50 Things I’ve Done In The Last 12 Months To Ramp Up My Life And Biz

50 things to ramp up your bizYou know how when you take a step back you get better perspective? Like your Dad moving the Sunday papers further away to be able to read them 😉 ?

I’m on holiday at the moment (ahhhhhh, lush) and it’s having this little bit of distance from the every day which has helped me see the huge strides that I’ve made both in my personal and business life.

Here’s my list of FIFTY things, some big some small, that have helped to make the difference. Enjoy!

  1. Found a great NLP and CBT specialist and made a date with her every month.
  2. Stopped eating wheat and dairy. My body loves me.
  3. Started to walk as much as I can, every day. Podcasts on, trainers on, go.
  4. Began my Miracle Morning routine, and found it is super sacred me time before the day begins. I feel grounded, inspired, powerful.
  5. Indulged in 1:1 yoga every few weeks. Major body and energy happiness. I am now breathing properly too, which is pretty fundamental.
  6. Ploughed through and devoured book after book after book after podcast after podcast after book. Learning goes deep when it’s all around you.
  7. Made a choice to watch TV less. There is DEFINITELY a time for mindless and fun 90’s films and TV dramas, but my brain cells need a little more documentaries, amazingly directed films, comedy, and, actually, silence.
  8. Started believing in myself more. Wow, I am capable of so much.
  9. Let go of the “shoulds”- shoulds are in the realm of other people’s expectations of you. No, no, no.
  10. Dreamed bigger, and bigger again.
  11. Invested in myself.
  12. Invested in myself again.
  13. Sought out coaches and mentors who added more value to my life in so many ways than an hourly rate can even describe.
  14. Sorted out my money blocks.
  15. Hit a new level. Sorted out money blocks again.
  16. Re-discovered that play leads to brilliance.
  17. Remembered that I am enough.
  18. Discovered that actions are just just choices made over and over, and they make a profound difference.
  19. Hired, incrementally, an amazing team. Team Diva inspire me support me, challenge me and provide office banter daily. I adore them.
  20. Started checking in with a mastermind/accountability buddy. There is HUGE power in combined thoughts, skills, energies, and knowing someone has your back through the highs and lows.
  21. Looked at my vision board every day, always smiling when things begin to happen.
  22. Got super active in Facebook groups, but in small chunks of time. Facebook is awake 24/7, I am most definitely not.
  23. Moved to checking emails once a day. Sanity, ahoy.
  24. Tried, failed, tried again.
  25. Cried. Learned from each mistake. Moved on (amazingly it gets easier each time).
  26. Booked girl time with my friends – spa days, weekends away. My soul needs girl time.
  27. Said no to projects and clients that weren’t a good fit. They need to come to life somewhere else.
  28. Re-discovered the power and joy of creating content daily, whether purposeful or just putting pen to paper (or keyboard to 750words.com).
  29. Reached out to people I really admire. Turns out they admire me too.
  30. Gave my time and knowledge freely to projects and people I am passionate about.
  31. Raised my rates.
  32. Changed the ratio of dreaming to action to suit me better (and to make more room for dreaming).
  33. Enjoy every second of being with my amazing daughters. They are teaching me so much about wonder, innocence, and play.
  34. Upgraded my wardrobe, skincare, and haircare. When I feel awesome, I believe in myself.
  35. Invested in the skills of others when I need them. I am not here to do everything, and I my brilliance is not in everything.
  36. Kept a note of every heartfelt email, thank you note and testimonial.
  37. Had the coil removed. Hello natural cycles and connection with myself.
  38. Hung out online (and off) with ladies who show me what’s possible.
  39. Went more visible without being perfect. Periscopes are perfect for jumping on, whenever and wherever, to connect and be available. No lights and make up. Just me.
  40. Started my podcast. Loved it.
  41. Had intuitive readings, and got blown away each time.
  42. Discovered the power of mandalas.
  43. Built in regular cleanses to love my body right back.
  44. Connected with my inner mentor. She is a pretty amazing woman and I am becoming her every day.
  45. Decluttered often to make energetic space for new opportunities.
  46. Hired a cleaner. Oh my goodness, sanity saver.
  47. Told the truth about myself – to myself, to my clients and audience. Realness and rawness connects people.
  48. Started going to bed super early and before my second, third or fourth wind powers me through.
  49. Had a make-up update. Surprisingly powerful in so many ways.
  50. Started believing in myself again.

I’m not telling you these things to be a show off (except the new make up, that rocks – seriously. Do it.) but so you can see that all the small things really do add up.So which of the list do you do? Or would you recommend any extras for me?

Let me know.




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  • http://www.poutinginheels.com/ Pouting In Heels

    What a wonderful and inspiring list Jo! Loved this so much. Always great to check in on where we are with things and see how far we’ve progressed. Thanks for the inspiration and keep on working smarter, dreaming bigger and living brighter! 😉 x

    • Jo Gifford

      Always lovely to see you in my comments, darling Katie! Thanks so much, would love to her your list, too! x

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