Chatting with Shari Teigman

I’ve been chatting with the ADORABLE Shari Teigman.

We talked playground hustle (yeah baby, I’ve always had it!), health issues and Type A tendencies in our musings through my particular journey. We all get to our HERE in a different way. Some choose the path, some fall onto it and some of us get a little shove from the big U.

It’s PERFECT – Now What To Do With it?

The online world is PERFECT for me. I just had to try out a few things to find out exactly what I was supposed to be doing in it! (Actually, that’s a work in progress – ask my team.) And I think that’s true for a lot of people.

I love being a hustle partner in crime, and seeing my clients explode into their own special Brilliance makes my flippin day! Shari is just the same, we could have been separated at birth (except she got the States and I got a country village in the UK). So talking about helping our clients realise that they ALREADY have all the pieces, and showing them how to put them together was

And also anyone who says this:

being creative is a state of mind, not an activity

will always be on my Christmas list.

Crazy, Crazy World

Amazingly we also found time to discuss the crazy brain and world of an entrepreneur. The ups, downs and bits in between. I’ve got some advice for the 2 problems which ALL entrepreneurs have – either not enough ideas or too many ideas!

You can listen here:

Creative Soul Lab

You can find Shari in all her sparkle making glory here, and the podcast on iTunes here.

We talked about my Brilliance Ignition Process which you can find here – jump right in, and I’ll see you there, darling one!

Stay in your Brilliance lane,

jo gifford



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