Smart + Savvy tech in 31 days #17: Hemingway app

Do you remember that little paper clip icon in Microsoft Word?

Annoying little fucker; jumping in to write a letter for you, telling you something was spelt wrong and sticking his goddamn oar in left right and centre.

Whatever happened to him?

clippy microsoft

Anyway. Times move on.

Word processing evolves (and I think they also stopped calling it “word processing” when Kylie’s hair went straight and 1k of RAM stopped being plugged in as a gargantuan brick).

Yes, I am that old that I own a ZX Spectrum ’81.

So, without our paper clip friend, we have a few options available as far as free resources go.

Google Docs is a mainstay in my biz for sharing, research, and collaborating with Team Diva.

But there is a new kid on the block, y’all. Enter… Hemingway.

I am writing this right now in Hemingway app.

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 09


It kindly lets you know when your words are getting hard to read, where and how you can simplify your ramblings, and does so in a very friendly, colourful manner.

Much more polite than that frickin’ paperclip I can assure you.

Check your word count, your use of adverbs, and streamline your content with a refreshingly large font size to boot.

Have you checked out Hemingway yet?

jo gifford

Smart and Savvy Tech in 31 days #16 – Fancy Hands

Have you ordered that print? Phoned and confirmed your appointment? Cripes! You forgot to book your session and check availability of That Other Thing.

Juggling admin tasks as a solopreneur can take away all your juice as your endless to-do list grows and grows. It’s paralyzing and a little soul destroying…


Maybe you can’t yet take on a VA.

Maybe you just need some things OFF your list so you can do what you are best at, and/or go and do something FUN?


Enter your new BFF, FancyHands.

Fancy Hands is a super clever, affordable service that allows you to send tasks to a whole army of admin folks who are ready to jump on and sort you out. It’s super easy to use, and not only is there  an iPhone app version, but it also links with Asana so you can literally assign a task in Fancy Hands on Asana and consider it done (heaven!).

Fancy hands also pre-empts future stuff in your calendar that might need confirming, making your day a breeeeeze.

Less of this:

More of this:

The best bit is, it’s super affordable, so even if you aren’t quite Richard Branson with your biz yet, you will be able to afford it.

So, jump on over and give it a try. The link here is my referral link, just to be all super honest and stuff, but I use Fancy Hands all the time and think you might just like it too.

Now, go have some FUN!


Smart + Savvy Tech in 31 days #15: Selz

So, you want to sell shit. Nice work.

You can either bugger about with Paypal buttons / plugins / codes which will requires coffee / chocolate / tears….

flynn breaking bad bullshit

OR, do yourself a massive favour and check out Selz.

It goes pretty much like this:

Add an item, upload a picture, add a description, a price, and BOOM! You have a new item in your inventory.

Screenshot 2014-04-23 09.46.53


You can now add this baby as a widget in your sidebar, or add the whole shop to your website page in one easy code + paste move. Allow me to usher you into my shop by way of example…*dracula laugh*.

So, do you want the easy way or the hard way? As I thought…






P.S. Yes, this post is massively late. :) But hey, I was making this lovely new site. So do forgive me.

P.P.S none of this series are sponsored posts, I am just sharing the stuff I use.

Smart and Savvy tech in 31 days #15 Schedule Once

schedule once

So. We have Betty for the inbox VA, we have your inbox under control. All good.

Automating some common transactions and bookings can make life a helluva lot easier.

Let’s think about what might tie you up in knots time-wise.

Offering a consultation on your website it a great idea, but all the admin to go with it? No thank you.


You got to email the prospect to organise a time, book them in, confirm, yada yada yada.

Or, and this is a game changer, use Schedule Once.

Now all your have to do is provide a link to your calendar, set it up with your email list provider ( I still love Mailchimp for the monkeys) and now you have a consultation tool, diary management and email list builder all in once.

How does that feel?

Yup, I thought so.

jo gifford


Want to get your own workflow sorted + sassy? Hit me up.

Smart + Savvy Tech in 31 Days: #13 Buzzsumo


You are a prolific sharer.

Your tribe love your perfectly placed, relevant reads + your clients need sources for social PRONTO. You have your smart hacks and workflow set up + like  a super social ninja, and all is sweet, but get this – I have a little extra turbo boost to your toolkit.

Buzzsumo will snuggle up to your workflow with cocoa and a fluffy pink blanket.


It is a brilliantly useful search + share bit of kit that digs out key influencers, trending topics and relevant reads to share with your community and inspire your own content.

Oh, and it’s FREE! Time for a chill cat gif.



jo gifford

Smart + Savvy Tech in 31 Days #12:

Jeeeez. The email thing.

I thought we had it sorted. We got the Email Game making it fun, we got cheeky hacks, filters, Sanebox, and more juicy nuggets to come.

But, what REALLY gets all my goats?

The hundreds, THOUSANDS of subscriptions that end up at the bottom of my inbox- unloved, ignored and wasting my delete time.

All the blogs you want to stay in touch with, all the daily deals, promotions, yada-yada…

Sweet mother of all things geek and Gmail, it’s Too Much.

I hear you.

So let’s roll it up. Don’t get your feathers in a boa  over it, just make it simple. Read more

Smart and Savvy Tech in 31 days Day #12: Hush

smart & savvy tech (4)

Last time I checked, there are at least a gazillion ways to be interrupted while working from your social media alerts alone.

Your Zuckerface group updates, messages, newsfeed alerts, page likes;  Google Plus messages, events, communities; Snapchat, SMS, Instagram, Vine, emails, Twitter alerts, MAKE THEM STOP!

Sometimes you just wanna get your Pomodoro on, some sweet focus music or coffee shop vibe, and power on without the distractions, right? To buy yourself just a little silence. Space. Peace and goddamn quiet. Read more

Smart and savvy tech in 31 days Day #11: Asana

smart & savvy tech (2)

Ahhh, the to-do list.

The bane of the über creative, superhuman, awesomepreneur brain.

If you have lists on your lists, mindmaps and post -it notes all over your desk and lurking in your Evernote, I hear you, I really do.

However, unless there is a new time/space continuum I am currently unaware of, shit still needs to get done one by one, one thing at a time.


Sorry ’bout that.


So, if your to-do list has you in one of these:

….you need to get  your awesomeness organised,  and pronto. Read more

Smart and Savvy tech in 31 days Day #10: Coffitivity


Did you know, superstar, that working in coffee shops is actually GOOD for you?

Sure, the flat white overload, sugar shakin’ muffin binges not so much, but the change of scene, hustle, murmurs of sound and other actual, 3-d humans being around can really help fire those brain cells for brilliance.
You may remember waaaay back in Day #2 we looked at Focus at Will for matching your brain’s alpha wave patterns for maxium productivity. Match this with your pomodoro technique timers and you are flying.

But, get this you clever little awepreneur, did you know that you can get the hustly, bustly ambience of a coffee shop WITHOUT HAVING TO GO THERE?

I know, witchcraft, right?
There are many reasons why nipping out to the coffee house might be a bad idea. Maybe you look like this after too much coffee:

Maybe you are short on time and need to get stuff done quickly in a New York minute. Those precious minutes getting to and fro may eat into your tight schedule (working mums will agree with me that 9 to 3 is NOT A FULL WORKING DAY) and sometimes you just need to maximise every moment. Read more

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