Why It’s Ok To Blow Your Own Trumpet Online (And How To Avoid The Cringe Factor)

blow your own trumpet

Do you cringe when you see an entrepreneur sharing a testimonial online?


Does your skin crawl when yet another business owner screen shots an email of thanks and shares it all over Facebook?


This is the cringe factor. And I have got some news for you – it’s not about them, it’s YOU.


I love to share quotes and stories of my clients who have increased their followers on Pinterest and found a new channel for sales; I share feedback from clients who are thrilled they bought a blog boost and are relieved that their content is now planned out for a year; I am always keen to share how a Bootcamper has boosted their business by working on their blog.


In fact I do more than that.


I create images of the quotes and testimonials.

I pin them to boards and share them to my social media.

I use them on my sales pages.

I use them in Facebook groups to promote my products.


So hell yes, I am all about the horn tootin’, self pimpin’ vibe.


But, what about telling everyone how great you are? Isn’t that, icky? Tacky? Narcissistic?


Well, no.

“Sharing testimonials and results of clients is part of marketing and providing tangible results”

When this topic of discussion came up in the Divas and Dudes community, I not only saw this as a great blog post subject (always on the lookout, *winks*), but it reminded me how far I have come.


It’s only recently that I have felt really comfortable sharing the results people thank me for.


I now feel absolutely fine about it, and make it a strong part of my marketing.


However, I haven’t always been this way.


The subject of being visible and vulnerable online is something all of us online entrepreneurs tackle at some point in our journey of growth.


As your audience grows, your name is known and your raving fans do what they do best, it becomes harder and harder to hide.

“Dealing with the mindset of being visible is a major part of your personal AND business development.”

For me, I rarely think about how visible I am. However, from time to time the fear can strike (no-one is totally infallible!), and I step into the feeling to deal with it head on.


As my confidence has grown, as my results for clients have got bigger and better, over time that confidence blossomed.


So. If you feel icky about seeing some self promo? It’s not them. It’s you.


What do you feel about self promo? Do you cringe? Are you happy about blowing your own trumpet online? Share with us below!

It’s not them, it’s you. Non cringy promo with @dexdiva



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