Think Aphrodite and that brief period of your childhood when you had soft, bouncy curls that were innocent and free-flowing. Picture sun-kissed waves of hair blowing around an angelic face in the field. Envision a way-too-perfect model type with a face that tries to look naïve but fools no one, with a perfect mane of curly hair. If you can see these images, then you are seeing what stylist and photographers want to present for the spring seasons’ gently tousled, flowy, glowy hair.

Hairstylist Odile Gilbert calls the look sensuous and touchable, not over styled and controlled but free-flowing. That’s starting to sound like one of those dos that can only be achieved for a brief second as you hurry down the runway before the uber-perfect hair disappears. Au contraire! This seasons’ hair is easier than ever to style and maintain.

The real key is to get rid of your brush. It’s the enemy because it breaks up the airy texture of the waves, says Gilbert. The only styling tools you need are a large barreled curling iron or hot rollers and your fingers. This trend is a bit messy, very loose and tends to look better as the day goes on. Waves of hair are casual and look tossed about, almost wind-blown.

The styles are easy to achieve because they are all loose and the disheveledness of them is what makes them look so great. Only the smallest bit of holding gel before blow drying and a light spray of hairspray are necessary. You don’t want to tease your curls because teasing creates a hard edge that is totally counter to the softness you’re going for.

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Whether you’re wearing your hair down around your face or up in a bun (a real crowd pleaser this season), you want to allow your hair to dictate how it falls and how it stays once it’s been curled. To get these looks start with the hot rollers (by far the quickest and easiest choice) or a large barreled curling iron. To get curls that are free-flowing around your face, pull the front sections of hair, from both sides of your face, straight up. Bring them together and roll them down toward the top of your head. Repeat until you’ve created a mohawk of curls. Curl the remaining hair on both sides forward and back in alternating curls.

After removing the rollers, shake your hair out and tousle with your fingers. Style as you like using hair accessories and headbands that look fantastic in the messy curls.

You’ll find these romantic looks are young and fresh and easier than ever to maintain because it’s the imperfections that make these styles work. They are timeless.

Tips for Soft Hair

There are many natural solutions for soft manageable hair. If your hair needs some help maintaining its softness this season, try a natural remedy before spending a fortune at the beauty supply store.