Dude! Why is No-one Buying My STUFF?



This is a question I get asked a lot.


It’s also one I have asked a hell of a lot in the past, too.


It’s so heartbreaking to put yourself out there, to be vulnerable, visible, to offer your wares and then…crickets.


Has this ever happened to you?


Then listen up I have some advice for you.


1. Where and how are you promoting your thang?


Firstly, look at how you are shouting about your Awesome New Product.
This is a saturated world we live in, so make sure your message gets heard.


Can you:
– create a mini version of it to act as a free giveaway and lead magnet?
– work with other businesses owners to guest post and promote your work?
– build a buzz around what you are doing with blog posts, podcast interviews + free calls/webinars?


Think about how you can make as many people as possible aware of your Awesome New Product.


2. Is your list too small to support the sales that you need?


Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of selling off-page, and The List is not the be all and end all.


However, it may be that your raving fans have already bought your product, and you need to find some more.

At this stage I would bring out the Facebook ads and funnel for some fast growth.


Consider an optin that showcases as closely as possible your skills and brand as a mini free giveaway.


Then, you can create this as an optin on Facebook using some targeted ads.


Add the new peeps to your list and make them an offer on the Amazing New Product.


Other ideas for growing your list are:


– guest posting (something we go into in detail on Bootcamp;
-webinars and free Q&A calls;
– consistently offering value on your business blog (check out Bootcamp and all we dive into over there to grow your biz);
– appearing as a guest on podcasts as an interviewee.


3. Establish your authority

Establishing your authority in a niche is part of the trust process in making sales.


Using your business blog to add value, to showcase that you know your stuff, and to open up conversations with your audience.


We really dive into language and how to connect with your audience over on Bootcamp, with amazing results for my clients whose businesses are booming, baby!


Authority is what you need I find it really hard to not imagine a South Park voice whenever I say that word)…

4. Is the Awesome New Product in your zone of confidence?


The work of Gay Hendricks is so useful in being clear on your strengths.


In short, if something feels fine, and you are good at it you are probably working in your zone of confidence.


When something feels super easy, you are in your flow, and you LOVE it?


That is your zone of genius.


I totally get that staying in a zone of confidence can be tempting. I spent 15 years in my zone of confidence as a graphic designer because I enjoyed it and it made sense. I also didn’t realise that inspiring people to create content and work smarter could be a job – hello, upper limits, anyone?- and it also seemed too easy.


Sometimes it still does.


If you create something from your zone of confidence as opposed to your zone of genius, that energy is palpable.


You may get some sales, but you are unlikely to hit a home run – your energy is off, we know it, you know it, and the universe knows it.


So, is no-one buying your stuff?


– Build a buzz.
– Grow your list.
– Use your blog to establish authority.
– Check your zone.


If you are still having issues with getting your products out there and selling, get some support and dig into what is going on.






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