The Road To Solopreneur Success

road to solopreneur success

Success is whatever you deem it to be.

As a solopreneurs, we might all have very different definitions of “making it”.

It might be:

  • your first 10k month,
  • your first media write up,
  • your first sell out e-course;

Whatever it is, it is likely to be deeply personal.

Whatever your definition is, make the realisation of them tangible, enjoyable, and trackable to celebrate each moment as you pass them.

My Ideas

For me, my goals as a solopreneur were always to love what I do, to inspire others, to make life better for my family financially, and to teach my daughters about the power of self-employment for women.

Beyond those, on a very practical level, I wanted to build a career for myself that allowed for my family, for my health issues, and for my personal development as a human being.

I can certainly say I achieved those goals, and seek to deepen them daily.

I was a childhood entrepreneur, with a colourful, multi-passionate and multi-directional portfolio career that followed. The experience of going solo is something I am proud of, and I treasure the experiences that I collect along the way.

What story can you tell yourself about your life and biz today?
Tell, it, speak it, live it! Jo Gifford – Hustlin’ Heroes

My Goals

When I started out, success meant quitting the 9-5 and having my own freedom.

My next goal was to make enough to pay the rent and to feed myself sufficiently well (yep, being an entrepreneur can make and break you!).

Next up, my goal was to travel more, working as I went, and to enjoy the flexibility of my new freedom based lifestyle.

My goals along the way have been to increase my readers and audience, to be featured on certain sites, to become talked about, respected, and well known as a leader in my field.

As each day, week, month and year passes, my goals change as do my definitions of success.

My aims on the vision board change regularly, as I reach new levels of my own version of success. My financial goals become higher as I become comfortable with more clients and products, a bigger audience, more opportunities for collaboration, and a higher profile.

The life of an entrepreneur evolves at 4 times the speed of a “normal” person.
Who wants to be normal? Jo Gifford – Hustlin’ Heroes

Risk and Growth

As my goals become larger with more challenges, risks and exposure, there is more scope for failure and vulnerability as I progress. Embracing those risks, in your own time, brings growth.

My goals for success are always linked to my goals for myself as a person – after all, mindset and the choices we make are at the heart of everything we do in life, which applies to business in every sense.

  • It takes guts to go solo.
  • It take courage to be visible, to put your soul and your name on the line as you make your living.
  • It takes daily habits, actions, choices and failures to have success.
  • It takes continued learning, mentors, masterminds, resilience, investments, highs, lows and everything in between to continue on this road.

Going solo and making it – whatever that might mean to you – always requires that you love what you do enough to keep learning, growing, and rebuilding yourself after each failure.

It means igniting your own brilliance, committing daily to being the best self you can be, and to keep on truckin’.

A dream starts with a challenge.
Where is your challenge today? Now, go find the dream. Jo Gifford – Hustlin’ Heroes


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