Guide to Periscope: Everything Solopreneurs Need to Know

As a solopreneur, you need to be on the cutting edge of all that is new with social media and online marketing.

Periscope is just that; the hottest, newest app in the online world. Big name companies are already jumping on the Periscope band wagon, and for good reason.
This guide will fill you in on exactly what Periscope is, how it works and how you can use it as a tool to propel your business forward.periscope


What is Periscope?

Periscope is a live video streaming app which was developed by Joe Bernstein and Kayvon Beykpour, and purchased in March of this year for $100 million bucks by Twitter.


Due to the fact that Periscope was purchased by Twitter, the services of the app are available through Twitter, along with the app itself.

Users of the app are able to control the privacy settings by setting a video to be public, or limiting it to viewers such as families or friends. Like Instagram, viewers of videos can also send “hearts” to the broadcaster by tapping on the video. On the app, under the people tab, there is a “Most Loved” list that shows users who have received the most hearts during a real-live broadcast.


How to use it

Periscope’s primary purpose is to watch other’s broadcasts, or broadcast your own videos.

Here is how to use the app:


Get started

To start using this app, you’ll first need to download it from the iOS App Store or the Google App Store and open the app.

If you are new to the app, you will be asked to sign in with your Twitter username and password.

Keep in mind that you’ll be able to choose a different name than your Twitter username.

When you have logged in, you’ll be invited to join users or people that you may know. Then, you’ll have the option to enable notifications to keep up with those that you follow.

After that, Periscope will direct you to the main screen that displays a menu bar on the bottom.



The interface of the app is easy to use, with the main focus being the menu bar at the bottom of the app. There are three tabs.

  • Watch (titled as the first tab) shows broadcasts from those you follow and featured broadcasts.
  • Broadcast (second tab) lets you broadcast live
  • People (third tab) is where you search for people you may want to follow.

Underneath the People tab, you can touch the top-right corner to access your profile. You’ll be able to add a description about yourself, view followers and access settings.



To start broadcasting, tap the Broadcast tab in the middle. Keep your broadcast titles descriptive, but short and clickable. When you start broadcasting, you will have the option of sharing your location and choosing if you would like the broadcast private or public. You’ll also have the option of controlling who can comment.

If you want even more viewers, share the broadcast on Twitter. With Periscope, you’ll also have the option to save the broadcast for later. To end the broadcast, swipe downward and click “Stop Broadcasting.”


Want to see what your friends are streaming? Start by clicking on a live video broadcast. Give others feedback on the video by tapping “Say Something” on the bottom to send a message. Double tapping the screen will send the user a “heart.” If you want to exit the chat, tap the person icon on the bottom. This will also show you the location of the broadcaster. You’ll have the option to share the broadcast and see who else is viewing it.

Now you have the basics of how to use Periscope, let’s look at who is using it already and in what ways.




Big Brands Using Periscope

Periscope has already piqued the attention of big names in several industries. These brands are testing out the app’s possibilities for boosting sales and engaging customers. So what companies are hopping on the Periscope bandwagon and how are they using the app? Take a look:

Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew started using the app to create short videos, such as one titled “Stop by to say what’s up.” It is a short clip that shows the girl spelling “Swag” on a chalkboard next to a table loaded with branded hats and t-shirts.


Spotify uses the app to post behind-the-scenes videos with members of various bands, such as Conor O’Briend from the Villagers. Even though Periscope is relatively new, this live stream racked up 382 viewers. After it was broadcast, it was replayed 99 times and earned 255 hearts.


DKNY social account gives viewers the chance to look into their fashion closet. Since other fashion brands use Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, it’s likely that they will start using Periscope as well.

Red Bull

Red Bull is known for being one of the first companies to start using social media platforms and they were quick to jump on the Periscope bandwagon. The company uses the app to live stream events and push out social media content via the app.


JCPenney has become one of the latest retailers to join the world of Periscope. Recently, they hosted a live Q&A session with Eva Longoria.

So why are these are companies using the Periscope app and how it can it benefit your business?


Ideas for Marketing with Periscope

If you are still scratching your head on how to use Periscope for your business, here are a few marketing opportunities and how they can benefit your biz.


Tell Live Stories

Smart brands realise that they want customers to be part of their story. They want to engage in customers to be included, asked and consulted to help grow their business.
Use the live streaming available on Periscope to tell these stories.

Q and A Sessions

Many brands know that customers are hungry for interactions. Successful companies are embracing live streaming to run Q & A sessions on a regular basis to grow their audience – you may have caught some of my recent Q&S’ this week, which have been great fun and really popular.


If you have a new product, update or even service launching, then use Periscope to broadcast this new change. This will help with the support questions and gives customers more faith in your brand.

New Product Demos

When you launch a new product, you’re bound to get bombarded with questions. Get ahead of the game by showing your customers the new product and how it works.

Press Releases

Think of Periscope as the most efficient way to release a press release. What’s better than getting news right when it is happening?

Expand Reach

Not only can customers watch your video as it streams live, they can watch it again later. This gives the opportunity for the video to go viral. Twitter gives your followers the opportunity to retweet the videos to expand your audience.


When you live stream, you’re giving your customers the opportunity to give you live feedback. When you consider that your audience is worldwide, this is invaluable. Listen to what people are saying and give people what they want.

These are actions solopreneurs can take to market using Periscope, but what about other people broadcasting about your business?


What Periscope Means for Business

The ability for anyone in the world to instantly stream videos, allows for a new level of transparency in regards to customer experiences. Consider the following points about what Periscope might mean for your business.

Live feeds of customer experiences

One peek into the app and you’ll notice that users are streaming videos of attractions, hot spots and service-oriented shops. This kind of streaming can make your business one of the busiest spots in town. Chances are, customers will soon be streaming live visits of your business. What if you’re a stylist and someone broadcasts their service with you in the salon? Think of the value that holds, especially if she leaves looking better than ever.

Free advertising

Since your customers are doing all the work for you, this is essentially free advertising. Not only does it get the word out about your business, but it gives you the opportunity to wow your guest and make an impression to hundreds of people. You won’t pay a penny for it, either.

Broadcasting both good and bad experiences

Keep in mind that this type of advertising can be good or bad. Have an upset customer waiting in line for too long? This can be trouble if he starts streaming to Periscope to broadcast his unpleasant experience. On the other hand, it could turn into a positive experience if you do what you can to make the customer happy and they broadcast that experience.

Tips to Using Periscope

The release of video streaming apps such as Periscope has created a huge surge in live streaming. Since this is new technology, chances are you are new to using and streaming Periscope. When getting started using the app, here are a few helpful things to know…


While it is hard to know the best time for streaming to get you the most views, there are ways to get your audience engaged. Since you can use Twitter to advertise a live stream, take the time to pay attention to when your Twitter audience is most engaged. Even though it is a live streaming, the app will also store your video for 24 hours so those that missed the initial stream, will be able to view it afterward. Keep the length of the streams short as well.

Attention Grabbing Title

When your video is stacked up against the others, it’s often your title that will help set you apart. Keep the title straightforward, yet add exclusive elements that will entice the viewers. If you really want to reel people in, use something unique or even weird.

Reach a Wide Audience

To reach the biggest audience possible, share the broadcast and location on Twitter. You’ll reach more people this way and having the video on Twitter gives it a longer tail strategy.

Respond To Comments Live

One of the best things about Periscope is that users are able to ask those streaming questions and get real time answers. If you see questions, take the time to respond and acknowledge these comments out loud during the broadcast. This engages conversation and makes your customers feel like they are having a two-way conversation.

Future Predictions for Periscope

So what does using Periscope mean for the future of businesses and even social media in general? While this technology is relatively new, it is having a huge impact in people’s everyday lives. It is definitely the future of social media marketing and here are my predictions:

Social Media Marketing Will Be Transformed

As Instagram became popular, companies began to learn just how valuable sharing images can be for a business. Marketers jumped on this trend as a new way to interact with their customers. Now, this will evolve into live video.

Brands Will Get Closer To Their customers

Because live streaming puts businesses in direct contact with their customers, this will help to develop a stronger relationship between the two. Live streaming creates a sense of emergency, as customers know that they only have a short amount of time to view a video.

Richer Customer Insights

Comments coming from customers are unedited. This gives you the chance to ask customers about their experience and views on a product or service, allowing for greater insights.

Cultivate Brand Identity

Using Periscope to live stream marketing videos takes the stress from cultivating your brand identity. Because Periscope was purchased by Twitter, you are able to stream directly to those followers instead of trying to build a new following through Periscope.

Improved Gamification

You now have a way to engage live stream videos that contain props, humour and even unique characters to engage with your customers.

Are you convinced of the importance of using Periscope yet? If not, here are a few things to consider:

  • The Twitter analytics tool called Topsy estimated that Periscope created 51,000 tweets the day it was launched and collected nearly 111,000 mentions the following month it was created.
  • When Spotify jumped on the trend and broadcasted a live interview with the Irish indie folk band the Villagers, they amassed 382 real time viewers and received 1,534 hearts.

The amount of Periscope users may not be comparable to Instagram or Facebook users yet, but there are more users signing up every day.

Get on the bandwagon and start broadcasting to grow your business.

Just hanging out at the office or the shop all day? Doesn’t matter.

Put a face on your brand and let people get to know you.

Live streaming video is the next big thing.

Have you started ‘scoping yet?

Whose broadcasts are you enjoying? Don’t forget, you can jump on for my live broadcasts and Q&A’s – follow me @dexdiva.

For those of you on my free Brilliance Ignition Power Moves Mastermind, this counts as your daily content creation too – boom!

Stay super!



How To Fill Your Creative Well – Creative Thinking With Daire Paddy


Keeping your creativity topped up is essential as an online business owner, and something I am passionate about.

One of the tips I share with people on my courses and mentoring groups is doing something slightly new every day. Here, the lovely Daire Paddy share how 40 days of doing something new really fuels your creative thinking and, ultimately, your biz!Over to you, Daire.

As my entire business revolves around staying inspired, getting stuck in a creative rut is the worst possible thing that can happen.

Luckily for me, just as I was dangling dangerously close to that dark place, the wonderful Jo reintroduced her #newdivadaily challenge.

Basically, the idea is that you try a little bit of something different each day, and just see where it takes you.

They don’t have to be big things, just something other than your usual choice.

Today I thought I’d share some of the little tweaks I made in my routine, and how they helped me get my act together, finally start my own business, and rediscover my creative flow.


Day 1 – Start a new book

Instead of battling through one I really wasn’t enjoying… and I actually start enjoying reading again, instead of viewing it as something I “should” do.

Day 2 – Do some painting first thing in the morning

Instead of after work…and ended up in a better mood for the rest of the day AND enabled me to snap some pics in natural lighting (great blog fodder!).

Day 3 – Write everything in a colour I’d never pick

(Orange)… and made me put a lot more thought into everything I was writing down.

Day 4 – Take myself to bed 3 hours earlier than usual

I felt SO optimistic the next morning that I finally registered as self-employed (biz greatness, here I come!)

Day 5 – Try out a new recipe

I tried Fingerlickin’ Jerk Chicken…and it made my boyfriend love me EVEN more.

Day 6 – Watch a TV show I’ve never heard of

Betrayal…and kept myself very entertained for a weekend.

Day 7 – Went to a pole dancing class

I discovered a fun new way to keep fit.

Day 8 – Sign up to a workshop outside of my usual sphere

Jo’s wonderful Pop Up Pinterest Party… and realised how powerful Pinterest is as a promo tool. I also managed to double my following in 4 days!

Day 9 – Tried handmade canoli from a new deli

I went to Ugly Bread in Nottingham. AND OH MY GOD IT WAS AMAZING.

Day 10 – Went for a drink after work even though I wasn’t in the mood

And bonded with a colleague I’ve only ever spoke to in passing.

Day 11 – Ate at a new restaurant

We went to Amores in Beeston…and loved it so much it was established as official date night venue.

Day 12 – Started a new art journal

Even though I wasn’t done with the last…and jolted my creativity back into action.

Day 13 – Followed 3 new-to-me bloggers

They inspired me enough to come up with some great ideas for an Instagram series.

Day 14 – Went to an in-person seminar

It was on improving efficiency and achieving your goals…and discovered just how much disposable time I have, and how it can be scheduled to make sure I get shit done.

Day 15 – Skyped with an international friend

The unstoppable Brandy Morris…and realized just how much biz stuff I’d got done in the past 15 days!

Day 16 – Tried a new bubble bath

Radox Spa – Fig and Neroli Oil…and actually unwound after a day at work (doesn’t happen too often!)

Day 17 – Ordered different pizza toppings

I realised exactly why I always order the same thing.

Day 18 – Made an art journal video

As a practice for an exciting new blog series I’m working on… and learnt A LOT of filming tricks in the process.

Day 19 – Arranged a visit with a friend I haven’t seen in years

I planned pamper time, vintage shopping and lots of crafty goodness!

Day 20 – Embraced the capsule wardrobe

This did away with the 20 minutes of frantic scrabbling before work.

Day 21 – Had lunch with a work colleague

Instead of eating at my desk as usual… and had a massively productive afternoon (evidence that taking a break is a MUST!)

Day 22 – Treated myself to a new creative ebook

I got The Art of Whimsical Lettering by Joanne Sharpe)… and discovered a fun new hobby!

Day 23 – Dove into a networking event without fear 

I managed to avoid any spontaneous combustion.

Day 24 – Went to Lasertag

And DESTROYED the competition.

Day 25 – Outsourced the redesign of my website 

Managed to stop myself from going completely postal. The designer I worked with (Christine Schnell) was an absolute dream, excellent value for money, and she put up with every second of my neuroses.

Day 26 – Had a pamper night 

I actually stepped away from any laptop related/list-making activities.

Day 27 – Tested a new programme to edit images 

And I discovered that Jo is right. Canva is AMAZING.

Day 28 – Tried bubble tea 

I decided that it’s completely disgusting. I will be sticking to normal tea going forward.

Day 29 – Treated myself to a magazine (Flow)

And was so inspired by the amazing articles that I drafted three new blog posts.

Day 30 – Had a smoothie for breakfast

And realised that I can actually function without eating all the bread first thing in the morning.

Day 31 – Revisited materials from Blogging for Business Bootcamp

…and revamped my editorial calendar in less than an hour. (Check out this post for my ode to #blogbizboot)

Day 32 – Signed up for a new newsletter 

…and realised that Denise Duffield-Thomas has all the answers!

Day 33 – Found an accountability buddy

…and got my promotional stuff pimped and scheduled.

Day 34 – Had a total duvet day 

I actually let myself RELAX and get better, instead of working through the pain.

Day 35 – Learnt how to use a sewing machine

…and proceeded to break said sewing machine.

Day 36 – Arranged a guest post swap

I managed to schedule a few months’ worth of guest posts on a variety of fun topics.

Day 37 – Added something to my online shop

I took the first step in my business plan. My e-course “30 days of intensive, getting-to-the-good-stuff journaling” is officially for sale, now I just can’t wait to get started!

Day 38 – Spontaneous mid week night out

…and got totally smashed! (Whilst realising that I am definitely too old to go out and get totally smashed)

Day 39 – Bought myself fancy underwear on the way home

…and see Day 5 😉

Day 40 – Relinquished control of the remote for a whole day

I received lots of Brownie points (despite the fact that I only really did it because there was nothing I wanted to watch anyway AND I had an ebook to draft!)


So in review, I managed to accomplish a lot in 40 days. I started a business. I wrote an ebook. I designed an e-course. I got to grips with Pinterest. I finally “got” why everyone needs to be blogging for business. I learnt to relax. I spent time with loved ones. I got back in my creative groove.


What more could a person want?


Thanks so much Daire!

How do you encourage your creative thinking? Let us know in the comments below.

You can find more from Daire over on The Open Way.

My (Personal) Daily Content Creation Challenge: Storytelling On Steroids

Daily ContentCreation


Content is everywhere.

The machine gets fed daily, every nano second, with more to read, to watch, to consume.

We are drowning in content and information.

Bizarrely, I am choosing to challenge myself to create content everyday, for 30 days.

Why in the name of all things sane would I do that?

For several reasons.

Firstly, in the act of content creation comes clarity.

The mapping out of ideas, putting pen to paper, voice to microphone, face to camera, fingers to keypad – whatever it may be – allows us to go through the process of creating ideas and formulating them in real time.

The practise of daily content creation flexes the creative muscles in the brain, and sets an intention of focussed practice.

Be it for 3 minutes, 10 minutes, half an hour or more, to dedicate time fully focussed to allowing concepts and ideas to be expressed is one I am keen to explore.

Next up, daily content creation will produce a sizeable body of work.

As I am a keen advocator (read: nerdishly enthusiastic) of up-cycling of scope for bundling/up-cyling/adding value to the work I am about to create.

I am keen to experiment, too, with how daily content creation will affect my business:

Will my readership grow?

Will I find more lovely people to join my tribe?

Will I feel a sense of prolific accomplishment, or simply reach a wall of idea generation burnout that needs to be overcome?

I plan to set myself the task (or intention, task seems so forced) to create content every single day and to document that process as part of my storytelling.

I will be sharing when I get stuck and why.

I will be sharing what works and why.


I will be showing you:

  • the challenges I face
  • how I re-charge my creative well when it becomes dry
  • how I work on days when I really don’t feel like creating content

… and of course the impact (if any) it has on my business, my followers and tribe, and the content creation process itself.

The content might be created on this blog, or it might be in the form of guest posts, other sites I write for, it might be visual, audio, or anything else which springs to mind.

I will be sharing the journey, the actual content that I create, and also some prompts for you to join in if you would like to do the same.

Now here is the thing  – bloggers do this ALL the time. They create content, they grow a family, this the heart of what they do. Biz bloggers don’t. The mainstay of activity is about running the business, with content creation coming as a second.

I want to challenge this, and look into how business bloggers can learn from the prolific content creation of the blogging community.

The hashtag, if you fancy following along, is #contentdaily.



Watch out on my Facebook page for prompts to do your own, and of course join the tribe for the in-group discussions too.

Let the journey commence!

Stay Super,

jo gifford

MobileGeddon: What You Need To Know About The New Google Algorithm Update

Algorithms matter – and this one is a small business crusher if you don’t pay attention, guys.

google algorithm update

Say What?

In short, this latest Google algorithm update means that mobile-friendly websites will be favoured over others.

What Is A Mobile-Friendly Website?

Mobile-Friendly sites have the following:

  • easy to click links

  • large text

  • responsive pages that re-size to fit whatever page they are viewed on.

So, mobile-friendly sites will be getting upgraded whilst non-mobile friendly sites will be getting the thumbs down in Google world.


Ok, I Get It – But Why?

Well, simply put, around 60% of website traffic is now on mobile devices.

Google wants people to have a good experience browsing sites, not to be struggling to scroll through sites that are hard to read.


What This Means For You

Firstly, as a small biz owner or online entrepreneur this is important stuff.

 A change in rankings means less visibility, less eyeballs on your stuff, and  – ultimately – less sales.

Ok, So What To Do?

Firstly, check if your site is mobile friendly.

If yes – HURRAH!

If not – ok, you have a little work to do.

Google have a super handy guide to get started.

google algorithm

I asked a couple of online biz friends and website designers for advice, so let’s hear from Gemma and Laura:

Updating your website doesn’t necessarily mean redesigning your site at great expense. If you’re not sure whether your site is ready – asking a well versed developer to advise on your mobile friendly status is a smart first move. From there you can make a plan to get your digital ducks in a row without disrupting your business. The great news is the unlike previous algorithm changes – this one updates in real time so if you do need to make changes, they’ll pay off quickly.
Laura Husson //


It is super, uber, mega important to understand that people visiting your site are PEOPLE. The kind of people who have grabbed a tablet to read that blog post you wrote while their dinner is cooking. People who suddenly remembered that they need to search for that amazing service you offer while they’re commuting. People who want to show their friends this amazing site they’ve found while out for drinks. People like you and me. And what pisses us off? Realising the site we’ve clicked on looks completely shonky in our mobile or tablet while simultaneously thinking, ” Jeez Louise, it’s motherhumpin’ 2015?!” It’s not enough to make your site responsive for Google, it’s about making your site *ACCESSIBLE* for people who live in 2015.
Gemma Regelado-Hawkey // Jane and Philbert 

Pin this post for later.


More information and handy links:

It’s Not Just Small Biz That Will Be Affected – The Big Boys Are Too

3 Tools To Help Prepare You For The Change

Everything You Need To Know + How To Adapt

Advice For Site Owners

How Brands Should Embrace The New Algorithm

7 Steps To Stay Mobile Friendly

Useful Infographic (via Inc)

How Will The New Update Affect Affiliate Marketing?

How To Prepare Landing Pages For The New Algorithm

How To Get Your WordPress Site Mobile Ready

Mobile Responsive Landing Pages From Instapage

Stay tuned for advice from web designers and SEO experts from the Divas and Dudes community,

You may also want to take a peep at The Definitive Guide To Visual Content.

Stay mobile + stay super!

jo gifford

4 Reasons To Outsource Before You Really Need To

4 reasons to outsource V2

The best time to consider outsourcing is actually before you feel ready to.

Outsourcing has really helped my business to grow

Without a doubt, one of the key factors in my business growth over the last year or so has been outsourcing and leveraging the time and expertise of other people.

As small business owners, we often walk that tricky path between wanting to save money and DIY it all ourselves, versus taking steps to grow.

Four reasons why you should outsource before you need to

In my experience, outsourcing before you really need to makes growth easier, and much faster. Heres’s why.

1) You let go of stuff you aren’t an expert in

It’s ok to not be good at everything (I promise). Letting go of stuff that makes you procrastinate/cry/drink in the day frees you up to work on what you do best. Working in your zone of genius will reap far more rewards than spending your time on tasks you just aren’t great at.

2) You get used to investing back in your business

Making the decision to start outsourcing is a big shift in mindset. It’s putting on the big girl boss lady pants and strutting your stuff. It’s making a stand for your next level, and it’s getting used to putting aside some money to reap rewards in your business.

3) You get more hours in the day

Time is a gift. By letting go of tasks that use up a lot of it, you gain more hours in the day to work on stuff that you love. Inevitably these will reap more financial success, as you are working at what you do best.

4) You’ll be ready for the next level of success

By putting your team in place you are ready for the next level of success, whatever that may look like to you.

Start with a few hours of help from a VA, perhaps. As you earn more and grow, add in more hours. Get help with your accounts and bookkeeping. Look around and see what other tasks you aren’t great at, and begin to let them go.

As Tim Ferriss of The Four Hour Work Week says, “It is not just about working smarter. It’s about building a system to replace yourself.”

Where to find the help you need

If you’re looking for a VA, a great way to find one is by recommendation. Ask other people in your networks who they use and recommend, and begin to connect with some potential candidates. You can also look on Odesk and Elance for assistants with skills in most areas of business.

FancyHands is an affordable, genius app that is like an army of VA’s in your smartphone. It has a desktop version, an iOS version, and links with Asana and your Gcal.

And Fiverr is a brilliant resource for Getting Stuff Done. I outsourced my video intros and podcast intro programme transcription to Fiverr, and have been amazed each time.

Start letting go – and gaining more time

As a small business owner it’s about weighing up when it’s cost effective to outsource, and my advice here is to let some tasks go before you feel truly ready, to get a taste for having more time while things get done for you.

Investing in your business also means you can leverage the expertise of people who are great at the stuff you aren’t.

As soon as you begin doing that, you add value to your business and will absolutely reap the rewards. I have a wishlist of expert help and mentor training and I am slowly working through it. And guess what – my business booms more each time I make that step!

Over to you – have you started to outsource in your business yet? What results have you seen so far?

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This post originally appeared on Talented Ladies Club.

Live the dream – and make sure it’s yours


The thing abut dreams is they change.

What we want in our teens, 20’s, 30’s and 40’s may well be different things.

The other thing about dreams is that, funnily enough, we can be prone to take on the dreams of other people.

Say whaaaaat?

Yip, without realising it, it is SO easy to get swept along by the tide of our friends, families, co-workers, colleagues – whoever – and we take on ideals as if they are our own.

This doesn’t lead to a happy bunny situation, normally (sorry, Buggs).


There is probably counselling involved, a lot of tears, a feeling of disconnect, probably anxiety, illnesses, and a lot of mixed emotions.

How do I know?


I have been there. And so, very probably, have you.

At the age of *cough* 38, I am living the dream.

I am living the dream of the life I want NOW.

But it took me a long time to realise it, accept it, and let go of the dreams of my 20’s.

I am sure I am not alone when I mention the word “checklist” – ring any bells? The list of things you would/should do by 25/30/40.

Mine included doing an MA (tick), buying a house (tick), having kids (tick), living in Barcelona (nope), travelling to Australia (nope), having my own business (tick).


When we create lists, we set up to fail.

C0ming from a list-a-holic this is a big AA moment; “Hey, my name is Jo and I have lists everywhere”. I am sure many of you  Type A’s will have a similar thing.

You should have seen the list of stuff I set up for myself as a new mum. As if being awake and dressed wasn’t enough, I was trying to learn Spanish whilst breast feeding in order to tick off that box. Madness. But then hindsight is always so damned focussed, isn’t it.

I am a HUGE fan of going after what you want, don’t get me wrong, but I love to go after a FEELING now rather than a checkbox (despite what my Bullet Journal brainstorms might say)

Danielle LaPorte Desire Map fans will recognise this as your core desire feelings, going after how you want to feel over what you want to have/be.

When you compare yourself to the dreams of others, or what others want for you, there is incongruence.

This could show up as illness, depression, anxiety and other physical and mental responses.

You could feel out of alignment, lost, useless, uncertain.

You could be lethargic, de-motivated, uninspired, lacking energy.


The hardest part is actually the easiest part, too.

Only YOU know what feels right, and what “living the dream” looks like for you, and specifically you.

For me, right now, living the dream looks like being here for my amazing daughters before and after school, being with them as much as possible to read, bake, create, chill out and be Mum.

It looks like working from home for myself.

It looks like going for walks and bike rides in the country.

10 years ago my dream was very different.  I was living that dream in East London, a vibrant life with friends and colleagues, partying, socialising, learning, growing, being.

My dream has changed and I have too.

I have swapped my inner hipster for a onesie. I am what some may think of as boring, (or what I prefer to think of as grounded.)

I am in this cycle of life, enjoying it, being present with it, and loving it.

As solopreneurs making sure you are congruent with YOUR dream is so important. After all, isn’t this why we chose this crazy life that makes and breaks you?


It can be all too easy to see others doing amazing things, but remember, the dream is theirs not yours (at least we hope it is).

Don’t feel the pressure of a dream that belongs to your partner, boss, parents, friends, sibling.

It’s ok to say no, and to only say yes when it’s a FUCK YEAH!

It’s ok to say no, and to only say yes when it’s a FUCK YEAH!

So, next time you go strive to live the dream check in with yourself – is the dream really yours?

I would love to hear below how you are living your dream, how you know when you are (or are not) congruent with your own dream, and what that looks like for you,

Tell me, awesome folks.

Stay super,

jo gifford




Work Smarter, Dream Bigger, Live Brighter #1a {podcast}

#divapod podcast

#divapod: interview with Joanna Hennon

So, the podcast came back! In a slightly new guise + in fitting with my new site, it’s called Work Smarter, Dream Bigger, Live Brighter.

Here in Episode 1, I interview the fabulous Joanna Hennon on her business, working with creative intuitive art over on Create Your World.

Listen to the Episode here on Podbean, here on iTunes + here on Stitcher radio (at the time of hitting publish here, Stitcher + iTunes are still updating, so bear with me), and of course you can listen via Soundcloud right here in the post below.


Show notes:
Joanna is on Create Your World  and on Twitter @joannahennon
I mention the Lucky Bitch Bootcamp, which can you can find over here.

Would YOU like to be a guest on my podcast? Drop me a line by email and introduce yourself, fabulous one!

Love and lilypads,


RIP Facebook? Whatsapp, Zuckerberg

RIP facebook?

According to a slew of sources of late, Zuckerberg’s empire is all going a bit My Space.

The paywall around getting posts and updates seen on the hoodied one’s all seeing eye has been controversial (and even then, businesses claim that fake “likes” are appearing).

Ok, so getting content seen is getting harder unless you play some clever strategies. So what else? Read more

Links of Love 14.02.2013



Hi guys, it’s February already?!


How has the New Year been treating you so far? If your January resolution’s have gone out the window – no worries…check out this Friday’s Links of Love for some inspiration…

  • Did 2014 get off to quite a hectic start? Find some balance here
  • The Everygirl is a website that has lots of lifestyle and career advice
  • How about some handy new apps?
  • Loving  this Youtube channel by TasteMade, especially the Raw.Vegan. Not Gross series.
  • What do you think about free consultations? See what the awesome Ash at the Middle Finger Project has to say.

So, settle down, get some reading done and enjoy your Frrrrrriday!

From me to you with love and chocolate covered smooches,



Fighting off the Winter blues with Alpro



Winter can be such a mood sucking vacuum.

I wrote recently on Lifehacker about staying productive on Winter and beating the blues, and as someone who can suffer from a little S.A.D I need to stay on top of my game nutritionally and activity-wise to make it through the season.

Alpro asked me to take part in a fabulous #alproam challenge, all about combatting winter blues by creating imaginative, healthy and immune system busting smoothies.

I LOVE to get creative with my smoothies, so I have been mixing up a storm in the mornings. If you have been following my instagram feed and Facebook profile, you will have seen the snaps of my creations as the challenge progressed last week.IMG_3482

I have been mixing up with Juice Plus protein powder, Alpro Almond Milk Unsweetened, maca powder peanut butter, spirulina, bananas, coconut milk, hemp powder, kale, apples, cacao, cinnamon and all sorts of goodies to kickstart my mornings. Read more

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