What to outsource and what not to

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What to outsource and what not to is a key question that most entrepreneurs will have to face at some point in their journey.

There are only so many hours in the day (and remember I only work 3 – learn how to here), so leveraging time is a biggy, right?

In fact, this q came up this week in one of my workshops in the Diva Facebook tribe*, so it’s a great subject to delve into.

what to outsource and what not to

1. What are you shit at?

I know, we are BRILLIANT business owners, but it’s ok to be shit at stuff, it really is.

I am crap with numbers – they make me cry. Sales I am fine with (muahahahah) it’s accounts and balancing, ledgers and stuff.


Yes, I know HOW to , but I knew that for my sanity (and this was especially wobbly in early days of being a twin mum) that I would need to get the books done. So, every month that happens and I never worry anymore.

I am also crap at detail. As you may have noticed….

So if I need anything proof read, topped and tailed, actioned and done with aplomb, I have a Chief of Making It Happen at the helm ( step up, Alejandra!).

Alejandra steps in to do things like help Bootcampers with technical questions or bugs, to schedule e courses and check links, and to just be awesome when I need to be working on Other Stuff.

It is not just about working smarter. It’s about building a system to replace yourself – Tim Ferris

What are you terrible at? Tell me below….(it’s ok we don’t judge here).

2. What makes you procrastinate?

Firstly, if you are procrastinating you need to read this. And this.

Secondly, if it’s stopping you from getting shit done, deal with it. NOW.

Despite all my working smarter systems I am a terrible procrastinator with small things; those irritating, small-but-takes-time jobs.

So guess what? They go.

And they go in a really cheap and fast way, too.

Step up Fancyhands.

FancyHands is an affordable, genius app that is like an army of VA’s in your smartphone. It has a desktop version, an iOS version, and links with Asana and your Gcal.

I use Fancyhands for things like travel research and booking, appointment scheduling, research, admin and all sorts. Each task is SO cheap it’s just crazy, and they always get back to me super quickly. A no-brainer.

Also Fiverr is a brilliant resource for Getting Stuff Done. I outsourced my video intros, podcast intro and On, Off + Awesome transcriptions to Fiverr and have been amazed each time.

As a small business owner or solopreneur it’s about weighing up when it’s time to make the leap. Making it cost effective to outsource is the key, and that comes with time.

Think about what someone else can do quickly that you just don’t need to, and make a wishlist for things to outsource.

Start small, and as business grows you can leverage more and more time, and work on the things that you love, and that only you can do.

As an online entrepreneur the kind of things that I let go of are:

– making quotes from blog posts
– scheduling social media
– Pinning to Pinterest
– transcriptions
– design
– newsletter formatting and scheduling
– ecourse scheduling

Recently I have had the pleasure of working with some gorgeous interns (thanks Leila and Jenny!) who have helped schedule social and do some back end stuff in return for access to my programmes and mentoring. If you have the time to teach a little and give something back, working with an intern can be a mutually beneficial way to get the outsourcing kickstarted.

It’s not about just letting go of the small stuff either. Investing in yourself and your business means you need to look at people who are waaaay better than you at stuff, so you can leverage their expertise. As soon as you are in a position to begin doing that, you are adding value to your business and will absolutely reap the rewards. I have a wishlist of expert help and mentor training and I am slowly working through it.

Guess what – biz booms more each time I make that step.

So, what should we NOT outsource?

I would say the stuff that lights your fire. The stuff that makes you LOVE what you do, that you are great at, and that makes you love your business (‘cos I truly hope you do).

So, let’s hear it – what are you shit at? What DO you outsource now, and what is on your outsourcing wishlist?

I am getting my outsourcing sauce on with @dexdiva

Stay super and time leveraged, people,



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