If you’ve ever gotten a manicure, you may have been asked if you prefer square or round nails. You can shape your nails to be very square, like a horizontal line above your fingertips. You can also make them quite rounded, like a perfect arch. Nail shape is a matter of personal preference, but there are some things to know before you shape your nails. You might find that meeting in the middle (a little square, a little round) is the best way to shape your nails.

Square Nails

Fingernails often tend to grow a bit rounded, but you can create a square shape as well. Square nails tend to be stronger since the side of the nails and the tip is even.

 Rounded Nails

Some people prefer having fingernails with a more rounded shape. However, making the nails into a perfect arch can weaken them.
Most experts recommend that you allow nails to be rounded at the tip, but square at the sides. The sides of your nail provide the strength for the tip of the fingernail. Therefore, if you file your nails to too much of a point, the nails may split at the sides. Also, nails that are too pointy or rounded tend to break more easily.

 Creating a Nail Shape

A manicurist can help you create the nail shape you like. Or, you can create the nail shape yourself. Use a nail file rather than clippers or scissors to shape your nails. If you need to cut the nail, use clippers rather than scissors.

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In order to obtain square nails, you need to let them grow out a little before shaping them so that they can be even. To obtain rounded nails, let them grow out at least an eighth of an inch beyond your fingertip before shaping.

What Nail Shape Says About Your Health

Sometimes, the shape of your nails may make a statement about your health. If the shape of your fingernails is abnormal, consult your doctor. Whatever nail shape you choose, regularly groom your nails to keep them strong and healthy. Avoid biting your nails, since nail biting can damage your nail beds, cause infections, and prevent your nails from holding their shape. Remember, nails, like hair, grow back! You can have fun with your nail shape, and try different shapes that work for you.

 Tips to Make your Manicure Last

Well groomed nails exude confidence and care from the person sporting them. This is why many women spend the time and money to have their nails done regularly. There are few things more frustrating in life than watching a fresh manicure chip and peel under the wear and tear of daily life.