Why Blog Comments Are Essential For Business

blog comments

Blog comments are SUCH an important part of your business (and probably not for the reasons you think).

Over in Bootcamp and my free Blog Challenge, I teach some tips and tricks about rockin’ the blog comment love.

So, aside from showings signs of life in your own site and community, why are blog comments important?

Clue: it’s not just YOUR blog we are talking about here.


1) Reading the signposts

Blog comments (both on your posts and the posts of people you admire/stalk/read) are like little breadcrumbs trails of clues.
Within the words you can see what people are struggling with, what their needs are, and how your work can address that need.


2) Language

Again, as if by magic, blog comments provide you with so much information on how your ideal clients communicate.

Look out for language that you can use in your own posts to communicate effectively and to have extra impact with your ideal audience.

**tip – keep a swipe file in Evernote of words/phrases that you can use in your posts that relate to what your peeps need **


3) Finding new peeps

I love to hang out in blog comments to add value in a discussion, and also to discover some fabulous new folks who are also commenting. I have stumbled upon some amazing people who I have ended up hiring and working with in this way (oh and guess what, it works both ways!).

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So do you want to test drive this theory for your own biz?

I have some work for you to do!

Task 1:

Visit your last few comments, and take note of key questions that have arisen.

Could you answer any queries in a blog post on your own site?

Which key phrases will you re-use in your post from the comments to resonate with your audience?

Task 2:
Hop on over to one of your favourite business blogs (or, of course stay here!).

Can you add value to a discussion and show us your expertise? (in a non-cheesy, non spammy way, of course).

Task 3:
Again, over on a site that you luuurve, delve into the blog comments and check out some of the websites of one or two people hanging out there.

Have you found someone new to learn from/read/jam with?

Task 4:
Let me know below how you got on in the comments below!

I am digging the blog comments for biz with @dexdiva

Stay Super,





Jo Gifford

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  • monique

    Hi Jo, great post!
    I hadn’t thought of it this way, I am reconsidering opening up my comments.
    I closed them on my site for two reasons: First I got all sorts of weird spam. And second……I was worried that it would look bad when there are no comments under a post (that peeps think….well….no one reads this blog..) So. I wonder if that problem makes it to your swipe file 😉

    • Jo Gifford

      Hey Monique, I say try it again and see – and I don’t think it looks bad. Then again, look at which posts get more comments, and try to work out if you can tweak them at all? x