The Work You Do Isn’t What You Think It Is

So you do the work. But what is it?

Most days of the week I work from home in the morning, then jump on my bike, podcast in ears, and cycle to work in a lovely local café/bar.

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The manager is a gorgeous soul (shout out to Amanda).

People are drawn to her and her huge smile, welcoming energy, and she always has time to chat.

Whether it’s the old guys who come in for a cup of tea every Monday and Friday on market days, the old lady who comes in daily all by herself for a cappuccino, the entrepreneurs like me who come in for some human interaction, or the Mums with small peeps in tow who come for a caffeine injection, it’s a place to call home for that part of the day.

Amanda recently said on Facebook that she thinks her real job is to light up people’s days.

And it is.

Sure, the nuts and bolts of it is ordering food and drink stock, sorting out the rota and timetables, managing staff, all that stuff…

But the REAL work? It’s being there for people.

I am a huge believer that the WORK is not the work.

So yes, I am all about helping people ignite their brilliance and get their message out to the world, but what does that DO?

It brings inspiration. Power. Confidence. Strength. Opportunities.

Most people, whether they are Killer Content Academy members, or 1:1 clients, all say the same thing – the overwhelm has gone.

There is confidence and excitement. And THAT’s powerful.

So, here is what I would love to know, what is the REAL work of YOUR work? What is the underlying magic that you create?

Hop on over to our Facebook group, and share what comes up for you as you think about this.

There is no right or wrong. No judgements.
No gold stars being handed out. Just insights.

Those insights can also fuel the way you talk to your clients, your audience, your peeps, even yourself.
I can’t wait to hear what your magic is (then go and tell the world!)

To your continued magical awesomeness,




Jo Gifford

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