Win a place on July’s Blogging for Business Bootcamp

I am SO excited that the first ever Blogging for Business Bootcamp: Blog Boost Juice for a supercharged biz is now in session *opens champagne* WOOOOOOT!

And, we are all having SO MUCH FUN in the group, and learning SO much on the way.

Check out all about the Bootcamp right over here, where you can dive into all the awesome modules we cover, and the insane value for money for a whole month in the group.

You know a powerful blog makes your biz the shiz, hauling in traffic + sales + profit. But right now your blog’s looking puny and you need the best moves to whip it in to shape.

So, to celebrate the July session, win yourself a free place on my July Blogging for Business Bootcamp course.

I am running a photo contest, so I invite you to enter with an image along the theme of “bootcamp”, using the #bootcamp on instagram, twitter and Facebook.

Use the Rafflecopter entry to help you:
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Be as creative as you like, and enter as many times as you like.

I will announce the winner on Friday, 20th June at 7pm BST/2pm EST via my siteinstagramTwitter + FB.

When entering, tag me on Twitter + instagram with @dexdiva and use the #bootcamp. Enter on my Facebook page for your Facebook entry.

I am so excited to see your awesome entries, and I can’t wait to meet you in the bootcamp!

Love and lashings of ginger ale,

jo gifford

11 super smart business blogging hacks that will rock your world and your wallet

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Running a small biz means two things can often be short at times – those old favourites time and money.

Blogging for your biz is an essential part of your thang (and if it isn’t, it should be, folks!), so if the idea of finding time to blog is a little…


…here are some handy blogging hacks + tips to rock your online world, make blogging + time your bitches whilst keeping your budgets (+ sanity!) in check.

1. Use Fancy Hands for research

Outsource your research for your blog post to Fancy Hands, and you have immediate access to a whole army of virtual assistants to help you, usually within the hour. Ask them to ping you a Google Doc of references + resources, then step in to draft a post around quotes from resources. Add your personal magic for authenticity and style, and you will find a job is much much easier.

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2. Dictate to Evernote

Do you find it easier to flow when you are speaking?Have loads of ideas when you are out + about?

Boom, this is for you: dictate a blog post straight into the mobile app of Evernote and see your words transcribed immediately. How amazing is that? Sure, you will need to dip into the synced version of your app on your desktop and make some changes ( like I am doing right now on this post), but you can get a blog post DOWN in less than 5 minutes.

Alternatively, you can dictate into Evernote directly to your desktop computer,  save the audio file + send it to be transcribed over on Fiverr.

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3. Crowdsource a social discussion, baby!

Crowd source some opinions on Twitter and Facebook;  ask a question,  gauge the responses and embed those responses in the post (aka make your followers write your blogs for you. Muahahahaha).

Invite discussion by linking back to the original users when you pimp your posts, and they will also share with their peeps, a cunning plan to not only create a debate but also to reach more eyeballs. BAM!


4. Use smart research + roll up some great material to share in a link post

Use our buddy IFTTT to flow some lovely content straight to your swipe files, or stalk your Twitter lists for awesome posts from your niche/sector. Collate some key posts that you love and you know your audience will too;  use these posts in a bumper roundup information link pack post, and share via your social media (just like my Links of Love).

Tag the original content creators when you share, and see your post go wide whilst giving your audience fab reading fodder.

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5. Hire me! (muahahahaha)

Hire me for an espresso express blog boost to brainstorm three months of banging content ideas to keep your blog (+ your clients!) super happy.

Combine with earlier steps –  send to Fancy Hands to get some extra research links,  dictate into Evernote it and have your post written as you talk. Sweet.


6. Client interviews

Interview a few lovely clients and invite them to talk about their experience with you on Skype. Record the calls (I use Call Recorder for Skype), and you then have some options; you could embed the calls as a YouTube video, upload the audio to Sound Cloud, or have them transcribed on Fiverr.

Making a post from testimonials gives you sales fodder, true connection and endorsements, credibility, and of course blog content!


7. Speak Pipe Q&A

Install Speak Pipe and invite your audience to record their opinions and questions on a subject or topic. Send the audio for transcription on Fiverr and add your magic on the blog post to showcase your expertise in between the quotes.

Share it on social media and invite everybody who participated in the post for a bumper readership round up.

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8. Guest post slots

Offer a guest post slots for super smart content creation; open up some slots for other biz bloggers who would add value to your audience and who would also benefit from meeting your peeps online. Win win!



Use  to create a list of resources + products your audience will love. Embed the list as a post and BOOM. You are done.

10. Slideshare hit + run research

Raid Slideshare for some topic ideas that your audience would love, such as relevant themes, topics or news + add your personal spin for the magic.

For extra points, make slides of your new post and re-upload to Slideshare to get some more blog link juice. Niiiiiiice…..


11. News quotes + pundits

Grab a news article or post relevant to your niche as it flies around the web.  Quote the article, add  some embedded  tweets of reactions,  and add your magic in between the comments to showcase your authority, knowledge and superstardom.

I just got down with some some biz blog hacks from Diva

So there you have it! Some quick fire tips to make blogging for your biz a breeze.

Have you tried any of these tips? Share your posts in the comments below if you try some of the hacks out.

Love and loose leaf paper,

jo gifford






P.S // If you missed the first round of my all new Blogging for Business Bootcamp: Blog Boost Juice for a Supercharged Biz, stay tuned for the next round by signing up to my list (and get a pass to an awesome private Facebook group while you are at it).

Smart and Savvy Tech in 31 days #16 – Fancy Hands

Have you ordered that print? Phoned and confirmed your appointment? Cripes! You forgot to book your session and check availability of That Other Thing.

Juggling admin tasks as a solopreneur can take away all your juice as your endless to-do list grows and grows. It’s paralyzing and a little soul destroying…


Maybe you can’t yet take on a VA.

Maybe you just need some things OFF your list so you can do what you are best at, and/or go and do something FUN?


Enter your new BFF, FancyHands.

Fancy Hands is a super clever, affordable service that allows you to send tasks to a whole army of admin folks who are ready to jump on and sort you out. It’s super easy to use, and not only is there  an iPhone app version, but it also links with Asana so you can literally assign a task in Fancy Hands on Asana and consider it done (heaven!).

Fancy hands also pre-empts future stuff in your calendar that might need confirming, making your day a breeeeeze.

Less of this:

More of this:

The best bit is, it’s super affordable, so even if you aren’t quite Richard Branson with your biz yet, you will be able to afford it.

So, jump on over and give it a try. The link here is my referral link, just to be all super honest and stuff, but I use Fancy Hands all the time and think you might just like it too.

Now, go have some FUN!


What the f*** should you blog about anyway? + cheat sheets for biz

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So, feel like you have nothing to say on your biz blog?

Is time doing that thing where it runs out the door without you noticing a whole day has gone?

You are not alone.

If you ever feel frozen, bamboozled, and totally godamn STUCK for something to blog about, help is at hand *swings by on Tarzan rope*.

Maybe you think there is NOTHING TO SAY about your business (if so, why are you in business?!)

Maybe you think there is SO MUCH TO SAY and don’t know what your clients would want to hear.

Does it all feel a bit..

I hear both points of view SO often among my clients and community, and I feel your pain. It’s hard to run a business, to do all the shit you need to do, to keep those plates spinning as well as adding a blog to the mix.

It’s time to get this blogging content ogre under control. Ready for some cheats?

1. Blog less + promote more

This is the one that lets you off the hook. Blog less, and promote more is the mantra for busy business owners, and something I wrote about back in the Help I don’t have time to blog series.

So, even one post a month (break it down into 15 minutes a week if that still feels too much as a task) will be better than nothing. Over a year that’s still 12 posts of content that you can re-air and share, and pull out quotes from to make lovely visuals.

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2. Link posts are super valuable to your audience

Link posts of valuable content are the time starved biz blogger’s goldmine. One of my most popular posts, Creative self-employment round up + download was super popular because it was a bumper edition of posts for super added value.

People like extra bang for their time buck, and they looooove convenience. So, round-up some useful links (hint, they don’t even have to be YOURS), and you have a post ready to rock.


3. Think in stories

Think about what your ideal client wants to hear, what content would they find valuable to read and come to you for? How can you showcase your awesomeness in a story?

Weave some narrative into a post around what you do, and you have an engaging story that is human, authentic, shareable, and rockin’.

(check out the AWESOME Ash from The Middle Finger Project for more on this).


4. Think around the service/products you offer

Sure, we need to know ultimately what you do and what you sell, but think around that for a moment. Consider client profiles, the story of your product(s), behind the scenes type posts, informative how to’s and added value blog series; opinion pieces, discussion pieces and the like.

There is SO much more to blog about that you realise.


5. Swipe it, baby!

When you see a blog title or whole post that you really love, swipe it, baby! I use Evernote to grab examples of posts that rock – you can then interrogate what works, why it works, and use your cheeky swipe files as brain juice fodder for your next posts.


6. Cheat!

So, you are really, super stuck for ideas? Cheat!There are some really handy blog post title generators that may help get your grey matter into gear.

Here are a couple that may help:

So, what really bugs you in thinking of idea for your blog? What gets your procrastinating like a plant watering, house hoovering fiend? Let us know in the comments below.

jo gifford






P.S I am running a beta group for my new service, Blogging for Business Bootcamp, with trés limited spaces. Want in? Here ya go >>

Smart + Savvy Tech in 31 days #15: Selz

So, you want to sell shit. Nice work.

You can either bugger about with Paypal buttons / plugins / codes which will requires coffee / chocolate / tears….

flynn breaking bad bullshit

OR, do yourself a massive favour and check out Selz.

It goes pretty much like this:

Add an item, upload a picture, add a description, a price, and BOOM! You have a new item in your inventory.

Screenshot 2014-04-23 09.46.53


You can now add this baby as a widget in your sidebar, or add the whole shop to your website page in one easy code + paste move. Allow me to usher you into my shop by way of example…*dracula laugh*.

So, do you want the easy way or the hard way? As I thought…






P.S. Yes, this post is massively late. :) But hey, I was making this lovely new site. So do forgive me.

P.P.S none of this series are sponsored posts, I am just sharing the stuff I use.

Where is the ooh, the ahh, the la la la? + why customer service rocks

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Buying stuff should be an amazing experience.

The whole process from start to finish, from enquiry to handover should rock, make you tingle with anticipation and, most of all, it should make you feel SPECIAL.

In short, buying stuff should make you feel like queen for the day (crown optional, although often found in Casa Diva).*

If you aren’t offering your clients and customers that experience, that feeling of wanting to come back for more, well, you suck. Sorry.

Ok, so it’s fine to throw it out there, but what does feeling special actually look like? How is that emotion triggered, what makes buying so much fun? Let’s dive into this and see which elements can take a sales experience from “meh” to “aw yeeeeeah!”: Read more

How to stop clients making you miserable (hint: it’s not them, it’s you)

pssst! Don’t want to read all this? I have a sonic boom for you to listen to instead at the bottom

I am sure as business folk we have all encountered clients of the  – shall we say – challenging variety.

Ok, let’s be honest:

– clients that you would rather slowly eat your own eyeballs than pick the ‘phone up + call them.

-clients whose very email addresses in your inbox make you shudder.

-clients whose lack of integrity, respect and general goddam niceness make you long for the safety of the 9 to 5 cattle train.

In my previous lives as a designer, design manager, copywriter and such, I have encountered my fair share (+ you may recognise some yourself in this hall of fame).

The non-payers, the shouty-sweary-bossy-bitchy type; the “I pay you so I OWN YOU ALL THE DAMN TIME” type . Gawd bless ’em they have all crossed my path.

Thank all things holy as I have grown up more in biz + the pressure to pay the rent is less tangible and positively acrid in the air, I have a few more grey hairs of wisdom on that front.

So, if a client  currently has you in a head-desk loop scenario read on, I got some news for you, kiddo.


You have the wrong clients.


Did you know that not everyone is for everyone? You are letting the wrong people into your area of awesome and it’s making you die inside every day.

Their demands don’t fit the way you roll, and it’s making you both resent this relationship and someone has to do the break up before it ends in acrimonious divorce.


Bad attitude results in bad service from you, a bad experience for them, and a downright miserable time had by all.

By working with people who rub you up the wrong way you don’t perform at your stellar best. You dread your working day and feel miserable all the damn time.

That surely isn’t what you had in mind when you quit the cubicle, eh?


So, let’s go on a mission to find Mr Right.

Or Mrs/Ms/whatever they may be. You get the idea.

The first thing to take home and keep is that the sooner you value yourself + your work, the sooner the RIGHT peeps who “get” you will rock up in droves. Read more

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