Talking Brilliance with Adrienne Dorison

Hey guys,

This week it’s my turn to be the guest! The lovely Adrienne Dorison invited me to her fabulous podcast.

We talked about some topics which are so close to my heart like:

  • Content creation & re-purposing content
  • Working smarter as a solopreneur Mum
  • Working with chronic illnesses
  • Using tech to build a business with a chronic illness and family
  • How to set up smart working to make more of your time

You can check it out here:

Adrienne & Jo podcast

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Adrienne Dorison

Adrienne Dorison is the host of The School of Self-Mastery podcast, a no-nonsense business coach to entrepreneurs who are ready to make bigger impacts & profits with their work AND a passionate dog-mom.

Adrienne teaches her clients how to overcome the blocks that hold them back, helps them identify what they REALLY want in life, and shows them how to leverage their strengths & develop personalized success habits so that their success and freedom becomes inevitable.



Jo Gifford

My work is about helping people work in smarter, creative ways + getting their message out to the world via killer content—blogs, copy, images + social. I am a designer, writer, blogger, mentor, author, creativity addict + prolific geek. You could call it a portfolio career of multi-potential multi-passions. I call it being me.
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