MobileGeddon: What You Need To Know About The New Google Algorithm Update

Algorithms matter – and this one is a small business crusher if you don’t pay attention, guys.

google algorithm update

Say What?

In short, this latest Google algorithm update means that mobile-friendly websites will be favoured over others.

What Is A Mobile-Friendly Website?

Mobile-Friendly sites have the following:

  • easy to click links

  • large text

  • responsive pages that re-size to fit whatever page they are viewed on.

So, mobile-friendly sites will be getting upgraded whilst non-mobile friendly sites will be getting the thumbs down in Google world.


Ok, I Get It – But Why?

Well, simply put, around 60% of website traffic is now on mobile devices.

Google wants people to have a good experience browsing sites, not to be struggling to scroll through sites that are hard to read.


What This Means For You

Firstly, as a small biz owner or online entrepreneur this is important stuff.

 A change in rankings means less visibility, less eyeballs on your stuff, and  – ultimately – less sales.

Ok, So What To Do?

Firstly, check if your site is mobile friendly.

If yes – HURRAH!

If not – ok, you have a little work to do.

Google have a super handy guide to get started.

google algorithm

I asked a couple of online biz friends and website designers for advice, so let’s hear from Gemma and Laura:

Updating your website doesn’t necessarily mean redesigning your site at great expense. If you’re not sure whether your site is ready – asking a well versed developer to advise on your mobile friendly status is a smart first move. From there you can make a plan to get your digital ducks in a row without disrupting your business. The great news is the unlike previous algorithm changes – this one updates in real time so if you do need to make changes, they’ll pay off quickly.
Laura Husson //


It is super, uber, mega important to understand that people visiting your site are PEOPLE. The kind of people who have grabbed a tablet to read that blog post you wrote while their dinner is cooking. People who suddenly remembered that they need to search for that amazing service you offer while they’re commuting. People who want to show their friends this amazing site they’ve found while out for drinks. People like you and me. And what pisses us off? Realising the site we’ve clicked on looks completely shonky in our mobile or tablet while simultaneously thinking, ” Jeez Louise, it’s motherhumpin’ 2015?!” It’s not enough to make your site responsive for Google, it’s about making your site *ACCESSIBLE* for people who live in 2015.
Gemma Regelado-Hawkey // Jane and Philbert 

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Stay mobile + stay super!

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