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28 things I would tell my newly self employed self

I went self-employed 8 years ago, at the start of 2006.

MySpace was in full swing, we thought video calls on mobiles were the Next Big Thing, and The Kooks were my soundtrack to a new era.

I have always felt the calling of self-employment in me.

I have had a portfolio career, I have taught at LCC and Cambridge colleges, I have worked as a copywriter, blogger, designer, and mentor to other small biz owners.

I have loved every step of my journey, from the bridge jobs to the career moves, the sleepness nights, the abundance and the scarcity, the self -doubt and the confident highs and there is ALWAYS more to learn. Amazing.

Mum of Awesome Mini Divas Eva and Mia, I  am also someone who lives and works with chronic illnesses – endometriosis and chronic fatigue – yet I also successfully run a business online that I LOVE, I jam daily in Facebook with the tribe, write on other sites, run my podcast, Bootcamp, and am constantly creating ideas left, right and centre (Type A, anyone?!).


So, what would the 37 year old me tell my fresh faced 29 year-old newly self employed self?

Listen up, girlfriend:

❤ Don’t charge less than you are worth because you worry about money. Be the pro that you are from the get go, charge accordingly and the sales will come in.

❤ Be clear with yourself what you do and don’t want to do. Set boundaries and be clear on your model of business, and let the clients self-select from an early stage,

❤ Who are the clients you love working with? Find more of them, and step away from the rest.

❤ Start building your mailing list NOW! If only I had started when I began blogging in 2005…..

❤ Invest in yourself, my lovely. You are worth it. The more you invest when you can, the more you will reap.

❤ Take time out to reflect, and trust in the process. You don’t have to work as hard as you think.

❤ Editors often don’t get back to you. That’s how it is.

❤ The ones that do might just commission a centre spread leading article straight off the bat. Be in it to win it.

❤ You rock more than you realise.

❤ The journey will be tough. It will make and break you, but it will be worth it. I promise.

❤ Outsource the stuff you aren’t good at as early as you can. Let your brain work on stuff you ARE great at, let the other stuff go.

❤ Avoid the cashflow problem of non-payers, and set up t’s and c’s to protect yourself (along with payment up front where possible).

❤  It’s ok to say no to clients and jobs that don’t feel right.

❤ Start building products online as early as you can – they earn you money while you sleep.

❤ Blog, blog and keep blogging! It will raise your biz profile and sales will rocket.

Experience is priceless. Go through it and learn. Then show others.

❤ It’s ok to be yourself in biz.

❤ It’s ok that not every loves you.

❤ When you get haters, you are growing :)

❤ You might lose confidence, but don’t lose the vision.

❤ Keep learning.

❤ Keep growing.

❤ Keep going, one step after another.

Work on your money blocks and limiting beliefs around money.

❤ Mentors are invaluable.

❤ So is a good accountant.

❤ Remind yourself daily why you did this.

❤ A set back always comes before a come back.

Oh, and side note? Facebook is WAAAY better than My Space and will change how you work… and wait until you find Twitter!

Also, it gets SO much better, and 2014 will rock!

What would YOU tell your newly self-employed self? I would love to know in the comments below.





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