Blogging For Business Case Study: How I Launched A New Business With My Blog

There is nothing I love more than hearing from Blogging for Business Bootcampers who are continuing to reap the rewards of working through the course. Gretchen has a great story, so I will hand over to her for this one.

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When I realised that going live with a new online business meant I needed to have it populated with content, even before I hit “Launch” I saw the need to get organised with a blog content strategy.

Truth be told, I am not a novice blogger.

I have managed many blogs over the past 8 years.  Most notably, I launched and was Editor of Parsons, The School of Fashion blog and all social media accounts for 5 years. The directive on that site was clear, cover notable awards, events, and student and faculty stories within the New York City based university.

I also launched and managed my own professional blog, Gretchen Harnick, for roughly the same amount of time. I share my academic research, musings on social media marketing, and white papers on new platforms such as Snapchat.

But when it came to creating a new business, with an aim to serve a new audience of fashion entrepreneurs for Pattern to Plan, I had to create a brand voice and social strategy.  Enter – Jo Gifford’s Blogging for Business Bootcamp June 2014.


I learned more in that month in June, by keeping up with the daily tasks, readings, and podcasts than I could have ever imagined.

The workload is so thorough as I found myself engaging creatively like never before. I could have never accomplished this kind of focused brainstorming and creating on my own.

Here’s how the course changed the game for Pattern to Plan:

  1. I developed my blogging personality. This meant in headlines, imagery as well as topic focus.

  2. Uncovered only the best hacks that Jo can inspire, to see how clever and crafty blog inspiration can be. It is not always about writing a lengthy essay which is what I got used to over in academia.

  3. I was prepared at launch of Pattern to Plan with 6 articles as a result. My aim was to have more than one page, so the “NEXT” button actually worked in my blog roll!

The learning and practice is never over.  Early in the Autumn, I compiled multiple lists of blog ideas onto 4 wipe boards at school. I had about 40 different concepts I kept jotting down in random locations over the course of a few months.


With the continued guidance and support of the Bootcamp community in our private FB group, I took photos of these lists, put them in an excel file and after another few months, just now finally organised those ideas into content buckets.

BONUS: I have my blog calendar scheduled out weekly until May of this year. Hallelujah!

So if you’re on the fence, have a ton of ideas and need some sorting. Sign up.

If you are launching a new business with a blog, better have that thing populated and in your brand voice. Sign up.

If you want to learn from a very creative, inspiring and motivating creative professional, Jo’s your woman. I am honoured to have been in her class and I’ll say it again, Sign up!!  

Can’t wait to hear about your experiences and growth.


Join Bootcamp with this special offer until 31st January when the price will go up to $549.00.


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