Opt-in Unpacked: Mini Info Dynamite To Go

Are you ready to empower your empire, inspire your clients, and pump up your profits?

You got it.

Stuck for opt-in campaign ideas?

Stop right there.

Let’s super-fan your audience by giving them what you got (and what you do best) as a bite-sized, lovingly created mini info op-tin – unpacked, raw and ready to go.

It’s the hardwire from your brain to their business (and their hearts).

It’s the jumpstart to super quick wins that will capture their trust.

Let’s showcase how you work, what makes you the doyenne of doing it your way – and why the heck it matters to them, their biz and their bottom lines.

Show your clients how your brain can make them bank- in a double tempo, no brainer intro.

Opt-in Unpacked Includes:

  • 5 powerful mini info opt-in campaign ideas and titles that will entice your clients and leave them wanting more.
    Yep, procrastination just made an exit stage right.
  • 10 compelling content titles to support your persuasive promo.
    (Guest posts, vlogs, podcasts or blog post fodder sorted. No more staring down your WordPress editor with heart racing fear).
  •  1 potent, punch packing opt-in page written for you, and ready to hand you your assistant to create an opt-in page.
  • One 5 page, ready to roll PDF copy written AND designed for you – no more excuses!
  • Mock ups of your e-book on an iPad and as a 3-d book for social media.
  • Your opt-in page created and designed for you (we use Instapages)
  • Instructions for your assistant to hook up to your CRM.
  • 10 social media slammers to share the love, showcase your expertise, and unleash your influence.

This Is For You If:

  • You are DONE with meaning-to-get-things-done and never actually doing them.
  • You are ready to grow your audience like you always knew you could.
  • You are super busy and need some expertise on call to take this off your plate.
  • You want some of the magic that has grown my biz and is trusted by my global, VIP, multi 6 figure client list.

How We Roll:

– Payment reserves your spot in my calendar (the waiting room is currently 5 weeks ahead, so jump on to get moving).
– Team Diva will send you a delivery date confirmation along with a painless Q&A and some pre-party prep work.
– I delve into your biz and let my hyper creative business brain loose on your multi-potential people catchers.
–  I send you the opt-in campaign ideas
– We book a quick ‘n dirty 1:1 consult to make sure we are on the right track.
– Your copy and design gets proofed to you for approval (note: 2 rounds of amends are included).
– Your opt-in unpacked arrives, ready and waiting for you to add in your expertise and release to the world.

Now booking for November 2015 with limited spaces.

Cost: $997.

Hold your place and get the ball rolling with a $297 deposit.

We will take you to the Q&A intake form, confirm your place in the schedule, and send the first round of ideas along with an invoice for $700.

Relax. Things just got exciting.

Jo’s Opt-in Unpacked is absolutely bloody brilliant!

I’ve been thinking that I ought to do an Opt-in for ages but had literally no idea where to start or what to offer.

I’m rubbish at promoting my own stuff – like, properly horrible at it – so I would almost certainly have ended up with a slightly apologetic, half-hearted Opt-in that I would have felt very awkward about sharing. So when I saw Jo was offering this service, I jumped at the chance.

Oh-so-very pleased that I decided to spend some squids on getting Jo to do this for me! It was so helpful to have someone with an expert eye look over my current content and send me some tailor made Opt-in ideas to choose from. I now have an Opt-in page, a load of related blog post ideas, several promo lines for social media, PLUS several further Opt-in ideas to save for a rainy day.

This was so easy and what Jo’s provided me with is so, so fab – it would have taken me months of angst to come up with something a fraction as good! If you’re thinking of doing an Opt-in but don’t know where to start, you should totes use Jo’s Opt-in Unpacked service. Because it’s awesome.

Debs Wardle


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