5 Ways To Find (And Keep) Your Raving Fans

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Do you ever wonder where your raving fans are hiding?

Do you know you are offering some SERIOUS awesome but just can’t get the engagement you need?


These 5 simple tips will help you to find, engage (and keep!) your very own raving fans.

No cheesy tactics, no dodgy sales stuff, just tried and tested tips and tricks to raise your game online.

I hereby pledge that:
– this will be painless
– there will be no jargon and babble
– you will love seeing how small steps can make your impact online so much more meaningful
– you can do it all in small chunks
– you business will thank you for it!


say thanks

#1 Say Thanks.

Having a solid base of raving fans is akin to having your own brand ambassadors out in the world, spreading the good news of you and your biz.

There is a secret to building a fan base of loyal, loving followers and it isn’t always about the big guns.

In fact, far from it.

Go back to your blog and visit your blog comments.

Is there someone new who has shown up in the comments that you haven’t seen before?

Email that person.

Drop them a line and say thanks SO much for your comment, I love that you took the time to drop by.

Be real.

Be authentic.

That’s it.

Repeat another couple of times if you have the inclination to do so.

As your biz grows you will be able to do this less and less, but while you are building your loyal base of audience, clients and followers, reach out from time to time.

Start today.



#2 Feedback Loop.

Sometimes we THINK we know all about our ideal clients, but it helps to get under their skin a little more (in a non-stalker fashion, of course).

Identify a small group of people who may be friends, readers, or in your current community who are your ideal client type.

Personally invite them to conduct a mini survey for you in return for something spesh (maybe one of your ebooks, a short session with you, or a form of chocolate bribery – hey whatever works, right?).

Make sure they know how much you value them as a member of your blog community/Facebook community/clients, and that as your ideal client you would LOVE to work with them on some product development (sounds elite, right?) in return for {insert here awesome thing} and your gratitude.

Ask questions that give you an idea of what else they might need from you, how your work is helping them (or not), and anything else they are stuck with in their biz.

Listening to your peeps ensures they love you even more, it means you are in touch with how you are being perceived, and keeps you accessible enough to be authentic and loved (despite your global superstardom!).

Typeform is a handy, easy to use and nice to look at platform for a survey, so you can be up and running with this in no time at all.

Now, sit back and await some answers and some invaluable feedback from your fans who are about to love you even more.





#3 Showcase Your Peeps

Using your blog and your content to tell your story is something I cover extensively in Blogging for Business Bootcamp, my signature programme.

One of the tricks I teach that Bootcampers love and use time and time again is the crowdsourced blog post.

In this really handy blog post type, simply ask a question for discussion in a post either on Facebook or Twitter (or both!).

Embed the tweets and/or Facebook posts into your blog post.

(to do this, click on the elipses … under the tweet and click on “Embed Tweet:.

Then, you can add your expertise and commentary around the social media mentions in the post.

This is a super quick way to kill a few birds with one stone:
– you get to source super quick content (hurrah!)
– people who are mentioned in the post are likely to read it, comment and share (well hey there, mini ambassadors!)
– you involve your audience and make them feel part of the conversation.


For more on blogging tips check out my FREE Blog Challenge right here.



#4 Show Your Expertise + Be Generous

Nurturing your raving fans relies on some generosity from you.

How can you showcase your expertise and really add VALUE to the lives and businesses of the folks who need you, in a way that is generous?

Could you:
– host some free calls for your community
– offer a sample chapter of your ebook
– set aside some time for live chats on your Facebook page, on Twitter, or in your community?

What feels good to you to offer that would feel amazing for them to receive?

As the amazing Danielle LaPorte says, “inspire and invite”.

How can you inspire today?



#5 Step Away.

As you become more visible, the odd thing is you need to be less accessible to be valued.

If people can access you on Facebook or email and get an immediate response or advice anytime they like, why would they buy from you?

Think of all the big names in biz who you admire – is it Leonie Dawson, Marie Forleo, Becky Dickson, Danielle LaPorte, Denise DT?

Now, look at how accessible THEY are.

Most of them have clear processes in place in which you can communicate with them.
If you email you get an autoresponder (email me on hello@dexterousdiva.co.uk to test mine out!).

There are expectations set on their about page, in their emails, or in appropriate places of contact with regards to how, when and in what manner they will respond.

Now, channel your inner biz guru.

Try drafting an email autoresponder that sets expectations around how available you are (fee free to use mine as a starting point!).

Try stepping away from the machine and from social media so you are less plugged in and on call.

How does it feel?

Mix up your generosity and offerings with that premium, VIP diva feeling.

Upgrade yourself and how you are perceived, and leave them all wanting more.

Fancy this blog post as an easy to keep and refer to e-book?


Click here to download yours.

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Pin this post for later. 

Have you tried any of these tips?

Let us know in the comments below!

Stay Super,

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