Your USP Is Never What You Think


USP, USP, b2b, c2c.

Blah blah blah – enough.

We know a business needs a USP.

(Unique Selling Point, for those not up to the gagometer with marketing lingo).


As a solopreneur, your USP is likely to be very different from that which initially appears.

*cue spooky music*


Ok, it;s not that sp0oky, to be fair.

Are you ready for the rocket science?


Your USP is….





Your way of thinking.

Your experiences in this life so far.

Your humour.

Your quirky traits.

Your subtle blend of colloquialisms and phrases.

Your brand.


Get it? It’s your you-ness.


Let’s take me for an example.

Sure, I teach Blogging for Business, and I do some done for you services.

But what are people really getting?


My 20 year career history in design and design management.

All the coaching I have ever had.

My lecturing experience.

My working smart tips and tricks and my humour.

My ability to brainstorm and get creative.

My sense of understanding that we can save more time and live more life by doing things smarter (and more creatively), and I know this because I am a working mum of two.

My ability to teach and inspire.

My own solopreneur journey.

My love of people and connections.

My global, free-spirited soul.


You get ME.

You get me??

So, what’s your USP? Who are you, and what do we get?

Share it with us.


Stay Super,

jo gifford



Jo Gifford

My work is about helping people work in smarter, creative ways + getting their message out to the world via killer content—blogs, copy, images + social. I am a designer, writer, blogger, mentor, author, creativity addict + prolific geek. You could call it a portfolio career of multi-potential multi-passions. I call it being me.
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  • Sophie Mangham

    THIS! So much! When I started out working for myself a friend gave me this very same advice, and I didn’t really think it would be enough, but by god it really is true <3