Word Up: The Power Of Language (with Scripts + Apps)

I sipped my coffee and powered through the final paragraphs of the email at my iMac.

My fingers flew across the keyboard,  my teeth chewing my lips as I hammered out the words I had longed to say.

This was the nail in the coffin; the definitive last word in working with a client who had, time and time again, caused havoc and issue after issue with the agency I worked for at the time.
So here I was, my keyboard on fire as I tapped out my frustrations in a stinging e-battle from which there would be no return.

I hit send.

It was done.


And it didn’t feel good.


I had dealt with the situation, but the energy around it was all wrong.


I had let boundaries be overstepped, I had let emotions rule, and I didn’t deal with the email encounter with grace.


But you know what? We learn along the way and each interaction becomes stronger.



The way we communicate can invite grace and respect, it can evoke admiration and loyalty, it can inspire, motivate, endear and bring positivity.


Or, it can be destructive.

Powering up your language has far reaching effects. Saying no can either cause a rift, or command respect. Establishing boundaries can build your business or break your spirit.


How I emailed that client, that time (many years ago!), is a far cry from how I would communicate now. I am far from perfect – who isn’t – but I have learned so much more about the power of language since that day.

Word Up- (2)

Powering Up Your Language

This week I read an interesting article about Just Not Sorry, an app which is designed to be an inbox cheerleader to ensure we use language in emails that has power.

Brainchild of Tami Reiss, CEO of technology company Cyrus Innovations, the app was inspired by the fabulous Amy Schumer – pause here for appreciation and applause – and a sketch about a panel of female scientists who can’t stop saying sorry until one of them apologises herself to death (ring a bell, anyone?!)

As Reiss tells The Independant,  “This idea of successful, entrepreneurial women who don’t even realise how often they’re saying sorry and undermining their own ideas really struck a chord with me,”  “I just wanted to create a simple tool to help me and my friends. I’ve been completely overwhelmed by all the attention.”

Acting like a spellchecker for apologies and disempowering language, Just Not Sorry is designed to make us aware of language when communicating, and is part of the Female Founders initiative.

Of course, there are plenty of other in which we communicate, other than via email.

Content creation for personal updates and business updates is prolific and diverse, so how else can we be mindful of the power of language?


Using scripts as a starting point with communication can be a really helpful tool.

Whether it’s a prospective client communication, tricky contract negotiations, remote team working comms or just firing off an email to someone you would LOVE to connect with, scripts can reduce the overwhelm by giving you a framework. Simply by having that starting point done for you, you can find your flow and personalise your content much easier.

I have two much loved and used resources for scripts that I use frequently to get my grey matter kickstarted.

The first is a two separate sets of scripts by the wondrous Alexandra Franzen, who sprinkles fairy dust on mere letters to make them magical.

Five Scripts To Fill Your Client Docket (without sounding desperate, needy,  pushy or presumptious)

The second is the most shared link I think I ever send to clients, colleagues, family and friends who have issues with saying that tiny word that packs so much power: “No”. (Raise your hand if you need to learn better no-ness too. Yup.)

Five Scripts To Set Yourself Free


With those two free resources alone, your language will already be feeling the power, yo’.

yes absolutely


Ok, next up is a piece of work by the doyenne of small biz snark and humour, Ash Ambirge. *cue fan girl music*

Ash’s script set Love, Business Owner* is a byooootifully designed pack of scripts for pretty much every small business situation that you might need to fire an email off for. Think managing your team, client negotiations, quotes, eepy moments, dealing with boundaries and much, much  more.

Love, Business Owner is SO helpful in staring down the blank page of your email editor, rolling your comms with power, and just getting stuff DONE (always a good thing).


Next up in my toolkit is the amazing work of my friend Bushra Azhar over on The Persuasion Revolution.

Bushra’s ENTIRE SITE will have your bookmarking and Evernoting left right and centre, as she is all about using language for persuasion (and she teaches it so, SO well, guys).

Bushra also recently created a script for non-paying clients, something I know is a problem for a lot of micro biz owners. This is the link to the script in her Facebook group (you will want to join it, believe me).


Using Shortcuts For Powerful Language

Once you have made the leap and sent a message that felt empowered, make it easier for yourself to replicate again.

Use Evernote to file a reply for later, or set up Google’s Canned Responses feature to save replies you know you will use over and over again.

Indeed, next time someone emails or messages you in a way that evokes a positive reaction from you, save it to Evernote so you can use the format as inspiration next time you need to reach out.


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Keep it powerful, and stay brilliant,

jo gifford


45 Things I am Learning From Business Growing Pains

45 things I'm learning from business growing painsWe go through A LOT of ups and downs on our entrepreneurial journeys, guys!

One moment on top of the world, full of passion and driven to make it happen, the next having a little cry and wondering if it will ever JUST CLICK, or if it will get any easier or why people don’t like you!

I’m here to tell you that all of those things happen to all of us (and anyone who says otherwise has their pants on fire)

I’ve pulled together this list of things I’ve learnt from MY growing pains. And the thing is that although it is “pain” it is also GROWTH. And that, my darlings, is the gold.

    1. The ebbs and flows get easier to manage (they do, I promise).
    2. You can’t do it all alone (here’s my advice on building your team).
    3. You need someone to check your main enquiry/info inbox for reasons of actual sanity.
    4. …and to respond on your behalf.
    5. You need somewhere to let it out with people who understand.
    6. And somewhere to go with people who don’t get it at all.
    7. The bigger the growth, the more ULP’s show up (more about that here).
    8. Surround yourself with the best minds.
    9. Forgive yourself when you fuck up (you will, but that’s ok).
    10. And admit your mistakes.
    11. Be vulnerable, but keep your dignity.
    12. Be open and accessible, but with clear boundaries.
    13. Be willing to be disliked.
    14. But be open to being loved even more.
    15. Note your moments of brilliance (find out how to ignite it here).
    16. And repeat them again and again.
    17. Be ready to outgrow your previous expectations.
    18. And work on your mindset daily (check out some rituals here).
    19. Safeguard your time and your energy.
    20. But be generous with your intentions.
    21. Keep trying, launching, offering, tweaking.
    22. Learn from each time and grow.
    23. Stay focussed, but let your dreams roam wild.
    24. Tell others what you learned to help them too.
    25. Learn to love failure (check out this post to help).
    26. But love success more.
    27. On the days when it all feels too much, take a step back.
    28. and revel in the comments, love, thanks, and shout outs then they come.
    29. Let go of the hate mail with love and light.
    30. And focus on who you serve with your heart.
    31. Remember that your energy and intentions are a magnet.
    32. Practise managing both daily.
    33. Your very best work now will be next year’s learning curve.
    34. You can’t hack experience (but you can invest and grow faster).
    35. Keep investing in yourself – smart small and stretch each time.
    36. Go with your gut. Always.
    37. Remember that mastery trumps masquerade every time.
    38. The world is yours, and potential is limitless.
    39. Read, read, read, read, read again.
    40. Make time for yourself or it all falls down.
    41. Learn to grow into a leader.
    42. Your only obstacle is your mind.
    43. Subscribers are a number – raving fans are golden (here’s how to find and keep ’em).
    44. You are probably not charging enough.
    45. Get systems in place. Then breathe.

I’d love to know what lessons you’ve been learning – let me know here or come and find me on Facebook or Twitter @dexdiva.

Stay in your brilliance lane,

jo gifford

Talking Brilliance with Adrienne Dorison

Hey guys,

This week it’s my turn to be the guest! The lovely Adrienne Dorison invited me to her fabulous podcast.

We talked about some topics which are so close to my heart like:

  • Content creation & re-purposing content
  • Working smarter as a solopreneur Mum
  • Working with chronic illnesses
  • Using tech to build a business with a chronic illness and family
  • How to set up smart working to make more of your time

You can check it out here:

Adrienne & Jo podcast

Are you ready to ignite your Brilliance, darling?

Your first step is easy – start with my FREE Brilliance Ignition masterclass and toolkit. Grab it here

Adrienne Dorison

Adrienne Dorison is the host of The School of Self-Mastery podcast, a no-nonsense business coach to entrepreneurs who are ready to make bigger impacts & profits with their work AND a passionate dog-mom.

Adrienne teaches her clients how to overcome the blocks that hold them back, helps them identify what they REALLY want in life, and shows them how to leverage their strengths & develop personalized success habits so that their success and freedom becomes inevitable.

Episode #30 Jenna Soard on Content, Design, Dates + Business

Episode 30 - Jo and Jenna

Hey guys – so Episode #30 is here, the big THREE OH and it’s a good one.

It’s longer than usual and this is the EDITED version, darlings. Honestly we had SO MUCH FUN!

You may already know Jenna, or you may have seen her ah-may-zing post about Google Keep which went viral and for very good reason.

I know I’m now a Keeper (see what I did there?!).

You can see the post here in all its beauty.

So we basically had a girlie, no holds barred chat about the online biz world and being faced with non-online non-believers and how to deal with that, dating, blogging, design and so much more.

So grab your PJ’s, a glass of your fave tipple and settle down somewhere comfy for this beauty:

When Jo met Jenna

You can find Jenna here at You Can Brand and check out Google Keep while you’re at it – G.A.M.E. C.H.A.N.G.E.R.

I’d love to know your “can’t live without it” tool – hit me up in the comments below.

20 Killer Content Re-Purposing Ideas Your VA Can Handle Right Now

Killer content is a key business builder.


killer content

Killer content is the secret weapon for list building, launching, getting super famous online, and building the business (and life) you dreamt of.

Content takes time to create.

Time that you don’t have, as a badass, biz-running, solopreneur.


Stay in your brilliance lane, and use this checklist to have your content work harder for you.

    1. Pull out quotes from your recent blog post and create images from them in Canva. (bonus points for using Canva for Work)
    2. Schedule the quotes and images to your social media channels.
    3. Pin the quotes to Pinterest, and make sure your URL is referenced. (check out these for an example).
    4. Add the images to Latergramm.me
    5. Pull out key quotes and make them tweetables using Click To Tweet keeor CoSchedule within the blog post.
    6. Add some quotes into your article from key influencers in your niche. When the article goes live, tag them on social media.
    7. Make a Slideshare deck of key points using Google Sheets, Keynote or Powerpoint. (note: stuck for formats? Creative Market has you covered, or hire a designer. Canva for Work also has your back here, too.)
    8. Have the Slideshare deck narrated by a voice over artist on Fiverr, and upload on YouTube.
    9. Add the video to your Facebook fan page as a native video (these bad boys automatically play – hello, traction!)
    10. Re-format your ideas as a list, and add to List.ly.
    11. Add the List.ly back into your blog as a post. (like this one)
    12. Round up your posts with a similar theme, and publish them as a bumper post round-up pack (like this one).
    13. Got some great posts along a theme or category? Have your VA compile them as an ebook, and you now have a lead magnet/opt-in, bumper value content in a whole new, convenient, format. (check out this one on Raving Fans as an example).
    14. Go infographic baby! Fiverr has some great sellers who can make your content easily to digest, pin, and share, ask your VA (or FancyHands to research, then get it done!)
    15. Have a hunt around your old posts. Have you got more to say on a topic now? Have your VA add in your new thoughts, and re-publish as a new post, the 2.0 version.
    16. Look for your popular, evergreen posts on your blog or your guest posts. Have your VA call out on social media for comment and thoughts. Add them into a new, shiny, revised post, and you have a brand new blog (with go faster, social sharing stripes).
    17. A lengthy post might work well as an email nurture series. Re-purpose it as a 3-5 day sequence to warm up your lovely list.
    18. Re-write a post and submit to another publication.
    19. Add your post to your Linked In Pulse blog for extra traction, SEO juice and, of course, new peeps to find you.
    20. Bonus one (as you need to be involved here), but narrate your blog post and have your VA add it to SoundCloud, to a podcast stream, and/or back onto your post.



I’d love to know which of these you try – let me know in the comments below.


Click to download this list as a PDF + share with your VA

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Stay Brilliant,

jo gifford

Blogging for Savvy Solopreneurs – My Blab Chat with Sandra Pilarczyk

One of the things I say SO OFTEN to my lovely clients is that “blogging” doesn’t have to be a blog!

Here is a prime example of someone who is creating killer content and so visible and she hasn’t written a blog in year.

I had such a fun time on my Blab chat with the lovely Sandra Pilarczyk where we chat about blocks people have with different types of content and how you can find the best medium for you.

We also talk outsourcing – as well as my awesome team I mention Fancy Hands – a total lifesaver and to do list slayer.

And my 10 day blogging challenge which you can find all the details for here – look forward to seeing you in the group!

Episode #29 – Hitting an Upper Limit Problem

Hitting an Upper Limit Problem

Hi guys, it’s Jo Gifford here, welcome to episode 29 of Work Smarter, Dream Bigger, Live Brighter.

In this episode I’m taking a little look at the old favourite, upper limit problems.

If you haven’t heard of an upper limit problem or a ULP, I’m going to be diving into what it is, and if you have, I know that you’re probably going to understand where I’m coming from.

So, What IS it?

An upper limit problem is something that’s defined by the author Gay Hendricks in his book, The Big Leap, which I absolutely urge you guys to read, it’s amazing. The Big Leap is all about conquering your hidden fear and taking life to the next level.

The work of Gay Hendricks is absolutely amazing, he’s a New York Times bestselling author, and in this particular book he talks about a problem that occurs when you reach the upper limit, obviously, of your ability to experience happiness and success.

This is specifically when you’ve perhaps just reached a new level in your business or perhaps when you’ve reached a new level in your health or your wealth. If you’ve just managed to expand your life and your experience of life to a certain level, you will often hit an upper limit problem.

How It Can Show Up

The way that that manifests itself for different people will show up in different ways, so I want to talk to you about a few of mine, because I think it’s really good to be honest about these things and it’s really good to share our experiences.

The First One

For me, upper limit problems showed up in their droves about this time last year. Back in September, October 2014 was really when I made a big leap of faith in my business. I’d started to invest more in coaches, I could feel my confidence rising, my reach and authority and visibility were starting to gain momentum, and it was round about that time that I started to see a big increase in my finances.

Lo and behold after I’d signed a few great contracts and been hired left, right and centre, suddenly I was hit with illnesses.

For me, becoming unwell is not unusual. As you guys know, I’ve talked through my health stuff, my chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and endometriosis, so that’s all stuff that I manage day to day and it goes through cycles, but I hit a massive, massive wall.

I started getting really busy, things were going really well, I was investing and seeing some great results, then I was hit by a massive round of ‘flu bugs, exhaustion and I couldn’t get out of it.

At the time I was aware enough of The Big Leap and the upper limit problem and could probably recognise what it was, and it took me a while to work through it. I’ll talk in a moment how I worked through these, but I set about getting myself back on track.

And Then Again

Another big one appeared in February, March time earlier this year and again it was because I’d been experiencing success, I had a great run of being hired, of getting lovely one to one clients, of my programmes doing really well. I was living the dream, I was seeing some great things occurring, and again I hit such a big upper limit problem that it lasted for about two months.

For the space of those two months, I couldn’t sell anything for love or money. It was almost as if suddenly having gone from everybody wanting me and stuff hitting critical mass, it was as if it was crickets out there and nobody wanted my stuff. Again I’m going to talk about that in hindsight as to what I can now see was going on, and as you can probably hear from my voice, I’m just recovering from a big sinus infection, so I hit another one just in the last couple of weeks.

Let’s Look Into This Last One, What’s Been Going On?

Well, as you guys can see as you look back through the podcasts and my blog, I’ve been really on form, I’ve been in a really good space.

I’ve had a huge increase in my podcast listens, in my client base, in my recognition. I’ve been feeling great, I’ve created my miracle morning routine, I’ve been on such a good vibe for ages, I’ve been in such a happy place.

When you’re in that kind of energy and in that vibrancy and that state, then stuff automatically happens because you’re attracting it to you so I’ve been meditating, focusing on my goals and I’ve been asked to take part in loads of amazing partnerships, summits, talks and experiences. I’ve had some amazing stuff happen, and I’ve put plans in place for amazing, exciting stuff in the New Year.

At the same time as going through that, I’ve been looking at revising my Blogging Business Bootcamp and we’re just running the live round now and everyone’s really enjoying it. I realised that we need to position that in a slightly different way for it to really resonate with people, so I’ve had a few things going on, I’ve had some great success, I’ve had the mini re-launch of a live round of a programme, and that is prime conditions for upper limits to appear.

Lo and behold, the last couple of weeks I’ve had a really killer sinus infection, the kind that you have to reluctantly take antibiotics for, and they made me hallucinate because they were so strong, and then my health was wiped out because my immune system was really low. Because I was off kilter, I wasn’t able to do my miracle morning practice which really earths me. Everything just felt out of whack, and it’s taken me some time to get back into the swing of things.

Let’s look at how I’ve been doing that.

First of all I was able to recognise that this was an upper limit problem. I could see that things had been going well for ages, so how strange then to be suddenly hit by illness. Yes, of course there’s a physical reason behind this stuff, but it’s always good to be in tune with things as they happen and to be able to realise when you can see that this might be a kind of upper limit problem.

It’s almost like a form of self-sabotage, really, that my body and my energy, somewhere in my subconscious had said,

hey, hang on a minute, it’s going too well, Jo, let’s just slow it all down!

The way that I’ve been working through that is to bring back in some practices to help work through this upper limit.

How I Bust Through It (and you can too)

I’ve brought in some EFT which I do on a regular basis anyway, but I’ve made sure that on a daily basis I’m tapping out some affirmations to get rid of some limiting self-beliefs. A great place to start with Emotional Freedom Technique is Brad Yates on YouTube.

I love Brad Yates, he’s an amazing guy. He does all these videos for free on YouTube, and one of the best ones to start with is Brad Yates’s Amazing Day EFT tapping routine. It’s a lovely one to do in the morning to set yourself up for the day, so I’ve been bringing EFT back into my daily practice.

I’m making sure that I meditate, even when, during this last upper limit problem and illness time I’ve had all sorts of emotions coming up, anger, negativity, loads of stuff coming out to play. Even when I’ve felt really out of sorts, I’ve tried to sit down, make myself sit with that feeling, meditate on it and work through it.

The other thing that I’ve done that I think is also super important is just to roll with it. I’ve really leant into this one, and last week I literally had to write off about two or three days to just sleep, I was so floored by this. I just went back to bed and slept, and we had to reschedule my calls and all my appointments, and I just got back under the duvet and rode it out.

Sometimes it’s what you have to do, just lean into it. This was a physical response to my body saying, right, it’s time out, Jo.

Yes of course, on a rational level we’ll look at it and say, well, you had a really bad sinus infection and antibiotics and of course bed’s the right thing, but when we know that we’re going through a personal development upper limit problem, because you’ve read about it, it resonates with you, experience tells me that this is what’s happening.

I was kind of able to lean into it with some insight and some knowledge that I was going to come through the other side, which is happening now.

But Don’t Worry – I’m Back!

I’m feeling back in the room, I’m still a bit tired, but I’m looking after myself and I can feel my clarity coming back, I can feel excitement back, I can feel that I’m back in tune with my own intuition and with what’s needed of me and my work. That’s a place where I want to stay for as long as possible whilst I carry on building stuff, but I know as I hit the next level of stuff it’s likely that I might encounter another upper limit problem.

This is something that I would urge you guys to be aware of. I would of course urge you to get The Big Leap and read about the work of the amazing Gay Hendricks, and I would urge you to be aware of whenever bad something happens straightaway after something good, just question whether it might be your version of an upper limit problem.

No-one Is Invincible

Just to put another example onto this one, I know that the infamous Marie Forleo has spoken in one of her videos about one of her upper limit problem experiences as well.

It was just after one of her biggest launches of B School ever, and she spoke about being in a yoga class and suddenly being overcome with feeling really ill, really sick, really dizzy, and this illness lasted for some time. She talked about how the doctors couldn’t find out what was wrong with her and everyone said it was a virus, and then one of her friends pointed out that it was an upper limit problem, and she recognised that.

She’d hit such a massive stage with B School that it was almost as if her energy vibration just couldn’t handle that level of success and it threw her out.

To give you another example, my lovely friend Laura Husson, who’s an incredible designer and expert of looking awesome online, she talks about one of her most memorable ULP experiences being that she was driving home from a big flashy photoshoot in London, and she had to pull over because she thought to herself, I’m going to throw up. Who does she think she is? What if I look ridiculous?

She told me she hid from launching her new brand for six months, and it took her some time to work through that upper limit problem, and when she put herself out there, the results were amazing and she’s completely smashed all of her goals. So Laura Husson, thank you so much for letting me shout out to you. Do go and find Laura on laurahusson.com, where you can see her new photos and her brand. She’s just incredible!

This happens to a lot of us and I’m sure it’s probably happening to you. If you’ve ever felt out of sorts either just before you’re doing something that’s stretching you or just after something amazing has been happening, just look into it and consider that this might be an upper limit problem. I would certainly use EFT to work through stuff.

Get in Touch With Your Peeps

Other tools that I use are going to my circle of friends and my mastermind. I speak to my coach and my mentors, I speak to my team about it and Team Diva are excellent experts at realising when I’m hitting an upper limit problem. We all speak this language in the team and it’s not unusual for me to hop in there and say, hey guys, I feel terrible, is it chronic fatigue or is it a ULP? Often it’s both!

We work through it and they can also be great at seeing it if I’m not able to be tuned in that day because I’m feeling out of kilter. Using your mastermind and circle of entrepreneur friends who understand this can be really helpful, because actually, if you talk to your friends in the real world and say, hey, I’m having an upper limit problem, I feel terrible, they might look at you as if you’re a little bit crazy.

Speak to people who get it, who’ve been there, who understand it and have that support around you and make sure that you have some tools to tap through it, to meditate through it, to speak about it and to lean into whatever emotion you’re feeling.

What About You?

Have you had upper limit problems? I would love to hear! Leave a comment below or you can hit me up on Twitter, @dexdiva, or on Facebook,.

If you are going through an upper limit problem right now, I totally understand and hope that you’re working your way through it. If you’ve never had one before, perhaps you’ll recognise one now if and when it rocks up, and just know that it means that you’re moving onto more amazing things.

Once again, check out The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, and you can find me on social media and of course on email, hello@dexterousdiva.co.uk, so let me know what you’re going through.

Alright guys, I’ll see you soon in the next episode, but hopefully my sinuses will have all completely cleared up and I will be way past the ULP and onto the next round of brilliance.

Podcasts: How I grew my podcast in 20 minutes a week to over 100k downloads

Podcasts are an incredible way to build an audience,  ignite your influence, and to offer valuable content to your clients and tribe.

Click the video below to listen to how I do it in 20 minutes a week, which has so far got us to over 100,000 downloads.



Links + Resources

My podcast on iTunes and here on the blog.



1. I gather questions and content ideas from throughout the week. Facebook groups are great for this.
(I screenshot things are they appear in Facebook and save ideas to Evernote).

2. Record audio (10 – 15 mins)

3. I send the file to Slack for team.(2 mins)

My part is now done! (and this is why outsourcing is great).

4. Team Diva then send file to the shared Dropbox folder with our transcriptionist.
(or you could have this done on Fiverr)

5. Catherine sends us back the transcript 2 days later.

6. Team Diva design an image.
(alternatively, you can do this in Canva or have it done for you on Fiverr).

7. Team Diva format the blog post for me, add the image and Podbean player, and schedule the podcast and post. (if you don’t have a team yet, you can do this part yourself).


Getting Started With Audio

If you want to start playing with audio, a great thing to do is to narrate your blog posts in Soundcloud, and include the audio as part of your newsletter or blog post, like I have done here.


Episode prompts:

Not sure how to get going and what to start talking about?

Here are some prompts for you:

1. Notice some questions being asked in Facebook groups that you know the answer to.
Record your answer, with your point of view and give examples.

2. Tell your story!
Sit down with the microphone and tell us how you got started in your business, what led you here?

3. Who (or what) has inspired you recently?
Share with us the story.

4. Have you read a book or blog recently that rocked your world?
Tell us about it!

5. Have you had a super happy client recently?
Tell us about them, their work, and how you helped them.



Snowball Microphone
Catherine Poole (our transcriptionist  – tell her Jo sent you!)


Useful Links:

Pat Flynn’s super useful podcast tutorial – Pat Flynn runs two of my favourite podcasts – Ask Pat and Smart Passive Income – so for an indepth tutorial, he is your man.

iTunes information on getting started with a podcast.



Grow and keep your raving fans
Brilliance Ignition masterclass
Blog Challenge

Grab your spot on Bootcamp right here to learn more about not only podcasting, but how to create kickass content for your business in way less time than you thought, while you pump up your profits and grow your influence online.

Blogging for Business Bootcamp is here.


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Have you tried podcasting yet?
Which are your favourite podcasts to listen to?

Share the love, and let us all know in the comments below!


Stay Brilliant,

jo gifford

The One Where I Chat to Webtech Wonder Woman

I always have SO MUCH FUN talking to Webtech Wonder Woman. This week we’re having a good old natter about websites, WordPress and what happens when it looks like you’re selling Viagra…

Website In A Box

I’d love to tell you a little bit about Jenny’s Website in a Box – OMG if I’d had this when I first started I would have bitten Jenny’s arm off.

It’s a great basic package, all you have to do is buy hosting and domain, send it over to Jenny who builds a safe, secure website with – and this is the best bit – GUIDED VIDEOS on how to use your new site. Plus hand holding in the first few weeks.

I’m a big believer in letting go of the things that make you cry (for me, it was Bookkeeping, deep joy in letting that one go!) – if your website is making you cry, give it to Jenny!

As Jenny says,

when you’re a solopreneur the most important person in your biz is yourself

What we mean is, if you’re dragging yourself down messing around with your website or writing copy or bookkeeping you aren’t giving yourself a snowball’s chance in hell of being your brilliant self.

We chat branding, investing in yourself, and seagull names. And, as well as that you can get a hit of kiss me quick, candyfloss, summer beach feeling from the background noise of seagulls.

Have you had any website disasters, darling? Let me know, comment below.

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Webtech Wonder Woman

Webtech Wonder Woman is the alter ego of Jenny Hume, whose mission in life is to remove the technical barriers that get in the way of having a brilliant online business.

With over a decade of experience in IT, Jenny now takes her love of technology out into the online solopreneur world. She refuses to stand by and let anyone believe that they can’t have an online biz because the “techie shite” is in the way.
As Webtech Wonder Woman, Jenny is here to show the world that technology is no barrier to having a kick-ass online business.

Blogging for Business: 8 Ways to Create Original Imagery

blogging for business


Visual content is HUGE (did you know we communicate more visually than we do verbally?)

Creating original imagery for your site is a super important way to hook in your readers, communicate on different levels, and  – frankly – look amazing when blogging for business.

Remember too, that imagery makes an article shareable on social media, and a little bit of social media traction is no bad thing for those stats and for growing your audience.
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Jo Gifford

My work is about helping people work in smarter, creative ways + getting their message out to the world via killer content—blogs, copy, images + social. I am a designer, writer, blogger, mentor, author, creativity addict + prolific geek. You could call it a portfolio career of multi-potential multi-passions. I call it being me.
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