My (Personal) Daily Content Creation Challenge: Storytelling On Steroids

Daily ContentCreation


Content is everywhere.

The machine gets fed daily, every nano second, with more to read, to watch, to consume.

We are drowning in content and information.

Bizarrely, I am choosing to challenge myself to create content everyday, for 30 days.

Why in the name of all things sane would I do that?

For several reasons.

Firstly, in the act of content creation comes clarity.

The mapping out of ideas, putting pen to paper, voice to microphone, face to camera, fingers to keypad – whatever it may be – allows us to go through the process of creating ideas and formulating them in real time.

The practise of daily content creation flexes the creative muscles in the brain, and sets an intention of focussed practice.

Be it for 3 minutes, 10 minutes, half an hour or more, to dedicate time fully focussed to allowing concepts and ideas to be expressed is one I am keen to explore.

Next up, daily content creation will produce a sizeable body of work.

As I am a keen advocator (read: nerdishly enthusiastic) of up-cycling of scope for bundling/up-cyling/adding value to the work I am about to create.

I am keen to experiment, too, with how daily content creation will affect my business:

Will my readership grow?

Will I find more lovely people to join my tribe?

Will I feel a sense of prolific accomplishment, or simply reach a wall of idea generation burnout that needs to be overcome?

I plan to set myself the task (or intention, task seems so forced) to create content every single day and to document that process as part of my storytelling.

I will be sharing when I get stuck and why.

I will be sharing what works and why.


I will be showing you:

  • the challenges I face
  • how I re-charge my creative well when it becomes dry
  • how I work on days when I really don’t feel like creating content

… and of course the impact (if any) it has on my business, my followers and tribe, and the content creation process itself.

The content might be created on this blog, or it might be in the form of guest posts, other sites I write for, it might be visual, audio, or anything else which springs to mind.

I will be sharing the journey, the actual content that I create, and also some prompts for you to join in if you would like to do the same.

Now here is the thing  – bloggers do this ALL the time. They create content, they grow a family, this the heart of what they do. Biz bloggers don’t. The mainstay of activity is about running the business, with content creation coming as a second.

I want to challenge this, and look into how business bloggers can learn from the prolific content creation of the blogging community.

The hashtag, if you fancy following along, is #contentdaily.



Watch out on my Facebook page for prompts to do your own, and of course join the tribe for the in-group discussions too.

Let the journey commence!

Stay Super,

jo gifford



Jo Gifford

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