The Green Eyed Monster: Intimidation, Jealousy + Your Biz

When I was a little girl I loved reading The Garden Gang books.

If you were a 70’s/80’s child like me you may remember them too, check them out>>


The stories were simple tales about a group of garden vegetables who hung out, and they were published by Ladybird.

Even back then, at the age of 6 or 7, I was aware that the little girl who wrote them had achieved something I hadn’t yet.

The face of Jayne Fisher smiled at me on the back cover of these books, and that feeling of green eyed monster stirred somewhere in my psyche.

She had published a book. Not just one, but a WHOLE SERIES!

And what I had I done, eh? Psssht.


As it happens, I did start my first business at the age of 8, but still, I had been outdone.  Jayne Fisher and her smug smile had the upper hand.

This feeling of being out done, of not being good enough is something we as entrepreneurs come up against during our journey.

I will admit I have felt the pangs of jealousy too, despite my own successful business, and it’s part of being human and ambitious I think.


Doubt will come and niggle.

You might feel useless.

You might stay playing small instead of spreading your wings and risking failure.


The online communities in which I frequent has had a buzz around the INCREDIBLE recent launch success of the lovely Kimra Luna; so much so, in fact, that a blog post was doing the rounds to dispel the myths (and jealous glances) around her launch.

Intrigued to hear how others feel about watching our peers rise to the top, I reached out to some Divas and Dudes for their thoughts:

“Not afraid to admit that yes I get insanely jealous sometimes! It’s nothing to do with the person in question but more that I see them doing something I know I could EASILY teach myself so I start to think – why not me? I should be making good money like that etc etc. I usually end up paralysed by fear of being called a copycat if I offer my own take on the same type of product and that’s where I usually get caught. I think it’s just learning to accept that the higher you position yourself you’ll always get haters and as long as what I’m offering is authentically me then that’s all that matters.”

“Seeing others succeed gives me hope that I can get there too. Although, I have to admit, sometimes it can be challenging to avoid the green-eyed monster around those people that seem to have the perfect life, with opportunities with seemingly no effort. But those entrepreneurs that acknowledge their struggles and come out on top anyway? They are my inspiration. ”
Daire Paddy

“I definitely get the biz green monster, but I realise that any kind of jealously is because someone else’s achievements are pressing on one of my issues if that makes sense! Usually when I feel jealous it’s because I’m missing something in my biz, or because I’m not confident enough in what I’m doing. Something that has really helped me is focusing on my own version of success, often I find myself getting the green monster for things that I wouldn’t even want in reality!”

“I do, [get the green eyed monster],  but I see it as a positive thing as it helps me to focus on my goals by reaffirming what it is that I want to achieve and I celebrate those successes as real examples of what is possible. I do have to be measured about it though, as sometimes it can all lead to a bit of overwhelm in terms of a crisis in confidence and feelings of am I good enough.”

“Nope. I get the OMGosh, that is so fantastics!!!! It fuels the fire to know that with the right perseverance, talent, desire, and tenacity to succeed, this online marketing world absolutely works!” Anon

“Of course I get green-eyed about others’ success from time to time. Anyone says that they don’t, at least for a second or two, is in denial at best, and possibly delusional. It’s a natural, human emotion, and there’s no need to suppress it. Suppressing and denying so-called “bad” emotions is rampant in the women business communities, and it’s keeping us all down. Just say, “Hello, Old Friend, where can we go from here?” and use it to inspire your own success.  I’m currently in a group where most people make several million dollars a year. In fact, I make the LEAST of anyone in the room. We all openly talk about both rooting for one another and occasionally getting a smidge jealous. We know it’s part of human nature. We laugh about it, cry about it, and hug one another through it together. And then we all go out to do and be the very best that we can be. ”
Michelle Amethyst Mahoney,  Spiritual Badass

” I am so happy when I see a fellow entrepreneur succeed, for I am confident about my own ability to make my biz work for me.” Anon

So, do you ever feel the burn of the green eyes? Do you have the Garden Gang gripes about being pipped to the post?

Here is my advice:

– Remember that everyone starts somewhere (even the biggies).

– If it’s really an issue for you, just get out of groups/emails for a bit and revel in your own awesome creations.

– Talk it out with your coach/mentor/mastermind group.

– Use the success of another to make you realise that’s possible, and re-focus your energy and attention towards YOUR biz.


Let’s lose the intimidation and jealousy and rock on with your own story.



I am enough. Losing the green eyed monster with @dexdiva


Stay Super,



5 Ways Storytelling Brings Sales + Staying Power


Storytelling for solopreneurs is an essential component of connecting with clients.

We tell stories through social media, through our newsletters, our visuals, and our blog content.

Making that connection with clients, both past, present, and future, is at the heart of making sales.

Creating value, establishing authority and increasing visibility, are all part of the picture.

So, what is it about storytelling that brings in the sales?


1) Connection

Content creation, when done well, allows the reader to connect with what you offer as a business owner.

Use language that resonates with your ideal client and addresses key points they are seeking to solve.

How do you know what that language is? Read your blog comments, watch how they interact on Facebook, send ’em a survey. Watch, listen, observe.

2) Engagement

Invite engagement with your content to allow potential clients to join in a conversation.

Invite debates and discussion by:
– Telling stories about your clients and results;
– Posing questions;
– Asking for comments and opinions.

Allow your online presence to engage with your audience by allowing a conversation to take place.

Inviting interaction makes it easier to feel approachable, to find out the needs your audience have, and to create products that solve their problems.

It’s like giving them what they already told you they need….boom!

3) Authority

Storytelling online is an essential part of establishing authority in your work and your niche

Showcase your expertise by creating posts that tease your future clients.

By allowing an insight to how you work, inevitable sales come from wanting more.

4) Value

Create content to provide value to your audience and clients.

Posts that help us to learn, improve, and solve problems empower your followers to want more; after all, they already know how you work and have bought into your approach.

5) Trust

Trust is a powerful part of making the decision to invest in a product or programme, and creating that trust online takes the legwork out of relationship building.

Share stories of behind the scenes insights, your client results and how you work.

Building authority and showcasing value helps your audience to trust you implicitly and reach for the “Add to cart” button.


 Storytelling, sales + staying power with @dexdiva 

Want to know more about using language and content creation for sales?

Bootcamp is for you!

Stay Super,


This post originally appeared on the awesome Rebecca T Dickson’s site.

When Jo Met Denise DT: 5 Reasons Being A Lucky Bitch Changed My Life

lucky bitch

I first heard of Denise Duffield Thomas last May.

The “Lucky Bitch” book was getting rave reviews, her money mindset movement was sweeping the Facebook corners in which I lurk, and I wanted a piece of that action.

I grabbed her book on Kindle and devoured it.

I longed to join her Bootcamp as I knew money blocks were holding me back, yet of course what was the thing that stopped me?

Yup, money.

I did make the leap, and alongside other investments and upgrades last year, Denise DT’s Lucky Bitch Bootcamp was hugely instrumental in moving my business forward and shifting my mindset around money.

When Denise came to London, I had to be there.

Lucky Bitch live was every bit as inspiring as I had hoped. Plus, I got to get a copy of the book signed by the DDT herself *cue stalker picture*



Denise is down to earth, funny, friendly, spending the evening with like minded entrepreneur ladies and a cocktail or two is never a bad way to while away an evening.

Unblocking my money stories and becoming a Lucky Bitch has changed my life.

Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Dealing with the old money stories
We all have them! Getting them cleared and GONE is powerful.


2. Making incremental upgrades
Learning how to energetically step into the next level of income in increments is key to expanding your wonga power.


3. Hang out with millionaires
Hanging out with people who are earning lots of money is inspiring, and makes it all feel possible (‘cos it IS).


4. Knowing the attraction starts with me
I can now FEEL when I am out of alignment with money. If I am not in the right mindset, the money stops. Being attuned to that is incredible.


5. Freedom!
Freedom means many things to different people. For me it means being able to work how I want to, when I want to. To look after my family and buy what we need. To travel, to treat people we love. To upgrade our lives (in increments, of course!).

Find out more about Denise and grab a free sample of her Get Rich, Lucky Bitch! book here.

Have you read her book or taken part in the Bootcamp? I would love to know how it has changed your life and biz.

Pin this post for later.

Stay Super,


Why It’s Ok To Blow Your Own Trumpet Online (And How To Avoid The Cringe Factor)

blow your own trumpet

Do you cringe when you see an entrepreneur sharing a testimonial online?


Does your skin crawl when yet another business owner screen shots an email of thanks and shares it all over Facebook?


This is the cringe factor. And I have got some news for you – it’s not about them, it’s YOU.


I love to share quotes and stories of my clients who have increased their followers on Pinterest and found a new channel for sales; I share feedback from clients who are thrilled they bought a blog boost and are relieved that their content is now planned out for a year; I am always keen to share how a Bootcamper has boosted their business by working on their blog.


In fact I do more than that.


I create images of the quotes and testimonials.

I pin them to boards and share them to my social media.

I use them on my sales pages.

I use them in Facebook groups to promote my products.


So hell yes, I am all about the horn tootin’, self pimpin’ vibe.


But, what about telling everyone how great you are? Isn’t that, icky? Tacky? Narcissistic?


Well, no.

“Sharing testimonials and results of clients is part of marketing and providing tangible results”

When this topic of discussion came up in the Divas and Dudes community, I not only saw this as a great blog post subject (always on the lookout, *winks*), but it reminded me how far I have come.


It’s only recently that I have felt really comfortable sharing the results people thank me for.


I now feel absolutely fine about it, and make it a strong part of my marketing.


However, I haven’t always been this way.


The subject of being visible and vulnerable online is something all of us online entrepreneurs tackle at some point in our journey of growth.


As your audience grows, your name is known and your raving fans do what they do best, it becomes harder and harder to hide.

“Dealing with the mindset of being visible is a major part of your personal AND business development.”

For me, I rarely think about how visible I am. However, from time to time the fear can strike (no-one is totally infallible!), and I step into the feeling to deal with it head on.


As my confidence has grown, as my results for clients have got bigger and better, over time that confidence blossomed.


So. If you feel icky about seeing some self promo? It’s not them. It’s you.


What do you feel about self promo? Do you cringe? Are you happy about blowing your own trumpet online? Share with us below!

It’s not them, it’s you. Non cringy promo with @dexdiva

2014: learning curves and my toolkit from an amazing year

At the start of 2014 I knew I wanted to inspire people, to work with people, to up my game and develop my programmes and services.

As we close 2014, I am on track for 6 figures next year.

So I reckon it was a good year, eh.

2014 has been the biggest jump in my business success in the 9 years I have been self employed.

learning curves

I am nearer my dreams than ever before, I am at the point now that I always imagined getting to, and I feel like it’s only just begun.

So, as we all do the reflection and forward planning thing, these are my biggest takeaways from 2014.

1. Invest in yourself

No matter how small, start making those incremental investments to get you where you want to be. Whethet it’s an e-book, audio course, e-course or group mentoring do as much as you can when you can to take your business forward.

Each time I have made the investment in my business it has been a real stretch. I have placed my faith in investing money in my business and in myself, and each and every time it has paid back over and over. Not only that, but in each training group I have met fabulous people, many of who have become clients.



2. Deal with your money blocks

Mindset is a huge, HUGE part of your success. We all have money stories, reasons which our subconscious harbours to fear success. Dealing with these unlocks your ability to get to where you want to be.

Denise Duffield Thomas and her Get Rich Lucky Bitch Bootcamp was (and is!) really instrumental in this process for me and I can’t recommend it highly enough.


3. Don’t get bogged down with “busy”

Being busy isn’t necessarily productive, and is counter intuitive for focus and the creativity that makes you the genius that you are.

Outsource when and where you can, don’t work as much as you think you “should” or need to, and take time out to refresh your inner genius.


4. Focus on the future and how you want to feel

Keep reminding yourself why you are doing this self-employed thing, and stay in tune with what you really want. Of course our lady Danielle La Porte is all about CDF’s (core desire feelings), and it’s such a simple yet effective change to make – think about how you want to FEEL, and if you aren’t feeling like it, work out why and make a change.


5. Stay in your awesome (even when it gets tough)

No journey to improvement is without self doubt on the way and some pitfalls as we learn and grow. There may well be times when you doubt your abilities, when you wonder if you can really do it. Find people who lift you up, who know how fabulous you are, and more importantly, learn to know yourself well enough to get out of any funk.


6. Make sure you do it your way

There are many gurus, teachers and mentors, but the only way that will work for you is YOUR own way. Only you know how your want your life to look, the things you do want to do and the things you don’t. Take time to be with yourself, meditate, create and be sure that you are chasing your own dream, not someone else’s.

Next year I have some REALLY exciting things in the pipeline and I am just so excited about what is coming.

What have been your biggest takeaways? Let us know in the comments below.


Stay super,

jo gifford






My training toolkit from 2014:

I started off with Leonie Dawsons 2014 planner,(grab the 2015 version here), and hit my goals within one week. Then, I progressed to her Amazing Biz and Life Academy.*

By April I was working with Becca Tracey in Uncage Your Biz, which helped me to launch Bootcamp.

After that sold out for the beta test, I got Judith Morgan on board and I also joined Get Rich Lucky Bitch* with Denise Duffield Thomas.

Next up was phenomenal coaching from the indomitable Becky Dickson, then the fabulous Ellen Ercolini and partner in implementation sessions from the amazing Brandy Morris.

I joined Sally Hope’s Wildheart Revolution, and I took part in Joanna Hennon’s Dreamboard December.


* denotes links which are affiliate links which means I benefit if you buy from them. However, I don’t recommend things I haven’t used or don’t believe in 😉 

Running A Business On A Budget: Tips + Resources

Whether you are just getting started on you are a little way down the line of your entrepreneurial awesomeness, keeping those goddam overheads low, low LOW is key in making some actual monies.

Here are some of my key resources to make your money go further, to save you costs, and to help accelerate your business faster than you can say Brandon. Or Forleo. Or whoever lights your fire.

running a business on a budget

So – here are some of affordable resources for running a business on a budget.


Mailchimp is your list building friend when you are starting out. Cheaper than it’s competitors, Mailchimp packs a powerful punch when it comes to automating workflows for ecourses and follow ups. It’s easy to use, it’s free up to 2,000 subscribers, you can drag and drop emails to make them look fab – what’s not to like?



Giffgaff is the jedi of phone deals. For just £10 a month, I get 500 minutes of calls, unlimited texts, and 1GB of data which covers all I need to run my biz from the iPhone.

The snag is you will need to buy your ‘phone yourself, but the money you save makes this well worth it. If you are out of contract, giffgaff is a lifesaver for phone bills.

Fancy Hands*

As business grows there are so many tasks that take up time when they just don’t need to. I have been using Fancy Hands for about a year and adore them.

FancyHands is a virtual team of assistants who can deal with all sorts of queries from making appointments for you, research, changing your schedule, finding travel details, hotels, train times, you name it they can do it.

And fast.

This is a really affordable way to start to outsource and to leverage other peoples’ time when you are starting to invest in your biz. I still use them despite having a growing Team Diva behind me, as there are many tasks it’s not worth paying a higher rate for my VA or assistants to do, but still need doing. Also, for personal admin and research it’s super helpful (as many mums know, having kids at school can be a part time job managing the bake sale/school play requests alone!).


Cafés and co-working spaces

One of the things about working from home is missing the interaction with other, actual, 3-d people.

I adore my home office (I certainly don’t miss commuting on sweaty, jam packed trains), and I love the flexibility of it all. However, I do need to GET OUT a few times a week in order to maintain a level of sanity.

In the past I have been a member of lovely London members clubs and private VIP jobbies which are fab, but not needed when you are just starting out.

Cafés are great for just re-connecting with people and a buzz of life. I also love to use the Regus Business Lounges with super fast wi-fi and Think Pods to work in. There are some great co-working places around, too – I long for Super Super to open a place in Cambridge – so choose what kind of vibe you need and have a couple of locations up your sleeve to maintain non hermit status.

I tend to need different environments depending on the type of work I am on at the time. If I am likely to yell anytime someone breaks my concentration, I need someone quiet and undisturbed. If I need the buzz of people as I jam out ideas in my Bullet Journal I go for a different vibe.

So,  save money on an “office” (after all, isn’t that why we went self-employed, to escape the cage?) and shake up your locations.



As many of you who know my work will be aware, IFTTT is one of my workflow faves. This is a FREE resource that will save you so much time on just so many things.

Whether you have started to outsource tasks or not, IFTTT will save you time (and money) by making things that you already use work smarter. So, archive your tweets, make research come to you, automatically re-post across networks – the possibilities are endless.



When I first started out in business, connecting with a client for an hour meant a whole day out from work.

It required a train ticket, lunch and snacks out, extended childcare, costs for a meeting room and all sorts. So you are talking easily £250 sometimes just to meet for a catch up, plus a day’s work not completed.

Now then.

Skype is your friend. Clients across the world can talk to me (and you!) immediately, face to face, and at a time that suits you both. No need for travel/childcare/a day out from work. Nope.

Skype is free, it’s awesome and it’s a gateway to global business should you require it.



Speaking of meetings, meet your new friend Calendly.

Stop with the back and forth “does this day work”, emails that make you bang your head against the wall. It’s just EASIER – it looks lovely, it syncs with your Google Calendar and there is a free plan available too for limited event settings.

I use Calendly to book my podcaast interviews, client meetings, and also for my Mini Mentor Sessions with which I have also incorporated a Paypal workflow into the booking. EASY!

Everything Google

Don’t pay for Microsoft Office packages. Please.

Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Mail power up most things in the Team Diva workflow alongside Slack and Dropbox), and they are FREEE, FREEEEEE I tell you! Not only that, but you can jazz them up to have even more super powers with Zapier, IFTTT and other snazzy plugins.

Share these tips with your peeps! >>

@dexdiva is sharing her tips for running a business on a budget
How do you save money with your business? Share the love in the comments below!
Stay super,
jo gifford
* Giffgaff and FancyHands links here are affiliate links, so I will benefit if you use my links above.  I do absolutely recommend them 100% openly and honestly, but you just need to know, y’all.

Instagram marketing for solopreneurs

Visual is where it’s at, baby.

instagram marketing

Waaaaay back in time I spoke about visual marketing being important.

Guess what. It’s now EVEN MORE important.

In our increasingly over-texted online world, the power of the visual is strong.

Feeling strong?

Ok, never fear I have plenty of resources (as you might imagine!).

❤ Check out Canva’s brand new instagram design function to get all designer-y without spending 3 years at uni like the rest of us suckers 😉

❤ I wrote about 11 ways to use instagram for business right here 

❤ Social Media Examiner share their tips in these posts

Case study: using instagram for business with Girl Gone International

❤ Tips on designing instagram pics and getting creative here

❤ 10 apps to boost your instagram images here;

❤ Fast Company tell us why marketers love instagram and Pinterest


Of course, instagram is a super power all on it’s own, but how about we charge it up even more?

Yep, you could:

❤ create an IFTTT recipe to post your instagram images as native Twitter pics

❤ pin your pics to Pinterest and make your visuals go further.
(see more tips on Pinterest here, here and here)

❤  make your blog posts go much further by re-purposing quotes and facts as instagram images (then post them across your other social networks).


To boost your Instagram efforts and make your brand stalkworthy, the awesome Jenn Scalia and I have teamed up to bring you the Visual Social Academy, a one-week immersion into all our visual social media expertise to really kickstart your biz efforts on one of the most powerful channels around.

Jenn is a relationship coach and just happens to have a HUGE following on instagram of 25k plus engaged users. So, we put her instagram marketing superpower alongside mine, added a shake of my working smarter fairy dust and created something super special.

Click here to grab your spot.

Are you using instagram for business?

Leave your username in the comments below and let’s SEE you!

Stay super,





What to do when you think you are useless as an entrepreneur

Sometimes, running your own business can be a crazy roller coaster ride and frankly,  we just want to get off.

Whilst the life of an entrepreneur is rewarding, fulfilling, self-directed, ever-evolving and limitless financially, it is also full of challenges – not least, the challenge of the mindset.

Doubt kicks in and the vision can seem so far away.

The thing with business – and particularly online business –  is that by sticking our heads above the trenches we are vulnerable. That vulnerability comes from potential criticism (a sure sign of growth, by the way); it comes from a financial vulnerability (what if no-one buys my stuff?!) and it comes from a place of self validation.

Working alone as a solopreneur means there are no pats on the back after an awesome brainstorm, no validation from colleagues on that amazing piece of coverage you just got, and no certainty of pay at the end of the month, either.

I will be honest here.  I have had more days than I care to tell you sobbing into my chocolate (always dark, always Green and Blacks), worrying about my next step and convincing myself I am useless.

10 MINUTE (6)

It’s not that I don’t think I am valuable and capable, I do.

It’s that sometimes maintaining the mindset of a successful entrepreneur can be challenging, especially when one’s value is not always reflected in that there bank account.

There is  HUGE amount to be said here on manifesting money, the size of your income being the size of your faith and all that awesome stuff; I am not the expert in financial abundance and manifestation, so I adore the work of Denise Duffield Thomas whose bootcamp helps me deal with that stuff.

I think that self belief and the journey towards long term success in every form is a personal pilgrimage and inner voyage to unblock limiting beliefs.

Each of us will come at it from a different perspective and personal history, and we each have our own obstacles to deal with.

Whilst inner work is a personal exploration on many levels there are some practical actions to take when the meltdown hits. In that moment of self-doubt, in those dark times of wanting to throw it all in there are some simeple steps you can take to get back on your saddle with confidence.

1. Look back and see how far you have come

Take a moment to reflect just how far you have come. Think about what you would tell yourself now if you were starting out, and consider just how much you have learned.

Experience is vital, and it just can’t be hacked.


2. Re-find your flow and re-connect with your brilliance

Let me shout out to the awesome Brandy Morris, my partner in implementation for kicking up the butt on this one (even very early in the morning in Canada whilst I am in afternoon GMT meltdown).

What can you do, right now, that reminds you of who you are and what you do best?

Can you record a podcast, create a blog post, brainstorm a new offering, or jump onto Skype with a client?

Whatever it is, re-connect with what you do best and that self belief will kick back in. I promise.

2. Remember that everyone starts somewhere.

Of course that phrase “don’t compare your beginning to someone elses’s middle” is good to remember, but I like to look back at some of the big guns before they hit the top (jump here to have a nosey).

See? Don’t you feel better now?


3. Get out

Stepping away from the machine is an absolute must at times like this.

There is nothing worse than staring at the computer, willing sales to happen and smearing your screen with tears, tissues and ice cream residue.

I need to send a grateful nod to my awesome coach Judith Morgan on this one, who guided me to get out.

Go off and do something else, something wonderful, nature, drive, walk, swim, sleep, meditate, play with the minis etc., and expect your miracle to turn up while you are gone. Judith Morgan

Every time I step away and just let stuff happen it works. I come back to an inbox of sales, new enquiries, or a random connection that I could never have imagined. The universe works in mysterious ways and we need to let go to let it rock that stuff out.

4. Tap it out

I adore EFT, and turn to it whenever I feel overwhelmed, under confident or just generally crappy. There are some brilliant resources on You Tube  (Brad Yates is an excellent place to start), so get tapping, clearing and unblocking.

Tap on whatever you are feeling in that moment. My scripts tend to be along the lines of :

“Even though I will never be successful, I completely love, honour and respect myself”;

“Even though I am useless I completely love, honour and respect myself”;

“Even though I don’t know what I am doing”……and so on.

It’s not for everyone but hey, it might be worth a go.


5. Ground yourself with people who love you for YOU

When you feel like an utter failure, call in your support team of family and friends for a beer/coffee/pep talk. These people know you for who you are, love everything about you and don’t care if you haven’t sold out your latest programme.

Get real, remind yourself that life goes on outside of business, and re-connect with people.


6. Connect with people who understand

Whenever these moments hit, I love to head over to a rant (or a rambling over share) in my mastermind groups and let it all out. Sharing that emotion and standing in that self doubt makes it easier to see it for what it is – a passing feeling.


7. Store your love letters

Storing glowing testimonials, messages of thanks and appreciation in Evernote or similar creates an easy way to dive in and remind yourself how much people have appreciated your work and skills in the past.

Have a sift through and remind yourself of your awesomeness. It works wonders.

I also have a daily recurring task in my To Doist (I am cheating on my Bullet Journal at the moment) which says “Remind yourself you are awesome, and charge your worth”. It helps.

I am kicking my doubt to the curb with @dexdiva

How do you deal with doubt as an entrepeneur? Who, or what, do you turn to?

Let’s have it in the discussion below!

Stay super – because you ARE super.

jo gifford





P.S feel free to stick this blog post in my face the next time I have a wobble.

Pinteresting tip: How I got thousands of followers in under a week



I adore Pinterest.

Since the addictive platform rocked up in 2010 amid the cheers of every blogger, crafter, wedding organiser and foodie, life has never been the same.

Visual imagery has so much impact on the way we communicate online.

Amid thousands of updates flung at us from everywhere – around the twittersphere, Zuckerberg Faceland and the big G+, instagram and everywhere in-between –  we tune out of text.

Visual is where it’s at, baby.

10 MINUTE (4)

Pinterest has been a strong part of my blogging strategy for a while.

Most of my posts have a Pinterest-friendly image to accompany them, and as part of my automatic post scheduling flow I make sure my posts get pinned, hashtagged and shared


I make sure that Pinterest gets my attention in my 10 minute blog workouts, and every now and again I pop in to add more pins, clear up some board, re-pin and collate a themed board.

Pinterest is usually high in my Google Analytics as a traffic referral source for my site, so I know the importance of the pin.

Just last week I received an unexpected email from the guys at Pinterest, saying my boards have been selected to be featured as a recommended profile to follow.



Less that a week later, my followers have jumped by 3,500 (and counting), and Pinterest is now the second referral source of overall traffic to this site (the first being organic searches, hurrah for Google!) and number one source from social media referrals.

This has meant a huge boost in my traffic, sign ups and people who have now found me here online (oh, and if you haven’t yet, you can find me here on Pinterest).


Now, even if this doesn’t happen to you, you can absolutely make the mighty pin work for you and your blog with some quick tips:

1. Make every blog post “pinnable”

Basically, use an image that clearly says what the blog post is, and use that to pin your post to relevant boards. If you are stuck for image creation, my Smart Bloggers Guide to Original Imagery can help you here.)


2. Pin regularly

Even if it’s a few minutes per week, show your face on Pinterest. Remember, 10 minutes is all it takes to effectively grow your biz online in manageable chunks.


3. Make your boards interesting

Create boards with themes, or relevant topics to your audience. Extra points for making the covers interesting too.


4. Use the power of the hashtag

Whilst I am not a #fan of #hashtagging the #life out of everything we #write, a relevant hashtag on Pinterest can go a long way when pinning your posts. USe relevant keywords that might be searched for, and add to the description area.


5. Use the description area to your advantage

The description area is so often overlooked. Hands up if you have just re-pinned and not altered it – I have!

So, when re-pinning something, use that area to add your OWN hashtags, comments and value; people may just find your pin and follow your stuff.


6. Use Pinterest with Twitter

If my RSS workflows with Pinterest freak you out, the simple act of checking the box when re-pinning something and sending to Twitter can really boost your boards. Remember, if someone finds one pin of yours, Pinterest makes it easy to help someone follow your boards.


So, have you used Pinterest much for your blog and business? Share your profile in the comments below so we can all follow your awesomeness in pin form and get some pinteresting inspiration from each other.

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