Blogging for Business: 8 Ways to Create Original Imagery

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Visual content is HUGE (did you know we communicate more visually than we do verbally?)

Creating original imagery for your site is a super important way to hook in your readers, communicate on different levels, and  – frankly – look amazing when blogging for business.

Remember too, that imagery makes an article shareable on social media, and a little bit of social media traction is no bad thing for those stats and for growing your audience.

Stealing imagery is a no-no, and copyright can get you into all sorts of hot water, so what to do? If you aren’t a designer, you don’t have Photoshop and you don’t want to keep buying stock imagery, how can you create imagery for blogs, whether yours or for a client?

Well, I have some ideas up my sleeve.

Getting creative is always a handy exercise in these matters and you don’t need to have expensive kit or spend lots of money to get imagery for your blog.

Here are five ways to create original blog imagery without breaking the bank:

1. Fiverr.
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – Fiverr is an incredibly useful “micro tasking” site and it is incredibly easy to get amazing original imagery for your site for just $5.
As always, research the gigs and sellers to check for reputation, but I have used Fiverr often and can honestly say it is a goldmine for original imagery.

2. Go Lomo
Instagram fans out there will, I am sure, be accustomed to snapping away, adding a filter and creating original imagery. Instagram has the added benefit of being super easy to add to a post from your camera roll or photo stream. I encourage you to get even more creative with your lomo snaps – why not  take pics of letters, words and pics that you have collaged? Use existing typography and ephemera to fuel your snaps, or sketch/hand write a phrase then get your smartphone zapping on it.

Here are some handy instagram apps to help you along too.

3. Polyvore
Polyvore is a really simple tool that can be immensely useful to bloggers and content creators.  I also did a screencast on creating original imagery for blogs on Polyvore, so check it out when you have a moment. Although it will excite fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers more than other sectors as it acts as another social media platform, the functionality remains the same and there are many useful resources on there for creating text and image overlays easily.

4. Collage it!
Collaging is a really fun and inventive way to get creative and original with your blog imagery. Why not collage using magazines and newspapers like an old school mood board and capture the results on your smartphone or SLR? Similarly, you can use one of the many free or inexpensive apps available which help you make collages from your existing images. I use instaframe and Picframe, but many versions are available for iPhone, iPad or Android.

5. Creative Commons search
Creative Commons is a license that image creators can assign to their work so it may be used without copyright problems. Often, work with a Creative Commons license requires an attribution to be made to the artist. You can search for Creative Commons licensed imagery here:

6.Canva  is a super simple to use piece of kit that has a drag and drop capability. I would recommend using original backgrounds and textures/images to avoid looking like everyone else. Make it your own, baby!

7. Unsplash has a wealth of amazing, “do-what-you-want-with-it” selection of images. Go, search, enjoy!

8. Creative Market is an incredible resource of images, vector graphics, fonts, and more. The resources are a really affordable toolkit addition, and watch out for the free downloads every Monday.


So there you have it, 8 ways to create original imagery for your blog and I haven’t mentioned Photoshop once! (well,ok I did at the start, but that doesn’t count…does it?).

Want more? I have a free guide to Visual Content right here.

You’re welcome.


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