Where is the ooh, the ahh, the la la la? + why customer service rocks

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Buying stuff should be an amazing experience.

The whole process from start to finish, from enquiry to handover should rock, make you tingle with anticipation and, most of all, it should make you feel SPECIAL.

In short, buying stuff should make you feel like queen for the day (crown optional, although often found in Casa Diva).*

If you aren’t offering your clients and customers that experience, that feeling of wanting to come back for more, well, you suck. Sorry.

Ok, so it’s fine to throw it out there, but what does feeling special actually look like? How is that emotion triggered, what makes buying so much fun? Let’s dive into this and see which elements can take a sales experience from “meh” to “aw yeeeeeah!”:

1. Does it look GORGEOUS?

As we well know, people pay waaaay over the odds for well designed items (just take a peep at Apple). If something looks awesome, be it your ebook design, your pre-coaching worksheet, your website, business card or whatever, design still sells, and the yummy consumer factor comes out to play. So, invest in a little design and you will reap the rewards. Trust me, I was a designer.


2. Do you talk my language?

A lot of client attraction is self selection, from the messaging, language and approach on everything from your blog posts to your tweets, sales pages, emails and offers. Look at the language of your ideal clients – how do they talk about what they need? What words do they use? What emotions are expressed? How can you give your offer back to them in a language that leaves them no option but to click the big, bad, “Buy Now” button?


3. What is the special sauce?

There is no need to re-invent the wheel, folks. There are thousands of sites out there about blogging, social media and marketing. There are probably thousands of others in the niche you are in, too. But, (and I like big buts, I cannot lie), what you do is unique to you, because YOU ARE YOU!

Ok, as obvious as it may seem, no-one else can possibly do what you do in the same style, with the same set of experiences, with the same approach. Why? Because no-one has exactly your life experience, challenges, career history, and set of values as you do.

In my case, I am all about helping people get their message out to the world via killer content. My special sauce is the unique Jo-ness that combines creative thinking, smart tech and apps, my design background, my portfolio career…no-one does what I do like me. Hurrah.

So, think about your special sauce and get out there pouring it, baby! Communicate it via your blogs, your brand, your materials, shout it out loud and clear.

Revel in being your unique brand of awesome.


4. Surprise me

The element of surprise goes a long way in an amazing customer service experience. Is there a cheeky extra you can throw in that would make your clients gasp with joy? Maybe it’s a physical gift that arrives via snail mail (how old school!), or a free product/extra offering that is like the choc sprinkles on top – whatever it is, make it inventive, fun, and a surefire way to make people talk about working with you.


5. Make it clear how you work

I love, love LOVE a clear way of working with anyone I hire. I adore having a clear timeline of deliverables, expectations and communication points to feel at ease, looked after, and pampered by the vendor of the Awesome Thing I Purchased. Being clear avoids potential confusion, extra communication (which is more work for you), and uncertainty. Make your clients feel safe, looked after, and special.

So, there we have a few simple pointers to go from “meh” to “YEEEEAH” in customer service.

What else would you add? Have you had any great customer experiences lately? Have you been surprised by anyone? Let’s hear some stories of awe in the comments.

Love and lashing of ice cream,


* The Minis, of course – as if I would play dress up



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