Creativity, the Bullet Journal and Beyond (+ free download)

Staying creative as a content creator and business owner is absolutely key.

Not only to keep your business fresh but to stay sane and to stay human.

I have many tricks up my sleeve on staying creative (as you might expect!), so here is a round-up for you right here.

Bookmark this post, Evernote it, pin it, save it, and come back when you need to check in with yourself.

bullet journal

❤ Check in with your alternative creative lives and use them to fuel your fire

❤ Getting your workflow smart and sorted goes a long way to help creativity to flourish.
Check out these tools to help you.

❤ Grab these 10 creative thinking tips to get you on your way.

❤ How working less helps you to do more.

❤ A round-up of bullet journal ideas to kickstart your offline offloading.

❤ Struggling to make decisions? Read this post.

❤ Grab this bumper round up of tips and hacks to stay focussed, inspired  + creative.

I also love to plan out my “me time” a little, and to jot down things I would love to learn, listen to, read, try and do so when I get some time to myself I have my ideas in one place.

Maybe it’s a new podcast, playlist, self development book, novel, poems, TV show – anything that you fancy getting stuck into – jot it down every month and help yourself to get inspired.

To help you along your way, I have designed a monthly “me time” printable (which also comes in Bullet Journal Moleskine size), so use it, fill it out and help your creativity cook up some magic.

Grab your A4 printable here

Get the Bullet Journal Moleskine version here

Now, over to you! Inspire the rest of us – what are you planning to include on your list to re-light your fire? Let us know in the comments.

I am inspiring myself with a printable from @dexdiva

Stay super, inspired + creative,



The Bullet Journal: a visual round-up of ideas + inspiration

I am a recent Bullet Journal convert and I am hooked.

As a digital diva it may seem counter intuitive to use such an analogue method, but as you will see, there is SO much scope for creativity which totally gets my neurons firing.

“For the list-makers, the note-takers, the Post-It note pilots, the track-keepers, and the dabbling doodlers. Bullet journal is for those who feel there are few platforms as powerful as the blank paper page. It’s an analog system for the digital age that will help you organize the present, record the past, and plan for the future.”

For the un-initiated, here is a video on the Bullet Journal concept by creator Ryder Carroll.

If you follow my instagram feed you will know I have been so excited about how my Bullet Journal planning is rocking my world. It helps immensely to plan out my 3 hour working day, personal goals, blog post and podcast ideas, food diary logs, lists, goals and all sorts.

I have been delving around the interwebs to bring you an inspiring round up of Bullet Journal ideas + inspiration.


bullet journal icons

Great icons via Mike Rohde on Flickr (cc)


bullet journal kylaroma

Fab weekly planner via Kylaroma. 


Loving this monthly planner by Sweet and Sugar Pea Mommy.


bullet journal washi tape

Super cool tabs and washi tape planning via Violet Steel.


I totally stole The Mini’s pen stamps to play with icons via my instagram feed.


bullet journal how to

Some cool styling on these page planners. Love the hydration reminder too via Clarifilio.

how to bullet journal

Washi tape, day planning and floating Post It’s via my insta feed.


bullet journal

Bullet journal meets art journal via sketchbookbuttons on Flickr

bullet journal

A week of journals and tasks via

bullet journal

Gorgeous index system via Aprons ‘n Pearls 


Have you bitten the Bullet yet? *

I would love to hear your thoughts if you have.

Stay tuned for more tips – you can follow my Bullet Journal board on Pinterest, my instagram has regular tips.

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Stay sorted,

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*sorry, it HAD to be done.

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