Episode #19 – Designing The Life You Want With Ruth Ridgeway

ruth ridgeway

In this episode, I chat with the super lovely Ruth Ridgeway of The Lifestyle Designers Club, and ask her advice on working smarter, dreaming bigger, living brighter.

We talk about outsourcing, living the life you want, overcoming adversity, facing challenges as an entrepreneur and lots, lots more.

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5 Idea Ignition Shortcuts For Storytelling + Content Creation

content creation

We have all been there.

Despite your best efforts to find your flow, get into the zone and produce amazing content, some days it’s just not happening.

Never fear, help is at hand.

Here are 5 ways to ignite your ideas, kickstart your storytelling, and get your content creation back on track:


1. Use prompts.

Sometimes all you need is a prompt to re-start the grey matter:

I have SO many great tips on how to___________________.

I have THE funniest story about that one time I ___________________.

I know a TON about ___________________.

I really want to be known as an expert on ___________________.

I really want to be known as someone with a fresh twist on ___________________.

(these are by the amazing Alexandra Franzen – make sure you bookmark + Evernote this page for future ref.)


2. Get random

Random word association is a tool I often use in creative thinking and brainstorming.

This random word generator can get you started.

For example, “ignition” came up for me which sparked this post idea.


3. Give an A to a Q

What was the last question someone asked you?

Can you answer it in a piece of content that adds value?


4. Use your own story and evoke a feeling

Storytelling is so powerful in content creation because it evokes a feeling and emotional response.

Consider points in your personal life and career that have been significant for you. How did you feel? Can you bring back that feeling again? What were you doing?

What were you wearing? What sights, sounds and smells were there? What did you learn from that experience, and what can you tell us about it?


5. Pastiche

A far cry from plagiarism, a pastiche post or piece of work  takes inspiration from the work of others.

In the same way that you might learn about how the masters created artwork by layering the colours yourself and following suit, pastiche content creation.



Stay Super,

jo gifford




The Green Eyed Monster: Intimidation, Jealousy + Your Biz

When I was a little girl I loved reading The Garden Gang books.

If you were a 70’s/80’s child like me you may remember them too, check them out>>


The stories were simple tales about a group of garden vegetables who hung out, and they were published by Ladybird.

Even back then, at the age of 6 or 7, I was aware that the little girl who wrote them had achieved something I hadn’t yet.

The face of Jayne Fisher smiled at me on the back cover of these books, and that feeling of green eyed monster stirred somewhere in my psyche.

She had published a book. Not just one, but a WHOLE SERIES!

And what I had I done, eh? Psssht.


As it happens, I did start my first business at the age of 8, but still, I had been outdone.  Jayne Fisher and her smug smile had the upper hand.

This feeling of being out done, of not being good enough is something we as entrepreneurs come up against during our journey.

I will admit I have felt the pangs of jealousy too, despite my own successful business, and it’s part of being human and ambitious I think.


Doubt will come and niggle.

You might feel useless.

You might stay playing small instead of spreading your wings and risking failure.


The online communities in which I frequent has had a buzz around the INCREDIBLE recent launch success of the lovely Kimra Luna; so much so, in fact, that a blog post was doing the rounds to dispel the myths (and jealous glances) around her launch.

Intrigued to hear how others feel about watching our peers rise to the top, I reached out to some Divas and Dudes for their thoughts:

“Not afraid to admit that yes I get insanely jealous sometimes! It’s nothing to do with the person in question but more that I see them doing something I know I could EASILY teach myself so I start to think – why not me? I should be making good money like that etc etc. I usually end up paralysed by fear of being called a copycat if I offer my own take on the same type of product and that’s where I usually get caught. I think it’s just learning to accept that the higher you position yourself you’ll always get haters and as long as what I’m offering is authentically me then that’s all that matters.”

“Seeing others succeed gives me hope that I can get there too. Although, I have to admit, sometimes it can be challenging to avoid the green-eyed monster around those people that seem to have the perfect life, with opportunities with seemingly no effort. But those entrepreneurs that acknowledge their struggles and come out on top anyway? They are my inspiration. ”
Daire Paddy Openwaydesigns.com

“I definitely get the biz green monster, but I realise that any kind of jealously is because someone else’s achievements are pressing on one of my issues if that makes sense! Usually when I feel jealous it’s because I’m missing something in my biz, or because I’m not confident enough in what I’m doing. Something that has really helped me is focusing on my own version of success, often I find myself getting the green monster for things that I wouldn’t even want in reality!”

“I do, [get the green eyed monster],  but I see it as a positive thing as it helps me to focus on my goals by reaffirming what it is that I want to achieve and I celebrate those successes as real examples of what is possible. I do have to be measured about it though, as sometimes it can all lead to a bit of overwhelm in terms of a crisis in confidence and feelings of am I good enough.”
Nicola  www.bellenoirloves.com

“Nope. I get the OMGosh, that is so fantastics!!!! It fuels the fire to know that with the right perseverance, talent, desire, and tenacity to succeed, this online marketing world absolutely works!” Anon

“Of course I get green-eyed about others’ success from time to time. Anyone says that they don’t, at least for a second or two, is in denial at best, and possibly delusional. It’s a natural, human emotion, and there’s no need to suppress it. Suppressing and denying so-called “bad” emotions is rampant in the women business communities, and it’s keeping us all down. Just say, “Hello, Old Friend, where can we go from here?” and use it to inspire your own success.  I’m currently in a group where most people make several million dollars a year. In fact, I make the LEAST of anyone in the room. We all openly talk about both rooting for one another and occasionally getting a smidge jealous. We know it’s part of human nature. We laugh about it, cry about it, and hug one another through it together. And then we all go out to do and be the very best that we can be. ”
Michelle Amethyst Mahoney,  Spiritual Badass

” I am so happy when I see a fellow entrepreneur succeed, for I am confident about my own ability to make my biz work for me.” Anon

So, do you ever feel the burn of the green eyes? Do you have the Garden Gang gripes about being pipped to the post?

Here is my advice:

– Remember that everyone starts somewhere (even the biggies).

– If it’s really an issue for you, just get out of groups/emails for a bit and revel in your own awesome creations.

– Talk it out with your coach/mentor/mastermind group.

– Use the success of another to make you realise that’s possible, and re-focus your energy and attention towards YOUR biz.


Let’s lose the intimidation and jealousy and rock on with your own story.



I am enough. Losing the green eyed monster with @dexdiva


Stay Super,



When Jo Met Denise DT: 5 Reasons Being A Lucky Bitch Changed My Life

lucky bitch

I first heard of Denise Duffield Thomas last May.

The “Lucky Bitch” book was getting rave reviews, her money mindset movement was sweeping the Facebook corners in which I lurk, and I wanted a piece of that action.

I grabbed her book on Kindle and devoured it.

I longed to join her Bootcamp as I knew money blocks were holding me back, yet of course what was the thing that stopped me?

Yup, money.

I did make the leap, and alongside other investments and upgrades last year, Denise DT’s Lucky Bitch Bootcamp was hugely instrumental in moving my business forward and shifting my mindset around money.

When Denise came to London, I had to be there.

Lucky Bitch live was every bit as inspiring as I had hoped. Plus, I got to get a copy of the book signed by the DDT herself *cue stalker picture*



Denise is down to earth, funny, friendly, spending the evening with like minded entrepreneur ladies and a cocktail or two is never a bad way to while away an evening.

Unblocking my money stories and becoming a Lucky Bitch has changed my life.

Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Dealing with the old money stories
We all have them! Getting them cleared and GONE is powerful.


2. Making incremental upgrades
Learning how to energetically step into the next level of income in increments is key to expanding your wonga power.


3. Hang out with millionaires
Hanging out with people who are earning lots of money is inspiring, and makes it all feel possible (‘cos it IS).


4. Knowing the attraction starts with me
I can now FEEL when I am out of alignment with money. If I am not in the right mindset, the money stops. Being attuned to that is incredible.


5. Freedom!
Freedom means many things to different people. For me it means being able to work how I want to, when I want to. To look after my family and buy what we need. To travel, to treat people we love. To upgrade our lives (in increments, of course!).

Find out more about Denise and grab a free sample of her Get Rich, Lucky Bitch! book here.

Have you read her book or taken part in the Bootcamp? I would love to know how it has changed your life and biz.

Pin this post for later.

Stay Super,


List it, Live it!

As the festive season begins to get in full swing and a New Year is on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about the changes 2015 will bring.

Whether you’re going to make that 5K run, are planning to save up to make it to that dream destination or want to elevate your business to new heights, we can always do with a little inspiration to get the ball rolling.


I recently teamed up with Beagle Street Life Insurance to take part in their Living List campaign, a fantastic hub of inspiring lists bought to you by experts in various fields to encourage you to embrace life and enjoy doing the things that you love.

I lent my hand to the Social Media Savvy list, where you can pick from pinning your life on Pinterest for a day or challenging yourself to blog writing every day – 10 tips that will help you make the most out your social media platforms in 2015.

Take a browse, list it and live it!

Stay Super,

jo gifford

Dream Bigger: Stop Playing Small

This week the Big U has been sending me lots of messages (as she always does, but I seem to have picked up on these particularly).

The theme has been around self belief, dreaming bigger and not playing small.


The first message came in the (attractive) form of John Hamm; speaking on the Jonathan Ross show at the weekend, he was talking about all the shit jobs he took in Hollywood before hitting his lucky break.

The guy slept in cars as a homeless waiter, did runner jobs on film sets, and stayed in the game to be surrounded by the right people. A little like art imitating life (our Don Draper totally hustled his way to his Ad Exec position), Hamm hung in there. (repeat that last phrase to yourself, it’s quite soothing. As you were…)

You either suck that up and find another agent, or you go home and say you gave it a shot, but that’s the end of that. The last thing I wanted to be out here was one of those actors who’s 45 years old, with a tenuous grasp of their own reality, and not really working much. So I gave myself five years. I said, if I can’t get it going by the time I’m 30, I’m in the wrong place. And as soon as I said that, it’s like I started working right away. (via The Times)

He gave himself 5 years of hustle to hit the a home run of a great role, and it sounds like his dream really challenged his make or break ethic.  His “lucky” break was the result of taking action, of being there, doing it, and believing.

Next up, I watching a rockumentary about legendary bands (loads of hair and testosterone thrown in), Brian May talked about his bandmate Freddie Mercury. Freddie always acted like a star, even before they had made it big.

As we all know, Freddie became of of the biggest rock stars in history – that guy wasn’t playing small.

Now, I am definitely not asking you to sleep in cars, don some spandex or start belting out Bohemian Rhapsody as a morning ritual (although if you DO, send me the video link below).

These stories of success reminded me that these people saw themselves where they wanted to be, and acted as though they were already there.

dream bigger

I am a big believer in manifesting the stuff in life that you desire from thoughts and actions, good and bad, so this totally rings true to me. This year has been amazing for my life and business, not least because I have been sure that I am capable, that it is possible, and why not me?

That said, I have a long way to do, and I can see what I need to do. There are still many areas in which I am playing small – partly down to confidence, health, having a family etc, but also down to needing to know and believe that I can dream bigger and succeed.

Maybe you can see your journey too – are you still playing small anywhere? How can you act “as if” you have already had success?

With lots of these things, starting small to not play small can help. Go incremental, as Denise DT teaches in her amazing Get Rich Lucky Bitch Bootcamp.

So, if the future you wears smart clothing for work, can you invest in one outfit, or even one item of clothing that makes you feel amazing?

If the future you has a VA, can you start to hire someone for an hour or two to get used to it and show the universe you are serious?

If the future you has a red shiny VW Beetle, can you drive one or hire one for the day?

You get the idea.

Sometimes when we think about dreaming big , the temptation is there to think about what we SHOULD be aiming for. Remember, the dream needs to be yours for it to feel congruent, for it to happen, for it to resonate with you.

Let me know in the comments below, where are you still playing small, and how can you dream bigger and make it happen in increments?

I can’t wait to hear,


Oh the Stress! Five Tips to Reduce Anxiety While Running Your New Business

Today I have a guest post from the lovely Martita Robinson, AKA the Luminescent Diva (I know, match made in heaven, right?). Martita’s work is all about managing anxiety, something that us entrepreneurs can often face (and something I know a lot about first hand). So, over to Martita to give us some handy tops on how to reduce anxiety while running your new business.


reduce anxiety

Wouldn’t it be amazing if starting and running a business wasn’t so fucking stressful and full of anxiety?

Then that tally you created on Evernote wouldn’t feel like a monstrosity of a mountain sitting on your beautifully rounded shoulders—rather, a fun frisky puppy pulling you towards your destination.

Life would be so simple then. All you’d need is some puppy treats and you’d be well on your way into six-figures and writing amazing guest posts like these.

Ah. The good life.

But honestly, starting and running your business doesn’t have to be so hard. One of the things I learned about starting my own business (with three kids under the age of 4 and ahusband to take care of (don’t tell him I said that)), is that creating a foundation for your business really can be fun and anxiety free.

It simply takes incorporating a few things into your daily life to help relieve some of that tension.

Here are five things that I do on the daily to stay focused, peaceful, and most of all, anxiety free:

1. Give up the timeline!

Listen. You’re not running a marathon here. Your business isn’t going anywhere. I get it. You’re dying to get to the finish line. You want your business up and running. But is it really worth all the anxiety you’re feeling in the end? And the bigger question—is that anxiety getting you anywhere?


Take your time. Your business is going to start when it’s going to start—and no sooner. There’s just no point in getting anxious over dates. The universe knows what you need. Let it give it to you. Take it day by day. Surrender.

2. Use Lists.

Lists are the business owner’s gateway to peace.

If you learn nothing else from this article, learn that there is power in creating a list. Something about getting everything down on paper that is just so calming. When it’s running around in your head it feels heavy and cluttered, and massive. But if you write everything down it really doesn’t seem so bad.

Every day that you’re able to work on your business, write out your tasks. And as you finish them, scratch them off. This way you can see there is movement taking place and you’re not standing still at the water table while every other runner (or entrepreneur) passes you by.


3. Meditation time

Whether you’re launching or in the beginning stages of your business where you’re trying to get it together, fit in some meditation time. Being able to relax when you need to is the ultimate anxiety killer.

Meditation is going to teach you how to chill even when your brains trying to go the other route. Like working overtime with thoughts like “You’re never going to get launched. You’re a fraud. No one is going to buy your services.”

It takes some practice to tune yourself into meditation, but you’ll be glad you did.


4. Enjoy the moment.

It’s tough to imagine, but this is the only time where you’re going to look at this process in this light again. You’re creating a baby here! Well, a baby business. And the creation stage is just as fun, exciting and fulfilling as rockin’ out your business as you’re dying to do.

You’re not going to find yourself starting this business for the very first time again, so embrace it. Love it.

Enjoy it. This stage will not last.


5. Finally, keep your eyes focused on the goal.

It’s easy as hell to get into the funk. You know that funk I’m talking about. That nasty negative frame of mind that keeps you feeling like a loser.

Don’t let it happen.

The second you start thinking gloomy thoughts, change your focus to where you’re headed. Picture yourself after the business has started and you’re successful. Really see yourself in the role that you’ll be playing. This will keep you in the frame of mind you need to be in to succeed.

Print this resource out, Evernote it, or pin it. Do whatever you need to do to remember to implement these. Because although they sound great on paper, they ain’t worth a lick unless you remember to practice.

To your peace and your business,

















P.S Taking a minute to enjoy a piece of chocolate can help too.

Spiritual leader and author, Martita Robinson is fiercely committed to guiding strong, amazing women towards inner transformation, peace, and connection to the constant state of awareness that lies within, using her method, The Flow™. She specializes in anxiety coaching and teaches her program, the Anxiety Detox in the process. You can learn more about her here.

Live the dream – and make sure it’s yours


The thing abut dreams is they change.

What we want in our teens, 20’s, 30’s and 40’s may well be different things.

The other thing about dreams is that, funnily enough, we can be prone to take on the dreams of other people.

Say whaaaaat?

Yip, without realising it, it is SO easy to get swept along by the tide of our friends, families, co-workers, colleagues – whoever – and we take on ideals as if they are our own.

This doesn’t lead to a happy bunny situation, normally (sorry, Buggs).


There is probably counselling involved, a lot of tears, a feeling of disconnect, probably anxiety, illnesses, and a lot of mixed emotions.

How do I know?


I have been there. And so, very probably, have you.

At the age of *cough* 38, I am living the dream.

I am living the dream of the life I want NOW.

But it took me a long time to realise it, accept it, and let go of the dreams of my 20’s.

I am sure I am not alone when I mention the word “checklist” – ring any bells? The list of things you would/should do by 25/30/40.

Mine included doing an MA (tick), buying a house (tick), having kids (tick), living in Barcelona (nope), travelling to Australia (nope), having my own business (tick).


When we create lists, we set up to fail.

C0ming from a list-a-holic this is a big AA moment; “Hey, my name is Jo and I have lists everywhere”. I am sure many of you  Type A’s will have a similar thing.

You should have seen the list of stuff I set up for myself as a new mum. As if being awake and dressed wasn’t enough, I was trying to learn Spanish whilst breast feeding in order to tick off that box. Madness. But then hindsight is always so damned focussed, isn’t it.

I am a HUGE fan of going after what you want, don’t get me wrong, but I love to go after a FEELING now rather than a checkbox (despite what my Bullet Journal brainstorms might say)

Danielle LaPorte Desire Map fans will recognise this as your core desire feelings, going after how you want to feel over what you want to have/be.

When you compare yourself to the dreams of others, or what others want for you, there is incongruence.

This could show up as illness, depression, anxiety and other physical and mental responses.

You could feel out of alignment, lost, useless, uncertain.

You could be lethargic, de-motivated, uninspired, lacking energy.


The hardest part is actually the easiest part, too.

Only YOU know what feels right, and what “living the dream” looks like for you, and specifically you.

For me, right now, living the dream looks like being here for my amazing daughters before and after school, being with them as much as possible to read, bake, create, chill out and be Mum.

It looks like working from home for myself.

It looks like going for walks and bike rides in the country.

10 years ago my dream was very different.  I was living that dream in East London, a vibrant life with friends and colleagues, partying, socialising, learning, growing, being.

My dream has changed and I have too.

I have swapped my inner hipster for a onesie. I am what some may think of as boring, (or what I prefer to think of as grounded.)

I am in this cycle of life, enjoying it, being present with it, and loving it.

As solopreneurs making sure you are congruent with YOUR dream is so important. After all, isn’t this why we chose this crazy life that makes and breaks you?


It can be all too easy to see others doing amazing things, but remember, the dream is theirs not yours (at least we hope it is).

Don’t feel the pressure of a dream that belongs to your partner, boss, parents, friends, sibling.

It’s ok to say no, and to only say yes when it’s a FUCK YEAH!

It’s ok to say no, and to only say yes when it’s a FUCK YEAH!

So, next time you go strive to live the dream check in with yourself – is the dream really yours?

I would love to hear below how you are living your dream, how you know when you are (or are not) congruent with your own dream, and what that looks like for you,

Tell me, awesome folks.

Stay super,

jo gifford




Sile Walsh’s top 5 tips to successfully balancing passion & responsibility

This is a guest post from Sile Walsh, Holistic Coach for Life + Business. Sile is a Tribe of Diva member, and is also a Blogging for Business Bootcamper. Check out her key tips for balancing passion + responsibility

I know what it’s like to be on the see-saw of responsibility and following your passions.

It doesn’t matter if your passions are a business venture, a piece of art or a yoga class, or if your responsibilities are parenting, paying the mortgage or running a team of 20 – they all have the same weight.

Responsibility feels compelling, a must and urgent.

Following your passions, on the other hand can feel luxurious, not a priority and things you fit it in when you can. Whenever that may be.
The issue with this is responsibility usually takes from us on some level and following our passions usually gives to us on some level.

Think about it, if you’re over indulging in responsibility you are depleting your supplies, and if you’re over indulging in your passions you’re neglecting  your responsibilities.

Neither has a good end result really! So can we agree balance is the key ?


Before we get to my personal tried and tested keys, I want to share with you why you should implement these keys straight away, not tomorrow, next week or when the weather improves, but RIGHT NOW!

You’re not living if you’re busy trying to pick one over the other, you’re just surviving! (Believe me I know, I spent a long time surviving and calling it being practical!)

These keys are so easy to do and they will immediately enhance balance, peace and flow in your life from the moment you implement them.
They will establish a foundation to whole hearted living, creating nourishing relationships and feeling content in your personal world and in your professional one!

When was the last time 5 small keys could bring you all of that?

We waste so much more time worrying about all we have to do and all we don’t have to and have these internal battles, all done unconsciously without very much clarity! We then wake up and repeat the pattern… still no real movement, clarity or freedom!

Change all this right now with my 5 top keys to balancing passion and responsibility.

So, here you go:

Key 1 – Get clear

Know what your passion is and what it takes to be filled up.

Know what your responsibilities really are, too and what they take to be met. Too often this isn’t even clear enough to move forward and skipping this step results in lots of unhappiness because the responsibilities don’t get met and the heart’s desires go unanswered!

Ask yourself

What am I responsible for and what am I truly passionate about?


Key 2 – Discover your natural state and work on the ‘other’ one
This all depends on your natural state of being.
If you’re a ‘responsibility’ type then carve out time each week for ‘heart desires time.’ If you’re a ‘heart’s desire’ kind of person, carve out a set amount of time each week to meet your responsibilities.

Ask yourself

What am I more inclined towards, passion or responsibility?

When can I fit more of the other in and how often and how much of it?


Key 3 – Get to grips with the pay-off

Know what the benefits are of making time for BOTH your passions and responsibilities.

Ask yourself

What are the benefits of being on top of my responsibilities?

What are the benefits of being plugged into my passions?


Key 4 – Do a P&L

Know what the costs are of meeting your responsibilities and your passions. Get to grips with what is really important and what you’re willing to pay to meet them both (pay means energetically, emotionally, mentally and physically).

Ask yourself

Do I value meeting the passion or responsibility in relation to what it will cost me?

Simply write the passion or responsibility out and then under it what the cost is energetically, emotionally, physically and mentally. Then make an informed choice!  Be willing to let go of what isn’t really serving you!


Key 5 – Implant action

Take out your diary right now and write in when you are going address your passions and responsibilities. Give them ample time at a point in the day when you can fully be present with them.

I hope these keys rock your world as much as they have mine.

Sile Walsh


sile walsh 145

Hang out with Sile on here site right here, and of course get to know her in the Divas and Dudes Facebook group you get access to when you join my tribe.

Creating space for creativity: storage hacks and tips

At the last count, I have lived in 20 different homes.


That’s 20 lots of packing, unpacking, de-cluttering, re-arranging, re-creating. That’s at least 10 “Daaaad can you help me move house again” phone calls, definitely 5 or 6 “why I did get drunk last night when I still haven’t packed avoidance crises”, and a whole memory book full of housemates, friends, stories, laughter and tears.

Every home re-invention has required me to create my creative area to work in.

I have been self employed for the last 9 years, but often worked from home in my Design Manager roles (yes I did have actual jobs once!).

creating space

Nothing kills creativity for me like clutter.

Clutter makes me feel encroached upon, unorganised and totally unproductive. I am also a sucker for procrastination when I see Piles of Stuff (us Type A’s flit don’t ya know).

Having two five year olds careering around the place currently means my home working space isn’t exactly streamlined right now and it’s something I am targeting in the next few weeks.

I love having a creative environment with inspiration boards, mementos, art by the kids and photos around, but it can so easily feel a little..



From the queen of house moving and boxes, here are some tips for creative space for storage and creativity.

1. Work in small chunks

When a pace feels cluttered it can be really hard to know where to start. I am prone to having a meltdown in the middle of a room full of STUFF (just as my partner who has rescued me from many such scenes), so working small and often is a life saver. Whilst there is a lot to be said for blasting a room or an area, if you are like me and juggling work and a family, that time is very hard to find.

Like my #divasdaily10 business and social slices, working on a room by attacking it in Pomodoro style timed segments can really help make a headstart on the job in hand.

2. Get it out before you bring it back in

This can be SO handy to do and is something I have done often before in my life re-inventions.

Boxing all your stuff up and getting it out so you have a clear area really makes you question what you bring back in, and you will find yourself being FAR more ruthless.

If you have a spare room or garage space to decant your clutter into box it all up and sort one box at a time.

If you are in between places to live and have more belongings than space, using self storage is a brilliant way to save your sanity. When I left London to move back to the sticks I did this, and had a flat load of furniture, clothes, books and belongings to “park” for a while. I ended up eBaying a vast amount of my clothes and belongings, and I didn’t have to move into my next abode with nearly as many items had I not.

Just finding a neutral ground to hold everything while you travel, stay with friends, or find your next home can be such a lifesaver.

Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.
William Morris

3. Use QR codes and Google docs for archiving

Ok, this really does reveal my inner geek here. I have found it useful to create inventories of items in boxes in a Google doc, and then to create a QR code of the link. I can then number the codes and tape the code to the box.


4. Store creative clutter safely (+ use Evernote to archive)

As a 37 year old creative industries bod I have decades of sketchbooks, books, portfolios, craft materials, scrapbooks and so forth that I treasure. They don’t really have a place in the house, but I don’t want to get rid either

Safely storing them away from small people/pets/damp / damage means your works of creative genius are safe for when you need them or want them later.

I often photograph my artwork and the girls’ treasures from nursery and school etc into Evernote so I have an easily accessed visual reference whilst the originals are in a safe place.

I just got some creative space making hacks from @dexdiva

This post is a sponsored post by the guys over at Big Yellow Storage, and I happen to be a huge fan of the facilities on offer (see how they can help with business here).

Rent storage space for your belongings while you travel (as us non-location dependant entrepreneurs are prone to do), store away your stuff while you re-create your creative space at home, or even use their space as a storeroom for any physical goods you are selling in your empire.

I would love to hear how you deal with your creative clutter in the comments. Share with us your storage hacks and tips, and if you have beaten me on house moves, let me know (I have already been in my current house FAR too long, itchy feet ahoy!)

Stay super + sorted,

jo gifford

Jo Gifford

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