I am a Miracle Morning Convert


I am a Miracle Morning convert. Here’s why:

Finding space in the day for myself as an entrepreneur and mum of two? Nah. Not happening.

Or, I might schedule in a walk, some meditation, some reading time etc and do them, but then feel stressed that I only have an hour left to get stuff done on my business before the kids come home from school (I don’t like to work late often – circadian rhythms gooooone, baby).

So, thanks to Yo Pal Hal, I have been setting my alarm for 6am, and starting my day on my own. Heaven.

Yup, I would also have also conceded prior to this that I am not a morning person, but I actually wake up excited to have this time ALL TO MYSELF.

I meditate for a few minutes, look at my vision board, read a blog post from someone who challenges and inspires me, or read a few pages of a personal development book; I do some yoga stretches, journal in my 5 minute journal, then free write on 750words.com.

The results so far after 10 days are astounding.

  • I am more focussed (making the choice to do this for myself each day is a parallel of the choices we make daily to progress or not in our growth.
  • I am more inspired – dedicated time to read materials I love has just rocked up.
  • I feel more grounded. Starting the day with some inner work and mediation, gratitudes and journalling does that for you.
  • I am nicer to my kids and my partner in the morning. When I have spent time by myself, FOR myself, I feel ready and able to do the breakfast chaos, to be present with the Minis and to hang out with them mindfully. I am noticeably less grumpy, and find I haven’t shouted my usual “yes, yes, I am coming – can I JUST make a cup of tea first, PLEASE” mantra for a long while now.
  • I am generating some content gems. When you write 750 words a day some nuggets rock up. As I talk about in Brilliance Ignition, creating daily content gives clarity in your mind, and free writing as per our amazing Julia Cameron really does work magic.
  • I feel more like the person I am becoming, or want to be when I grow up. Yep, this week I found myself doing yoga outside on the balcony in the South of France as the sun came up, having had my smoothie and done my journalling. Ohhhhh, I am THAT person. That’s what successful people do!

I know now why successful people create habits and stick to them. This practise of my time for myself is making huge shifts, in just one hour a day.

7 hours a week all to myself makes a huge difference. I am reading, meditating, rocking my asanas (I plan to get back to Shawn and T25 soon), writing, inspiring myself, and all sorts.

It’s a Small Price to Pay

Yes, I DO go to bed super early to get up early, but my early nights are part of my CFS management routine anyway. Also, I would much, MUCH rather have an early night and feel amazing about what I have accomplished and how I feel than spend an evening watching TV or losing brain cells on Buzzfeed. Just sayin’…

I have learned to be super quiet on my tippy toes as I make my way downstairs to start my routine – small people have been known to join me when they hear me get up. We have had SO MANY squeaky doors that, it turns out; WD40 has been a huge part of my Miracle Morning routine too.

And, I’m Passing on This Habit

One of my Minis, Eva, really respects what she calls “mummy’s quiet time”. On the occasions she has woken up as I snuck downstairs and got up with me, she has been more than happy to sit with me quietly and do some drawing, or colouring in her mandalas while I do my yoga postures or journalling. I love that she will see a habit that may benefit her as she gets older, too. Teaching Eva to respect my quiet time has been a really sweet little contract between us, and I make sure I respect my new carved out time as well.

So, I am a nicer, more inspired, grounded and successful person. I am more patient, creative, and happier all round.

Miracle morning, indeed.

Extra Reading

Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

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Brilliance Ignition

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  • http://youtube.com/TheFunnyrats lanevids

    I just started the miracle morning 4 days ago. It has really helped me in all the ways that it has helped you. It’s amazing what an hour of focused time can do for your body.

    I also have one that likes to get up early, and it’s usually at my last part, exercise, so I just put him in the stroller and take him for a run with me! He slept in late today and when I got back, he woke up and was crying because he wanted to go running with me.

    These children are watching what we are doing and hopefully will instill good habits in them as well. I’ve been documenting my journey on YouTube doing the miracle morning. Here’s a link if you care to check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkNfMOQQdx4&list=PLr15H0y-sbvgY8tKw_pdK9TiNnOWEwbis

    • Jo Gifford

      Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing xoxoox

      • http://youtube.com/TheFunnyrats lanevids

        You’re welcome! It’s really been awesome for me so far!

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