10 minute workouts to grow your biz online

Time is in short supply, peeps.

Why work longer and harder when you can bang some serious progress buck in short bursts?

As you guys know, I work 3 hours per day at the moment at the max.

Working less really is doing more for me; my creativity is back in the room, I have loads of time to be with the kids over the Summer holidays, I can rest when I need to in order to manage my health (chronic fatigue is a bitch, yo).

In these 3 hours a day I run two businesses – my online programmes here and a network marketing business  – I produce content prolifically, I create, manage and market my programmes, and I maintain active engagements on my social media platforms.


How. The Fuck. Does THAT work?

10 minute bursts, my friend..


A 10 minute workout applies to social media, brainstorming, a HIIT routine, a blog post draft, housework, anything.

There are 144 units of 10 in a day.

In a working day, mine has 18.

I also have a series of habits I have set up everyday to manage my self care and wellbeing (from EFT to meditation to exercise and yoga) and all can be sliced up into do-able chunks. Hey, I have two awesome kids, 2 businesses and 2 chronic illnesses so I NEED to work smart.

10 minute workouts are ideal for really making a difference in a cumulative way, and I have suggested some ideas to try. If you do them once or twice a week, weekly, fortnightly, monthly – whatever your capacity is – over time it adds up to really make an impact.


Here are some 10 minute workouts you can do daily to grow your biz online and really move that needle.



In a 10 minute workout you could…

Create a new board, add some new pins, re-visit and pin some old blog posts, re-name or re-arrange some items, like some pins, add comments and hashtags collate podcasts, posts and themes on boards.



In a 10 minute workout you could…

Re-gram some images, find some new accounts to follow, re-purpose quotes from your blog as instagram images, engage with your followers, grab some inspiration.



In a 10 minute workout you could…

Narrate an old blog post, record a mini soundbite as a podcast, record answers to a Q&A.


Blog posts

In a 10 minute workout you could…

Draft a new post, dictate some ideas, comment on another blog, answer some comments, pull out some quotes for comments, update an old post, plan some content.

I just got a 10 minute workout with @dexdiva

The way that I set this up is I have a page in my Bullet Journal every day with the daily 10 minute workouts I want to make sure I get done (if all goes to plan and allowing for some wiggle room, naturally), and I tick them off as I go.

Now, over you – what would YOU get done in a 10 minute workout?

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