Smart and Savvy Tech in 31 days #16 – Fancy Hands

Have you ordered that print? Phoned and confirmed your appointment? Cripes! You forgot to book your session and check availability of That Other Thing.

Juggling admin tasks as a solopreneur can take away all your juice as your endless to-do list grows and grows. It’s paralyzing and a little soul destroying…


Maybe you can’t yet take on a VA.

Maybe you just need some things OFF your list so you can do what you are best at, and/or go and do something FUN?


Enter your new BFF, FancyHands.

Fancy Hands is a super clever, affordable service that allows you to send tasks to a whole army of admin folks who are ready to jump on and sort you out. It’s super easy to use, and not only is there  an iPhone app version, but it also links with Asana so you can literally assign a task in Fancy Hands on Asana and consider it done (heaven!).

Fancy hands also pre-empts future stuff in your calendar that might need confirming, making your day a breeeeeze.

Less of this:

More of this:

The best bit is, it’s super affordable, so even if you aren’t quite Richard Branson with your biz yet, you will be able to afford it.

So, jump on over and give it a try. The link here is my referral link, just to be all super honest and stuff, but I use Fancy Hands all the time and think you might just like it too.

Now, go have some FUN!




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