admin tasks and compiling resources.. The response time is super quick and they are a really affordable way to get extra help (they also link to Asana too, very clever!).


New website

I realised I had taken my website as far as I was able to on my own, and invested in a new site by the absolutely awesome Marta from Polish Lab. The new site reflects me and my message in a MUCH more cohesive way, and it also acts as a client filter straight from the off; like marmite, you will either love me or hate me.

Making an investment like this is not for the faint hearted, and I would make sure you are clear on your aims, your message and get your copy sorted before you take the plunge. However, when selling online services this is my shopfront, and I am SO pleased with the new clothes it has now. Thanks Marta!


Saying no + keeping focussed

Saying no to work I knew wasn’t right as I focussed on online services has been hard, particularly when extra income would be welcome. But, I wanted to stay focussed on the goal of getting my Blogging for Business Bootcamp and other online services up and running, and needed to recognise that turning down work that would hinder that goal would be worth it in the long term.

I am happier when working on a one to many model, and have designed the business to work in that way. I concentrate on content marketing through guest posts, this blog and podcasts whilst mentoring in the bootcamp and devising new programmes.


Creating automated income + online programmes

This has always been my primary goal for my business, and this first half of the year has seen major progress in automated income from various sources.

Whilst I still offer limited one to one coaching and blogging services, the main focus of my work is on programmes like the Blog Biz Bootcamp and the tools and other programmes I am currently devising.

So, my income from automation comes from the Bootcamp, my Skillshare class and earnings from affiliate links.

I empower all members of the Bootcamp to become an affiliate too, a strategy which helps spread the word, and gives us both opportunities for abundance. Boom.



Leveraging the visual

Instagram and Pinterest are big traffic drivers for me, proof that we still love to digest images over words.

I take quotes from my posts and format them in a branded visual, which acts as a snippet preview of my content. I then add those to Pinterest and Instagram to engage with a diverse audience and re-air my content in a new way.

My Instagram reach has increased rapidly in 2014 so far, and  I also link up my insta account with IFTTT to tweet my images as native Twitter pics for more reach and sharing.



A massive part of my growth this year too has been about mindset.

I am famed in Casa Diva for my midweek meltdowns of business overwhelm, and have put several practices into place to prevent the tears and dark chocolate consumption (ok, you got me, I still have the dark choc!).

I meditate twice daily to stay earthed and mindful (hear more about this in my interview with Gillian Rowinski in Episode #7 of the podcast). I also use EFT, a strong tool to help with money blocks, limiting beliefs, and subconscious programmes that hold me back. EFT seems to crop up a lot in my podcast interviews, and is a tool the fabulous Denise Duffield Thomas teaches in her Get Rich Lucky Bitch Bootcamp.

Working on mindset for both life and business is all part of this wonderful journey, and like all of us I have a long way to go. In fact, there is no destination, and I seek to tweak and make improvements to my personal life and business every day.

I have come to realise that what I have to offer is unique, not because of the content, necessarily, but because of who I am and how I deliver.

We all have a unique story to tell, and a biz that is unique to us. 

No-one has my unique set of skills, experience, set backs and learning curves. No-one else has my exact method of teaching or delivery, or content creation. So, if you are thinking “oh that’s fine for you but no-one will listen to ME”, take a look at what makes you unique, what your message is, and be confident to know that YOU ARE ENOUGH.


I really hope this mid-2014 round up of what has worked for me helps you in some way.

Have you implemented any of these? What has worked for you this year so far? How are you tackling the next 6 months? Let me know in the comments.

Love and lovely light evenings,






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I am pissed off.

No, I  am not angry, upset, negative and all that jazz.

I currently have a UTI and kidney infection that has been here for the last month –  MONTH, goddammit! – and I am 4 rounds in now of antibiotics.

So, my body is literally pissed off about something.

pissed off 2

Sleepy Diva

I am a strong believer in the mind/body connection so of course I am delving into this from all angles; I am doing yoga with my awesome teacher specifically for the kidney meridians and to restore my “yin”. I am doubling up on my Juice Plus capsules, drinking and eating cleanly, and getting as much movement and fresh air to earth myself and keep moving whenever I can.

go with fl

Go with the flow, baby…

I also have an amazing support team of holistically minded intuitive friends who have been giving some great guidance on the meaning of this particular part of my journey.

So, we are at it holistically, medically, and also doing a lot of sitting around in my jim jams looking after myself (oh, the glamour!). Interestingly, the kidneys represent an awful lot in Eastern medicine and philosophy, and a word that keeps coming up for me at the moment is “flow”.

I am spending more time with my journal at the moment (and I am a new convert to the surprisingly analogue Bullet Journal – more on that in a post sooooooon).

Letting lists, mindmaps, stories, ideas and random jottings flow is so therapeutic, and a natural process for the creative mind.

bullet journal

My bullet journal in the making.


I have also been doing a lot of work recently on my attitude towards money and the flow of that; I am working with EFT and Denise Duffield Thomas in her Get Rich Lucky Bitch Bootcamp, which has been SO instrumental in helping me take this business which I love and adore to the next level.

You see, despite health presenting a new challenge for me at the moment, life is going so, so well. I have built an amazing online business that supports me + my family, and  which can be done from anywhere, anytime.

I am blessed that I now have amazing clients all around the globe, and I am now –  for the most part –  no longer exchanging the commodity of time for money.

I always dreamed of this being possible and now, thanks to the power of this here t’internet, it really is.

Of course this stuff takes a little time to build, and I have navigated my fair share of of dead ends along the way. But, this year my biz has rocketed and I am so honoured, grateful and happy for it. I plan to share in a post soon HOW I have reached the current status quo, and in particular what changed in 2014 as I know so many of you out there want (and deserve!) the same.

If I had a “normal” job (heaven forbid!), I would have really, really struggled this month.

I have needed time out for yoga, to sleep in the day if I need to, to go to the doctors, to get out in the fresh air whenever I have energy to do so. I can work in slices of time that work around me and my family, and I am insanely happy and grateful that my biz can still grow and rocket even higher while I navigate this little corner of physical learning.


My minis, my reasons why :)

In fact I have had one of the biggest sales months of 2014 this month too, no mean feat given I have been far below par for most of it. But, as the awesome Sally Hope and I discussed in her podcast interview, life is messy and we roll with it.

Building an online business has given me freedom.

It has given me autonomy, independence, and a business that I absolutely ADORE. I wouldn’t be here with this business without this blog. Without my message and my stories, without my tips and hacks being found and read by you lovely people, there would be no tribe, no community to work with, no-one to jam with me in the programmes and workshops.

I am grateful for the power of blogging, and the freedom is has given me to live my life in abundance and success despite and in spite of my many health odysseys along the way.

From endometriosis to CFS and my currently pissed off kidneys, nothing has held me back. It’s all here to show me something, to help me learn and grow and I am grateful, despite feeling super shitty….

But, do you know what? Going with the flow isn’t always easy.

I am a type A hyper-creative who finds taking days off hard, despite the advice I give others.

We set goals, have needs, wants and agendas that don’t respond well to kinks in the system and timeline. It’s a process, and one I am re-learning right now.

What would it mean for you and your life to run a business that gives you freedom and time to be whoever and whatever you need to be? What if you could build something for yourself that would sustain you, and could work around YOUR hours and YOUR needs?

If you are building a lifestyle biz for yourself and want to rock your sales and build your own tribe, I would love for you to join us in the July Blogging for Business Bootcamp. Take your online presence and biz to the next level to earn what you deserve, and to enjoy the freedom that being your own online boss means.

If you have felt ill recently I would love to know in the comments below how you managed life, biz and work.

Going with the flow ain’t always easy. But we learn along the way

In the meantime, from me here in my jim jams enjoying the Summer sunshine and curling up like a cat on the sofa in the warm rays, I wish you all lots of love.

Stay super,





P.S Burning stuff outdoors is very therapeutic.

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11 super smart business blogging hacks that will rock your world and your wallet

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Running a small biz means two things can often be short at times – those old favourites time and money.

Blogging for your biz is an essential part of your thang (and if it isn’t, it should be, folks!), so if the idea of finding time to blog is a little…


…here are some handy blogging hacks + tips to rock your online world, make blogging + time your bitches whilst keeping your budgets (+ sanity!) in check.

1. Use Fancy Hands for research

Outsource your research for your blog post to Fancy Hands, and you have immediate access to a whole army of virtual assistants to help you, usually within the hour. Ask them to ping you a Google Doc of references + resources, then step in to draft a post around quotes from resources. Add your personal magic for authenticity and style, and you will find a job is much much easier.

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2. Dictate to Evernote

Do you find it easier to flow when you are speaking?Have loads of ideas when you are out + about?

Boom, this is for you: dictate a blog post straight into the mobile app of Evernote and see your words transcribed immediately. How amazing is that? Sure, you will need to dip into the synced version of your app on your desktop and make some changes ( like I am doing right now on this post), but you can get a blog post DOWN in less than 5 minutes.

Alternatively, you can dictate into Evernote directly to your desktop computer,  save the audio file + send it to be transcribed over on Fiverr.

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3. Crowdsource a social discussion, baby!

Crowd source some opinions on Twitter and Facebook;  ask a question,  gauge the responses and embed those responses in the post (aka make your followers write your blogs for you. Muahahahaha).

Invite discussion by linking back to the original users when you pimp your posts, and they will also share with their peeps, a cunning plan to not only create a debate but also to reach more eyeballs. BAM!


4. Use smart research + roll up some great material to share in a link post

Use our buddy IFTTT to flow some lovely content straight to your swipe files, or stalk your Twitter lists for awesome posts from your niche/sector. Collate some key posts that you love and you know your audience will too;  use these posts in a bumper roundup information link pack post, and share via your social media (just like my Links of Love).

Tag the original content creators when you share, and see your post go wide whilst giving your audience fab reading fodder.

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5. Hire me! (muahahahaha)

Hire me for an espresso express blog boost to brainstorm three months of banging content ideas to keep your blog (+ your clients!) super happy.

Combine with earlier steps –  send to Fancy Hands to get some extra research links,  dictate into Evernote it and have your post written as you talk. Sweet.


6. Client interviews

Interview a few lovely clients and invite them to talk about their experience with you on Skype. Record the calls (I use Call Recorder for Skype), and you then have some options; you could embed the calls as a YouTube video, upload the audio to Sound Cloud, or have them transcribed on Fiverr.

Making a post from testimonials gives you sales fodder, true connection and endorsements, credibility, and of course blog content!


7. Speak Pipe Q&A

Install Speak Pipe and invite your audience to record their opinions and questions on a subject or topic. Send the audio for transcription on Fiverr and add your magic on the blog post to showcase your expertise in between the quotes.

Share it on social media and invite everybody who participated in the post for a bumper readership round up.

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8. Guest post slots

Offer a guest post slots for super smart content creation; open up some slots for other biz bloggers who would add value to your audience and who would also benefit from meeting your peeps online. Win win!



Use  to create a list of resources + products your audience will love. Embed the list as a post and BOOM. You are done.

10. Slideshare hit + run research

Raid Slideshare for some topic ideas that your audience would love, such as relevant themes, topics or news + add your personal spin for the magic.

For extra points, make slides of your new post and re-upload to Slideshare to get some more blog link juice. Niiiiiiice…..


11. News quotes + pundits

Grab a news article or post relevant to your niche as it flies around the web.  Quote the article, add  some embedded  tweets of reactions,  and add your magic in between the comments to showcase your authority, knowledge and superstardom.

I just got down with some some biz blog hacks from Diva

So there you have it! Some quick fire tips to make blogging for your biz a breeze.

Have you tried any of these tips? Share your posts in the comments below if you try some of the hacks out.

Love and loose leaf paper,

jo gifford






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How I started writing, blogging and getting commissions – revised



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By “original” trade, am a graphic designer, although I now term myself a portfolio career person (and here are 5 reasons a portfolio career rocks!  Currently, I am a designer, writer, blogger, online teacher and coach. I have a Skillshare class, I work with clients one to one with my private coaching sessions, provide e-courses and training, and of course my VIP Access all Areas group. Read more

Guest post: how to survive blogging


how to survive blogging

Blogging is just a case of typing and pressing the publish button – isn’t it? Today on the blog please welcome Roxanne Hobbs, a member of my VIP Access All Areas package and a coach for women who shares her opinions and tips on how to survive blogging. If you have ever felt public backlash from your blog, leave your comments below, join in the discussion, and let us know.

The pitfalls of having an opinion, expressed openly through social media channels, have been well documented in 2013.

Rape threats received by MP Stella Creasy and feminist activist Caroline Criado-Perez were the most extensively covered and were truly abhorrent. That was the tip of an iceberg of hate and mean-spiritedness that seems to be par for the course when someone, and especially a woman, posts their opinion in a public forum.

Lindy West posted,

“Cumulatively, the sheer volume of hate that we’re expected to shoulder, in silence, every day, is wearing a lot of people out and shutting down rational discourse. Female bloggers are being hounded off the internet. Teenage girls are being hounded off the earth. There’s no good solution…”
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