6 business blog ideas

Stuck for business blog ideas?

So. You know you need to do a spot of  blogging for  business.

You have emptied your inbox, tidied your desk/café space/iPad, ordered 5 espressos to try and re-boot some grey matter, but nothing is doing the trick.

You need a quick fix, some business blog ideas pronto before you lose a day in procrastination hell.

So, roll up your sleeves, and let’s take a lightening tour of some quick fix business blog ideas shall we?


1. Take a spin

Have you read an article that was relevant to your niche and sector? Pull out salient points, give your own (obviously awesome) insights and additional narrative, and BOOM! Your post is done.


2. Link round up posts

These are gold dust and time saver essentials. Link posts also add super bumper value to your readers; this post I wrote a while ago was simply a bumper round up of other content I had written, but curated in one place it has so much extra value. It remains of of my post popular posts and it took very little time at all. Bonus!

Of course, the content doesn’t always have to be yours. Nope. You could compile a list of interesting articles your audience would value, and add some personal snippets of narrative to the mix.


3. Go behind the scenes

Clients and potential clients love to connect with a biz in a personal way. You could profile a day in the life of your business, a staff member or supplier and show us what makes you tick! Hint – you can even do a super quick photomontage visual post for extra brand engagement-itis (check me out making new words), and easy peasy time fabulousness.


4. Google what your clients are asking for

Go to the oracle of Google. See how if you search for something it shows you automatically some pre-filled searches? Add a “how” or “what” to a word related to your business, and see what your potential clients are asking for.

Now you can answer it in a blog post, whilst getting SEO sauce all over the shop as a bonus side order.

*hint – “business blog ideas” is a common search. I am answering that question right here*.


5. “How to” posts

People love to learn and by providing a “how to” tutorial on your site, you add super duper value to your readers and appear to be extra nice (which I KNOW you are). What how-to’s could you write about?


6. Crowd source it!

I mentioned the crowd source social blog post as a super efficient way to garner opinion and create content in one clever hack. Read all about it here.


Still stuck for ideas? Read this post.

Next time be prepared before procrastination strikes, my friend:

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I just got 6 business blog ideas from @dexdiva, baby!

So, did that help? If you use any tips leave your next blog post in the comments below to air and share.

Love and letterpress blocks,




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