2014: learning curves and my toolkit from an amazing year

At the start of 2014 I knew I wanted to inspire people, to work with people, to up my game and develop my programmes and services.

As we close 2014, I am on track for 6 figures next year.

So I reckon it was a good year, eh.

2014 has been the biggest jump in my business success in the 9 years I have been self employed.

learning curves

I am nearer my dreams than ever before, I am at the point now that I always imagined getting to, and I feel like it’s only just begun.

So, as we all do the reflection and forward planning thing, these are my biggest takeaways from 2014.

1. Invest in yourself

No matter how small, start making those incremental investments to get you where you want to be. Whethet it’s an e-book, audio course, e-course or group mentoring do as much as you can when you can to take your business forward.

Each time I have made the investment in my business it has been a real stretch. I have placed my faith in investing money in my business and in myself, and each and every time it has paid back over and over. Not only that, but in each training group I have met fabulous people, many of who have become clients.



2. Deal with your money blocks

Mindset is a huge, HUGE part of your success. We all have money stories, reasons which our subconscious harbours to fear success. Dealing with these unlocks your ability to get to where you want to be.

Denise Duffield Thomas and her Get Rich Lucky Bitch Bootcamp was (and is!) really instrumental in this process for me and I can’t recommend it highly enough.


3. Don’t get bogged down with “busy”

Being busy isn’t necessarily productive, and is counter intuitive for focus and the creativity that makes you the genius that you are.

Outsource when and where you can, don’t work as much as you think you “should” or need to, and take time out to refresh your inner genius.


4. Focus on the future and how you want to feel

Keep reminding yourself why you are doing this self-employed thing, and stay in tune with what you really want. Of course our lady Danielle La Porte is all about CDF’s (core desire feelings), and it’s such a simple yet effective change to make – think about how you want to FEEL, and if you aren’t feeling like it, work out why and make a change.


5. Stay in your awesome (even when it gets tough)

No journey to improvement is without self doubt on the way and some pitfalls as we learn and grow. There may well be times when you doubt your abilities, when you wonder if you can really do it. Find people who lift you up, who know how fabulous you are, and more importantly, learn to know yourself well enough to get out of any funk.


6. Make sure you do it your way

There are many gurus, teachers and mentors, but the only way that will work for you is YOUR own way. Only you know how your want your life to look, the things you do want to do and the things you don’t. Take time to be with yourself, meditate, create and be sure that you are chasing your own dream, not someone else’s.

Next year I have some REALLY exciting things in the pipeline and I am just so excited about what is coming.

What have been your biggest takeaways? Let us know in the comments below.


Stay super,

jo gifford






My training toolkit from 2014:

I started off with Leonie Dawsons 2014 planner,(grab the 2015 version here), and hit my goals within one week. Then, I progressed to her Amazing Biz and Life Academy.*

By April I was working with Becca Tracey in Uncage Your Biz, which helped me to launch Bootcamp.

After that sold out for the beta test, I got Judith Morgan on board and I also joined Get Rich Lucky Bitch* with Denise Duffield Thomas.

Next up was phenomenal coaching from the indomitable Becky Dickson, then the fabulous Ellen Ercolini and partner in implementation sessions from the amazing Brandy Morris.

I joined Sally Hope’s Wildheart Revolution, and I took part in Joanna Hennon’s Dreamboard December.


* denotes links which are affiliate links which means I benefit if you buy from them. However, I don’t recommend things I haven’t used or don’t believe in 😉 



Jo Gifford

My work is about helping people work in smarter, creative ways + getting their message out to the world via killer content—blogs, copy, images + social. I am a designer, writer, blogger, mentor, author, creativity addict + prolific geek. You could call it a portfolio career of multi-potential multi-passions. I call it being me.
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  • Carrie Maya

    Hi Jo! :) Doing the 10 Day Blogging Challenge and buying your Smart Bloggers Guide to Original and Beautiful Imagery has changed EVERYTHING for me! It’s helped me to refocus my vision because I learnt ways to do things more professionally and in a more efficient way. I’ll be buying Leonie’s Life and Biz planner on Monday so I can get onto planning before the year is out! I am so excited for the future of my website, to hopefully do one of your courses next year, and tour my book across Australia (that’s my main project at the moment). Thank you for such incredible inspiration. I’ve never been so inspired by someone online before! Have a merry festive season! Carrie :) xx

    • http:/dexterousdiva.co.uk/ dexdiva

      Dear lovely Carrie,

      Well this made my day! How lovely to hear from you, I am SO glad I have had an impact = after all, that’s why I do this! Have a fab Christmas, and see you in my group! xxxx

    • Jo Gifford

      Thank you SO SO much for such a wonderful comment! I am thrilled for your new plans this year, and can’t wait to work with you :) xx

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