Links of love 15/08/2014


It’s interwebs round up time everyone, time for some Links of Love.


❤ Do you ever find it really hard to ask people for help? Here are 3 tricks that might make life easier.

❤  Find out which 3 SEO mistakes you could be making right here.

❤ Ever get asked to work for free? It’s time to change that and get paid.

❤ Here’s why an effective business plan is more than just having a website.

❤ The fab A Beautiful Mess blog lets us in on 5 Secrets to Success.

❤ You can read an refreshingly honest approach about the dark side of entrepreneurship here.

❤ Want to get better at email marketing? Here are 15 proven ways to help.

❤ If the internet plays a big part in your business, here are three ways to beat off competition.

❤ Does selling make you feel ever so uncomfortable? Try reading this.

❤ Betty Means Business reveals 3 massive launch lessons right here.


Enjoy your weekend + stay super,

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  • Helena Heart

    Wow, that’s a bunch of interesting and useful links! Thanks!

    • Jo Gifford

      Pleasure, thanks Helena! x