Episode #24 How To Create an Opt-in for Your Biz

Episode 24 How to create an Opt In

Hi everyone, it’s episode 24 of Work Smarter, Dream Bigger, Live Brighter, and it’s me, your host, Jo Gifford, the Dexterous Diva.

Today I’m taking a little peep at how to create an opt-in for your biz.

What the hell is an opt-in?

If any of you out there are not familiar with an opt-in, what I’m talking about – and I know that you guys will have all seen this – is something that you opt into when you visit a site.

Often times you’ll land on a site and there’ll be what we call a lead page or an opt-in bar saying,

hey, grab my e-book, my free book on five ways to grow your business

or here’s my 25 top tips on losing weight in three months, or whatever it is! The opt-in is always free, it’s a generous free gift of information which, as a potential customer and lead for these peeps, we are really keen to jump on and take advantage of.

What happens is we get added to that person’s list. Because the offer is attractive to us and really resonates, it’s likely that we will buy from that person later on and so we’re signed up to receive their updates as and when they have something to launch and sell to us.

But I Don’t Know What to Offer…

Creating an opt-in for your business is often something that we can push to the back of our to-do list because it’s one of those things, it’s like, oh, what shall I offer, what will people want from me, how can I create this thing?

It’s such a crucial part of growing business, of finding your audience, of getting new clients and growing that list and all that really good stuff, so it’s something that is not to be ignored.

So let’s jump in and take a look at what kind of opt-ins you could create for your business, and they come in all different shapes and sizes. What you might want to create depends on the way that you love to work, on what your audience responds to and what they need, and how you like to create content.

Some Ideas

An opt-in could be an e-book, and this is a really popular way to have a quick win, so something that people can download instantly and read on their smartphone or on their tablet, and they can get access to your information really quickly.

It might be a mini e-course, and as you guys know I’ve done lots of these in the past, so my blog challenge is a mini e-course, Five Days to Raving Fans was a mini e-course, and also the Brilliance Ignition free masterclass is a full week e-course. In that instance you might want to create a series of emails which hit people’s inboxes and they can act on them every day, and in a moment we’ll be coming to why you might want to do an e-book over an e-course.

An opt-in could also be an audio or video series and often times you’ll see entrepreneurs do a three video series opt-in, so you’ll sign up to receive a certain number of videos that will teach you certain strategies and that will then lead on to being able to upgrade to the bigger product.

They could also be a webinar, so you sign up to a webinar on something and later on you can upgrade to whatever offer was made to you in the webinar.

That’s all good, but why are we thinking about doing opt-ins?

First of all, it offers real value to your audience, you’re being shown to be super generous, you’re sharing your skills and knowledge and you get to showcase your expertise.

Know Like Trust

When people read your stuff or listen to your webinars or watch your videos or take your e-course, they have a real flavour for you and your brand and how you work, and they get to kind of have a mini experience of working with you for nothing. What that does is really ramps up the know, like and trust factor.

Anybody opting into your stuff really has a sense of what it’s like to work with you, how your language is used, whether you resonate with them and whether what you’re teaching and showing is of relevance. Also providing an opt-in is a fantastic way to allow your future and potential clients to have a quick win with you.

Quick Win

What that means is if you show them something that they can apply really quickly using your e-book or using some of your strategies in your mini e-courses or your webinars or your videos, and it makes an impact in their business, then they’re going to really trust you and want to buy from you in the future.

It really helps to create a raving fan loyalty relationship, and creating a quick win might look like showing somebody how to do a blog post in less time, for example, or on my blog challenge opt-in, which is a ten day mini blog challenge, I give a little step each day to really improve your blog for business.

I used that for a while as my mini info opt-in which led into Blogging for Business Bootcamp which, as of June 2015, is currently undergoing a massive upgrade to something super exciting, so you guys want to stay tuned for that.

So it’s all about giving quick wins, so for example in my blog challenge I was showing people how to make quick changes to their Pinterest boards to get more traffic to their blog and I was showing people how to quickly make amends to an old blog post to have new content.

I was giving loads of tips where people then learned so much about their business and their blogging in little bite-sized chunks, and they saw tangible results and that leads to trust.

Lemme Give You An Example

In fact one of the greatest examples I’ve had of an opt-in leading to a sale really quickly was ages ago when I first signed up to Leonie Dawson’s list – I signed up and I got a really cool designed book by her like a little e-book that she designed which had some strategies and videos in there for growing your business.

It spoke to me so much at that time in my business that I signed straight up to her Amazing Biz and Life Academy. I was struggling with the things that she was offering at that time, and for those of you who know Leonie’s work, she really speaks to women who are starting off in their biz and they’re really struggling with knowing where on earth to get started, which was where I was a while ago now. I signed up for her list, I got the opt-in, it made total sense to me, I really resonated with it and I signed up on the spot.

That is a great example of trust, so from that offer of the free thing, the free high value generous offer, I signed up, and as you can imagine, the bigger the offer at the end – whether it’s a 90 day coaching package or a massive product like B School or something like that – the free opt-in offers are likely to be in proportion to that.

Another great example is Marie Forleo. Marie gives us free weekly content via her Marie TV every single week, and she sells a massive product once a year, so we have all year to get to know her and how she works, her language and her style and all the impact that she can add to our businesses, and then once a year she goes, hey guys, here’s what I’m doing and you can join in.

Jab, Jab, Right Hook

This is what the amazing Gary Vaynerchuk talks about in his book, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. For those of you who haven’t read it, it’s a great one. It talks about the jab, jab, which is the free stuff, so you’re giving free stuff, free stuff, free stuff, oh, right hook, here’s an offer. If you’re constantly pitching with buy my stuff, buy my stuff, people are going to be, well, why? I haven’t really gained any trust for you, I don’t know what it’s like to work with you, so by giving away an insight to work with you, it can really help to build that trust.

You might say,

but I’m doing that already on my blog, Jo. I’m already providing content on my podcasts and on my blog

Yes, you are, and what people love to have, even more than all the free content that you’re already doing to content market for your biz, which is super important, what people love to have even more than that is convenience.

Even if you don’t want to create something new, you could collate together some of your popular blog posts, audios or videos that you already have and put them into an e-book, and that’s a great way to get started with this stuff.

Keeping It Together

People love to have things in one place, so maybe you’ve got some themed posts on your blog, so I could do a blogging tips one or a solopreneur working mum theme, pull together all the posts I have on that, put it into an e-book and that could be my opt-in.

To do that is really, really simple. You can either get your VA or somebody on Fiverr or Elance to pull together your posts in one Google document and you can have those designed super cheaply and effectively. Obviously it’s worth paying for good design, but you could have them laid out effectively for not much money.

Try asking around in your communities for who’s great at doing layouts for e-books, and when you’re just starting, just to get it done is better than not at all. Put your information into a package that makes it easy for people to know, like and trust you.

Be thinking about how you can add to people’s lives and their businesses by giving them a quick win. This is the key factor when people will think, right, I’m going to buy from you, you’ve just shown me something so cool really quickly that I now want to buy your product.

When you’re thinking about your opt-in, it can be really handy to have a look around, see what people are doing for their opt-ins, but not to copy, not at all, I’m not a fan of doing what other people are doing, but by looking around it might spark some ideas. What I would always, always recommend is to go through the Brilliance Ignition process on this, and for those of you who don’t know about the Brilliance Ignition process, you can grab my free mastermind on it here.

YOU Are Unique, Yes You Are

Go through that whole process of brainstorming your unique difference, thinking about what you can teach your clients, and finding space to allow that magic to come in your working day while you’re seeking answers of how to provide value to people.

You can use the content daily approach which I talk about in Brilliance Ignition to start chunking the stuff up and do a little bit every day, because by taking action every single day you get real clarity for chunking away at stuff and for also getting really original and inventive, which is what you want to do. You want to stand out from the others and really be you in your brand and in your offer.

Really think about a way to be original in what you’re offering. Obviously there are blueprints out there for people have already done, and you can certainly use that to get yourself started, but really think about what you can offer that’s completely different. How can you nail your brand and your awesome expertise in an offer that’s really going to help people to know, like and trust you.

Opt-In Unpacked

At the moment I’ve just started offering a package to do just that, and it’s called Opt-in Unpacked, and you can find it here. I developed this really because I’ve had so many people from my community and VIP clients not knowing where to get started with a mini info opt-in. A mini info opt-in simply means it’s a mini version of information for your business.

I’m really excited about Opt-in Unpacked because I’ve already had so many people sign up for it that we’ve got a waiting list, it’s fantastic! It includes:

  • five powerful mini info opt-in titles that will entice your clients and leave them wanting more, so if you’re really wondering what to do for your opt-in, you get this in your package, and I give you loads of ideas.
  • You also get ten compelling content titles to support your persuasive promo, so while you’re promoting your opt-in, I’ve given you ten titles for either your guest post, your vlogs, your podcasts or your blog posts, whatever,
  • I also write your opt-in page copy, written and ready to roll,
  • along with ten social media slammers to share the love and showcase your expertise.

Opt-in Unpacked gives you the concepts, it gives you the content titles to support it, it gives you a sales page for your opt-in that’s ready to go alongside the social media slammers to really help spread that love. At the moment that’s available on my website, so if you want to join the waiting list and hop onto that I would love to help you out.

If you are doing that yourself, then really get to grips with how you can help people, what language you can use that will resonate with your audience, and think about how you can put together something that is super simple, really easy to use and get a quick win from, that will help people to trust you and spend their hard earned money with you.

Over To You

Guys, I’d love to hear from you about what opt-ins you have created, what’s worked, what hasn’t, what you’re planning to do for your future opt-ins, and you can leave me a comment either below this post on the blog or you can tweet me @dexdiva and you can find me on Facebook I can’t wait to hear how you’ve been getting on with your mini info opt-ins. Until next time, ‘bye!



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