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#divapod: interview with Joanna Hennon

So, the podcast came back! In a slightly new guise + in fitting with my new site, it’s called Work Smarter, Dream Bigger, Live Brighter.

Here in Episode 1, I interview the fabulous Joanna Hennon on her business, working with creative intuitive art over on Create Your World.

Listen to the Episode here on Podbean, here on iTunes + here on Stitcher radio (at the time of hitting publish here, Stitcher + iTunes are still updating, so bear with me), and of course you can listen via Soundcloud right here in the post below.


Show notes:
Joanna is on Create Your World  and on Twitter @joannahennon
I mention the Lucky Bitch Bootcamp, which can you can find over here.

Would YOU like to be a guest on my podcast? Drop me a line by email and introduce yourself, fabulous one!

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