The One Where I Chat to Webtech Wonder Woman

I always have SO MUCH FUN talking to Webtech Wonder Woman. This week we’re having a good old natter about websites, WordPress and what happens when it looks like you’re selling Viagra…

Website In A Box

I’d love to tell you a little bit about Jenny’s Website in a Box – OMG if I’d had this when I first started I would have bitten Jenny’s arm off.

It’s a great basic package, all you have to do is buy hosting and domain, send it over to Jenny who builds a safe, secure website with – and this is the best bit – GUIDED VIDEOS on how to use your new site. Plus hand holding in the first few weeks.

I’m a big believer in letting go of the things that make you cry (for me, it was Bookkeeping, deep joy in letting that one go!) – if your website is making you cry, give it to Jenny!

As Jenny says,

when you’re a solopreneur the most important person in your biz is yourself

What we mean is, if you’re dragging yourself down messing around with your website or writing copy or bookkeeping you aren’t giving yourself a snowball’s chance in hell of being your brilliant self.

We chat branding, investing in yourself, and seagull names. And, as well as that you can get a hit of kiss me quick, candyfloss, summer beach feeling from the background noise of seagulls.

Have you had any website disasters, darling? Let me know, comment below.

And to get Jenny’s great Website in a Box deal click here.


Webtech Wonder Woman

Webtech Wonder Woman is the alter ego of Jenny Hume, whose mission in life is to remove the technical barriers that get in the way of having a brilliant online business.

With over a decade of experience in IT, Jenny now takes her love of technology out into the online solopreneur world. She refuses to stand by and let anyone believe that they can’t have an online biz because the “techie shite” is in the way.
As Webtech Wonder Woman, Jenny is here to show the world that technology is no barrier to having a kick-ass online business.



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