Are you ready to kick off the cookie cutters, to revel in your awesome and really amp up your biz?.

So let’s do it. Let’s ignite your brilliance. Together.

The world of a solopreneur can be a noisy, frenzied place.

So many gurus, rules, New Shiny Things, apps, updates, groups and, just, STUFF.

Reacting to what you think you should be doing can take away the focus on what will really kickstart your business and the life you want.

Igniting your true brilliance sets you miles apart from the cookie cutter herd as you stand in your own power. Brilliantly.

cookie cutters

There is another way –

your own, brilliant way.

When you ignite your true brilliance, you work to your very best natural instincts and qualities, you add more value to your audience naturally and you purposefully, intentionally, create your own way.


Build your business by making time and space for creative thinking, allowing original ideas to come, and build a platform to test and revise them.

Brilliance in business puts you away above the herd.

Brilliance makes you remarkable.

Brilliance is making time and space for creativity, nurturing ideas and holding space for them to come.

Brilliance is finding your flow and working in it, time after time for incredible results.

Brilliance is finding clarity through creation.

Brilliance is building ideas into concepts that serve, and putting them out to the world.

Brilliance knows the power of revision and learning as a fast track to even bigger success.

Brilliance is tapping into your unique USP, using your innate originality, and working with your true strengths.

What is the Brilliance Ignition Process™?

The Brilliance Ignition Process™ by Jo Gifford is designed to make space in your life and your business for creative thinking, focus, action taking, revision and refining your hustle.

By working with a range of techniques and developing Brilliance Ignition™ habits, you set up a workflow set for success, designed to set you apart.

Inspire, create, smart up your super power source code and flex your hustle muscle with intent.

Inspire. Create. Invent. Revise. Repeat. Grow.

Take your first steps to ignite your brilliance with my free Brilliance Ignition Power Moves Map Masterclass.

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