How to stay productive: Creating Content

I love it when a member of my community invites me to take part in a blog hop; blog hops are a really interesting way to meet new businesses and solopreneurs, to take on new ideas, and to mix up the day to day routine of content. The lovely Indigo from Spikes and Stardust (who is also currently taking part in the July Blogging for Business Bootcamp) invited me to share my tips on producing content as part of her blog hop series.

How to stay productive when producing content

I believe strongly in the power of the blog.

I know that blogging provides opportunities; on a tangible level it brings in more money.

It acts like the small talk at a networking event even while you sleep; it has the power to help you be found, to resonate with the right audience (+ clients!), and to “be” in your shopfront 24/7.

I stay productive by using some clever blog hacks.

I stay productive by keeping things simple and only working 3 hours a day.

I stay productive by using my bullet journal, mapping out my time, and reducing the overwhelm.

I nip procrastination in the bud.

I learn from others and realise they came a long way too.

I use my tried and tested focus and productivity hacks.

I stay productive by remembering that I do more by working less.

I set up research to come to me.

I outsource so I don’t sweat the small stuff.

I work in small chunks.

I love what I do.

I stay productive by changing up the formula; sometimes I talk, sometimes I write.

I remember it is often best to say less rather than more, and I say it across different platforms too.

I use creative thinking alongside smart tech to make working smarter a doddle.

Creating content has built my online business. It has grown a community of friends, colleagues, peers and clients. Creating content that inspires others enables me to work remotely, flexibly, and to teach others to do the same.

I stay productive by remembering why I love what I do. That working smarter does mean dreaming bigger and living brighter.

My blog brings the business and I love my work. I get to work with inspiring and incredible business owners every day, across the globe.

Now THAT’s why I get up and blog.

How do YOU stay productive?

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