45 things I'm learning from business growing pains

45 Things I am Learning From Business Growing Pains

45 things I'm learning from business growing painsWe go through A LOT of ups and downs on our entrepreneurial journeys, guys!

One moment on top of the world, full of passion and driven to make it happen, the next having a little cry and wondering if it will ever JUST CLICK, or if it will get any easier or why people don’t like you!

I’m here to tell you that all of those things happen to all of us (and anyone who says otherwise has their pants on fire)

I’ve pulled together this list of things I’ve learnt from MY growing pains. And the thing is that although it is “pain” it is also GROWTH. And that, my darlings, is the gold.

    1. The ebbs and flows get easier to manage (they do, I promise).
    2. You can’t do it all alone (here’s my advice on building your team).
    3. You need someone to check your main enquiry/info inbox for reasons of actual sanity.
    4. …and to respond on your behalf.
    5. You need somewhere to let it out with people who understand.
    6. And somewhere to go with people who don’t get it at all.
    7. The bigger the growth, the more ULP’s show up (more about that here).
    8. Surround yourself with the best minds.
    9. Forgive yourself when you fuck up (you will, but that’s ok).
    10. And admit your mistakes.
    11. Be vulnerable, but keep your dignity.
    12. Be open and accessible, but with clear boundaries.
    13. Be willing to be disliked.
    14. But be open to being loved even more.
    15. Note your moments of brilliance (find out how to ignite it here).
    16. And repeat them again and again.
    17. Be ready to outgrow your previous expectations.
    18. And work on your mindset daily (check out some rituals here).
    19. Safeguard your time and your energy.
    20. But be generous with your intentions.
    21. Keep trying, launching, offering, tweaking.
    22. Learn from each time and grow.
    23. Stay focussed, but let your dreams roam wild.
    24. Tell others what you learned to help them too.
    25. Learn to love failure (check out this post to help).
    26. But love success more.
    27. On the days when it all feels too much, take a step back.
    28. and revel in the comments, love, thanks, and shout outs then they come.
    29. Let go of the hate mail with love and light.
    30. And focus on who you serve with your heart.
    31. Remember that your energy and intentions are a magnet.
    32. Practise managing both daily.
    33. Your very best work now will be next year’s learning curve.
    34. You can’t hack experience (but you can invest and grow faster).
    35. Keep investing in yourself – smart small and stretch each time.
    36. Go with your gut. Always.
    37. Remember that mastery trumps masquerade every time.
    38. The world is yours, and potential is limitless.
    39. Read, read, read, read, read again.
    40. Make time for yourself or it all falls down.
    41. Learn to grow into a leader.
    42. Your only obstacle is your mind.
    43. Subscribers are a number – raving fans are golden (here’s how to find and keep ’em).
    44. You are probably not charging enough.
    45. Get systems in place. Then breathe.

I’d love to know what lessons you’ve been learning – let me know here or come and find me on Facebook or Twitter @dexdiva.

Stay in your brilliance lane,

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