Links of love 29/08/2014


It’s interwebs round up time everyone, time for some Links of Love.


❤ Do you feel stuck in a job you hate? This article has some words of advice.

❤  If you want to get your hands on a fabulous, business organising 2015 Desire Map Day Planner from Danielle La Porte, then you can order one here. I have one and it really is AMAZING!

❤ Find out how Tumblr have plans to scan your images for #brands.

❤ Here’s how you can turn a YouTube video into an animated GIF image. (Clever, huh?).

❤ Are you in a style rut? Here are 5 things to try.

❤ Ash Ambirge at the Middle Finger Project tells us how to be the most confident person at the table.

❤ Ever thought about creating an ecourse? This interview might float your boat.

❤ Do you worry about being criticised? Here’s why it can actually be liberating!


Enjoy your weekend + stay super,

jo gifford

Links of love 15/08/2014


It’s interwebs round up time everyone, time for some Links of Love.


❤ Do you ever find it really hard to ask people for help? Here are 3 tricks that might make life easier.

❤  Find out which 3 SEO mistakes you could be making right here.

❤ Ever get asked to work for free? It’s time to change that and get paid.

❤ Here’s why an effective business plan is more than just having a website.

❤ The fab A Beautiful Mess blog lets us in on 5 Secrets to Success.

❤ You can read an refreshingly honest approach about the dark side of entrepreneurship here.

❤ Want to get better at email marketing? Here are 15 proven ways to help.

❤ If the internet plays a big part in your business, here are three ways to beat off competition.

❤ Does selling make you feel ever so uncomfortable? Try reading this.

❤ Betty Means Business reveals 3 massive launch lessons right here.


Enjoy your weekend + stay super,

jo gifford

Links of love 08/08/2014


It’s the weekend, woooohooo!!!

If you are wondering what THE HECK has been going down on the interwebs that’s worth reading, it’s all good, Links of Love is here.


❤ Did you ever feel that work was ‘school for grown ups?’ Read why Emma Sexton wanted to start her own business here.

❤  Find out how you can track what is being pinned from your website.

❤ Ever use Twitter as a Facebook feed? Find out why it might be time to change your tactics.

❤ A Beautiful Mess reveal the reality of sponsored blog posts.

❤ Use photos for blogging or social media? Here are 5 tips on personalising stock images.

❤ In case you’re needing a boost on the social media front, here are 10 tips on running a super successful campaign.

❤ Do you sometimes struggle with copy? These 12 writing exercises from Copyblogger might help.

❤ Find out how Shae Baxter got her blog post on the first page of Google (after 2 days!)

❤ The awesome Sarah Von Bargen lets us in on her secret to happiness here...

❤… and also gives us 5 ideas for must read tweets here.


Enjoy your weekend, gorgeous folks,

Stay super,

jo gifford

Links of love 01/08/14


It’s the weeeeeeeeeekend!

You are wondering what has been going down on the interwebs that’s worth reading. I know you are.

Wonder no more, I am here with my Friday Links of Love to provide some inspirational idea juice and reading fodder for you


❤ Emma Ward has had the fabulous idea of running a course for parents and teens to help them learn job searching techniques. Read about it here.

❤  Find it hard to show off? Talented Ladies Club tells us why we should be shouting about how brilliant we are.

❤ Had one of those days where you want to throw the towel in? Read this from The Uncaged Life.

  Fancy some summer reading? Here are 10 marketing books to keep you mind ticking over the holidays.

❤ Want to boost your sales conversions? This might make all the difference to your business.

❤  34 lessons on life and business

❤ Why negative feelings can point you in the right direction

❤ Want to know the REAL life of entrepreneurs? Here is my take on it, and here is the take of the awesome Ash Ambirge.


Enjoy your weekend, gorgeous folks,

jo gifford

Links of love 25/7/2014


It’s the weekend.

You are wondering what has been going down on the interwebs that’s worth reading.

Wonder no more, I am here with my Friday Links of Love to provide some inspirational idea juice and reading fodder for your


❤ Katie over at Rebelsaurus has a free setting up an online course, erm, course…as a blog series, hurrah! Check it out here.

❤  Losing heart about overnight biz success? Allison Braun’s blog tour on Busting Overnight Success Myths will sort you out.

Best practices for blogging success from the pinkness that is Rock’n Roll Bride.

  Is a channelled reading  just fluff? Joanna Hennon tells us why it’s not.

❤ The awesome Lotte Lane tells us why being self obssessed is good.

❤  Lost your awesome? Here is how to re-find it.

❤ Wanna multi-task? Richard Branson shows you how.

❤  Do you have a hobby or a business?

❤  Are you an introvert? Here is how to express your real self.

❤  What does original content mean? Here are 5 types to inspire you.


❤  Here are  7 reasons you should fire your client.

❤ Brandy Morris tells us about the importance of nurturing client relationships and not being a catfish.

Enjoy your weekend, gorgeous folks,

jo gifford

Links of Love 18.05.2014

Heeeeey lovely peeps, so I missed a week last week from Links of Love. Did you notice? Naaaah, you are all too busy out there, enjoying your ice creams in this new thing we call Summer.

Yup, Summer has arrived and we are milking it here at Casa Diva, proper UK style, burnt shoulders and blistered feet included. Check it out (the minis know how to paaaartay!):

mini divas summer

So, here is a round up of things I am loving from the t’internet right now:

So, feet up, get reading, and have a FABULOUS weekend 😉


Links of Love 02.05.2014

Heeeeey Diva readers! It’s F-f-f-ffriday, that glorious end of the week time when I round up some read for you to enjoy at the weekend. Here we go!

  • Do you ever think that you are charging too much for services?  Corrina Gordon-Barnes, urges us to ‘Never Say It’s Too Expensive’ in her post on You Inspire Me here;



  • Never hold in your sneezes, or your awesomeness!  Remember ‘Your playing small does not serve the world’ – Nelson Mandella.  Check out Brandy’s 5 Steps To Liberating Your Brilliance


  • Lift is an amazing app that coaches and motivates you to achieve your health, business and personal goals through expert advice in the form of gradual steps, reminders and community support along the way.
  • Speak with power to bring out the best in yourself and others and bin the negative talk – 10 simple words, that can make a lot of difference


  • What are your daily rituals and habits? Do they define how you manage your day or business?  This article explores whether ritual help or hinder.

Lastly, the private Facebook group for Dexterous Divas and Dudes is hosting weekly workshops now to make it an EVEN MORE AWESOME place to be, so make sure you are signed up to the list to get your space.

Have yourself a fabulous Friday.

Love and lychees,


Links of Love 25.04.2014

Happy Friday you awesome folks!

Here is my Friday link up of Brilliant Things To Read + Look At on the interwebs for your perusal:

  • When starting up in business we have all studied business manuals and come across the SMART model – well this article explores how in fact they can be quite detrimental.
  • So, we LOOOOOVe browsing + posting pics up on instagram, but are you using it as an effective business tool? Check out the awesome Jenn Scalia’s take on using insta.
  • Ever wanted to play hooky from your life, take time out from your business and just…travel? Life Hooky is an amazing concept that lets entrepreneurs do just that! By the gorgeous, the clever and simply awesome Ash Ambirge.
  • Sabotaging your success? Think you ain’t worthy?  Awesome wellness coach and business mentor Elizabeth Rider breaks it down in this  awesome TED X talk. Kettle on, feet up, GO!
  • Is there such a thing as being too optimistic? Too happy? *does rain  dance*. Well, nobody puts Baby in the corner!The awesome Sally Hope of Wildheart Revolution gives a few words on not dulling your shine.


  • Keeping with Sally, I luuuurve her interview with my Uncaged Girl Becca in her brilliant “Nice Package” series. Check it out here.



  • Sooo, a new app for you guys! Confide, where your sent messages self destruct. Don’t get it twisted.  No screen shots, no receipts. Inspector Gadget stylee!


  • Did you miss my post on Prowess about using tech to reduce tech overwhelm? Grab it here. 

So, get reading + enjoy your weekend!

jo gifford


Pssst: I have a beta group for my new Blogging for Business Bootcamp class. Want in? here you go.

Links of Love 14.03.2014



Hey hey tribe of Diva, it’s Friday + time for your round-up of lovely links to get your weekend reading off to a great start.

Here are some things I am loving around the t’interweb this week:

  • Communication is key, especially as a freelancer.  Have a look at these 5 Ways to improve your communication skills
  • Peekster App, A ‘Shazam For Print Media’ – who doesn’t love Shazam!


Have yourself an amazing Friday you lovely peeps,

jo gifford

Links of love 28.2.2014


Howdy beautiful folks, it’s Friday and time for my feet up round-up of things to read that will inspire you.

  • “Because I’m Happy!”  We all love the song, take a look the habits of happy people
  • Hold up…wait a minute.  Apparently  sometimes, doing nothing can help you in being more productive
  • If you are missing Breaking Bad check out this awesome collection of graphics that sum up every episode, for a fix
  • Need some killer headline ideas? The awesome Erica has some for you

  • 6 ways to make more money next month, from Betty Means Business

  • Are people tuning out of your words? The AWESOME Ashley Ambirge shows you how to re-check your words



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