Smart + Savvy tech in 31 days #17: Hemingway app

Do you remember that little paper clip icon in Microsoft Word?

Annoying little fucker; jumping in to write a letter for you, telling you something was spelt wrong and sticking his goddamn oar in left right and centre.

Whatever happened to him?

clippy microsoft

Anyway. Times move on.

Word processing evolves (and I think they also stopped calling it “word processing” when Kylie’s hair went straight and 1k of RAM stopped being plugged in as a gargantuan brick).

Yes, I am that old that I own a ZX Spectrum ’81.

So, without our paper clip friend, we have a few options available as far as free resources go.

Google Docs is a mainstay in my biz for sharing, research, and collaborating with Team Diva.

But there is a new kid on the block, y’all. Enter… Hemingway.

I am writing this right now in Hemingway app.

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 09


It kindly lets you know when your words are getting hard to read, where and how you can simplify your ramblings, and does so in a very friendly, colourful manner.

Much more polite than that frickin’ paperclip I can assure you.

Check your word count, your use of adverbs, and streamline your content with a refreshingly large font size to boot.

Have you checked out Hemingway yet?

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