How to stop procrastinating + your best avoidance tactics

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Need to know how to stop procrastinating?

You have come to the right place.


I have some tips for you to set you back on task with a Converse shoe in your butt, a coffee in hand and some motivation renewed.

Are you bang on it with work, or are you more…


Well I know if you are reading this you are already probably procrastinating, so in which case I am going to make you JFDI* and keep this short and sweet. Are we ready?


Roll up your emails and stop losing your day.

Tame your Type A brain.

lose the overwhelm and map out your mind

– get more done by taking the day off.

– get focussed and find your flow.

– get time management tools and tips in place.

mindsweep your brain.

– use a timer and divide your work into chunks.

turn off alerts so you can concentrate.

schedule your social media smartly to save some time.

lose the intimidation.

kickstart some creativity.

– unplug and go fallow.

Lastly, work out why you are procrastinating.

Do you find you always procrastinate over the same tasks?

Maybe it’s something you need to let go of in your biz and admit  you just don’t love it, or, (and I love this one), outsource it.

If you are still procrastinating I would love to hear your tried and tested avoidance tips in the comments, or what works for you to get back in the zone.

Now, back to work!

jo gifford






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